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Many of your favorite stars have been hit with a case of bad hair. Ew.

1 of 11 Ron Tom/NBC; NBC

Rob Lowe, Parks and Recreation

You once could trust Chris Traeger (Lowe) to get the job done just by looking at his hair: sharp, professional, trustworthy. But that can't possibly be the same acting city manager in Season 4 with the unkempt and ratty 'do! Boot him out of office, we say. That, or find him a better wig or an economy-sized bottle of conditioner.
2 of 11 Jeffrey Neira/CBS

Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife

We know, we know — some people like Alicia's new fake bangs. Granted, Margulies has always worn a wig on the show, but this 'do makes her look like she's about to tie on an apron and bake us a cake — back in the 1950s. The new Alicia is a modern — and super promiscuous — woman, dammit!
3 of 11 Paramount Pictures; Matt Hoyle/CBS

Ashton Kutcher, Two and a Half Men

Oh Ashton Kutcher, we realize you like to distract us from your pretty, pretty face with all manner of outrageousness — your behavior, trucker hats, cryptic mathematical tweets. But the Grizzly Adams-inspired beard and hair do not compute. You're playing an Internet billionaire, not one of those Geico cavemen. And remember how long their sitcom lasted before going extinct? Didn't think so.
4 of 11 Byron Cohen/NBC; NBC

Sarah Ramos, Parenthood

Curly hair? Yes. Bangs? Sure, if you do them right. But curly overgrown bangs? Oh, Haddie, you have so much to learn about life, love and layering. There's only room for one follicularly adventurous Braverman kid, and Amber claimed that crown a long time ago.
5 of 11 Michael Desmond/The CW; The CW

Michael Steger, 90210

Why Silver is suddenly attracted to Navid's new look, which kind of reminds us of KD Lang, is puzzling. Almost as puzzling as why anyone thought it OK to approve the look in the first place. Poor Michael Steger.
6 of 11 ABC; Kent Smith/Showtime

Morena Baccarin, Homeland

We get it: Morena Baccarin didn't have time to grow out her alien pixie cut after V wrapped, but we think the Showtime series' styling department could have spent a few extra dollars on making Baccarin's wig look a little more believable. (Oddly, it's fine in the pilot, but more distracting as the show goes on.) Maybe Claire Danes' Carrie should look for hidden state secrets under that rug.
7 of 11 Peter "Hopper" Stone/ABC/Getty Images; Danny Feld/ABC/Getty Images

Ricardo Chavira, Desperate Housewives

I suppose Carlos deserves a little slack. He is busy covering up a murder after all. But if Gaby cheated on him back when he was making regular trips to the barber, who says she won't stray when the rattail starts to rub her the wrong way in the middle of the night.
8 of 11 Greg Gayne/Fox; Ray Mickshaw/Fox

Shannon Woodward, Raising Hope

Again with the bangs! (What is it, 1993?) In this case, Sabrina trades in her sexy and laid-back long waves for heavy bangs and a particularly unflattering bob. Combined, her 'do looks a little too coiffed for the normally effortlessly pretty girl next door.
9 of 11 David M. Russell/CBS

Matt Czuchry, The Good Wife

Maybe the dress code isn't as strict in the State's Attorney office as it was at Lockhart Gardner, but the plucky young prosecutor needs to know he isn't going to get anywhere with Kalinda with that much hair gel. I mean, have you seen her boots of justice?
10 of 11 Ron Jaffe/Warner Bros. Television; Heather Wines/CBS

Poppy Montgomery, Unforgettable

Montgomery's crime-solver on CBS' new procedural may remember everything she's ever seen, but we think the Aussie actress forgot how much hotter she was as a blonde on Without a Trace.
11 of 11 Eric McCandless/CBS; Cliff Lipson/CBS

Cobie Smulders, How I Met Your Mother

Can we do a little time-jumping and go back to when Smulders had healthy, luscious tresses? Her new highlighted, mousy curls are painfully matronly, not to mention stringy and look in need of some vitamin B. No way can that mop compete with Nora's shiny raven locks.