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There's a reason this film is a classic. In fact, there are 23.

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Clueless is 20 years old!

On July 19, 1995, the world was introduced to Cher, Dionne, Josh and their crazy Beverly Hills lifestyle with the release of Clueless. Now a teen classic, the film still holds up two decades later. Here are 20 reasons (plus 3 for extra credit) why Clueless is even more relevant today.

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1. How to flirt in class = how to flirt online

Drawing attention to your mouth, sending yourself gifts (and Instagramming them) are all still valid flirtation tactics that can be used IRL or on when dating online. Cher never lied.

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2. Eating right

Cher makes sure her Daddy (Mel Horowitz) eats right, offering him juice and demanding that he follow his doctor's orders. We could all take a cue from Cher and step up our healthy choices game.

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3. Retail therapy

Though it may have shifted from going to the mall to logging on to Amazon.com, retail therapy is still very much a thing.

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4. A healthy combo of '90s pop and grunge is good for the soul

The years may forge ahead, but this will never change. So keep on rollin' with the homies. Now where is that Cranberries CD?

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5. The questionable effect of violence on television

Cher made a good point: the news is still just as violent as any show that needs the drama for entertainment value. We still need to work on loving each other and cutting down on real violence before we worry about how shows and video games may be affecting us.

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6. The right ensemble

When will this not be relevant? Every girl (and guy, most likely) wanted a computer program that could help them pick out the perfect outfit every morning like Cher's wardrobe. Twenty years later, with crazier schedules and more responsibilities, an app that could take the guess work out of outfits is needed more than ever.

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7. Paul Rudd

Clueless wasn't Paul Rudd's first role and it surely wasn't his last. His career enjoyed a steady climb and is continuously on the rise. His film Ant-Man just premiered, he recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and he'll reprise his 2001 role in Wet Hot American Summer on Netflix.

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8. Jeeps with a monster sound system

Jeeps: just as cool in 2015 as they were in 1995. And a jeep with a "monster sound system" is still very much in style.

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9. Bare midriffs

It's clear that bare midriffs are still "challenging" when a mega-star like Taylor Swift still refuses to wear anything that shows off her belly button. Way to be ahead of the curve, Cher and Dionne!

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10. Coffee makes people fall in love

One "accidentally acquired" cup of Italian roast brewed love for Ms. Geist and Mr. Hall. These days not much has changed, considering meeting for coffee is a percolating first date idea.

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11. The sanctity of a family meal

Mel explicitly demands no calls at the dinner table. Though he broke his own rule pretty swiftly, this effort is probably even more important today than it was when Clueless was released. There are even more screens to interfere with a "nice family dinner."

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12. Knowing when to back off

"Gah, Elton, can you suck?" Elton failed at playing suck and blow when he dropped the card to "accidentally" kiss Cher. He also failed to notice that his advances toward Cher were clearly unwanted. Whether it's 1995, 2015 or 3025, respect a firm no.

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13. Knowing your totally important designers

Though the names have changed from Alaia and Hilfiger to VonFurstenberg and... West, fashion is still -- and forever will be -- big. Note: Fred Segal still makes the most capable outfits.

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14. Remembering Shakespeare accurately

Cher made English lit professors everywhere proud when she recognized Shakespeare not once, but twice in Clueless. Shakespeare, like Clueless, is timeless. You can always whip out some iambic pentameter for a love note or to silence a snotty college co-ed, even if you need to reference Cliff's Notes.

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15. Never accept the first offer

Cher didn't take her report card as final, and succeeded in changing all of her grades for the better. This same mentality can and should be used in life.

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16. Polyester weaves

This, just, no. It's never been the right choice, 1995 or otherwise.

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17. Debating the issues

Our discussions may have moved from Mr. Hall's classroom to Twitter, but debating the issues is still just as important now as it ever was. And "may i remind you that it does not say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty!"

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18. The importance of vegging out

Couch cruising while watching Netflix (or, could we suggest Ren & Stimpy?) is a perfectly acceptable way to spend an evening. Taking a break from binding party clothes can be refreshing. Plus, Ren and Stimpy are way existential.

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19. The rise of street slang

Murray called it in '95 and it was more than true. Though he said it in an effort to avoid Dionne's anger over being repeatedly called "woman," street slang definitely is an accepted form of expression. Now we moved on to rapidly accumulating acronyms and sentences made completely of emojis, but the idea is the same, tbh.

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20. The power of a makeover

Ms. Geist got a quick one and it worked wonders. Tai got an overhaul and it changed her life. A quality makeover can be part of a serious upgrade no matter what year it is.

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21. Reading is fundamental

We live in the peak of the information age, where we don't have to do much work to get real answers or to stimulate our minds. Cher challenged Tai to read one non-school book each week. What was the last book you read? If it's been awhile, pick up some pages or add to your Kindle library.

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22. Always be there for your friends

Bad grades? Suffering from a break-up? Nothing a good calorie fest and a Christian Slater movie won't fix. Alright, perhaps we've moved from Christian Slater to Channing Tatum, but it's the same concept.

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23. Use your popularity for good

In this digital age, doing something good is simpler than ever, but many don't lift a finger (or click a mouse) to put in the effort. If Cher had time to lead the Pismo Beach Disaster relief drive with her busy social schedule, none of us have any excuse not to find a worthy cause to support today.