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Get caught up on where everyone left off in Season 7 -- and where they're heading in Season 8!

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Where in the world are these Game of Thrones characters?

A LOT happened on the seventh season of Game of Thrones. If you're having trouble remembering where every character is -- are they dead or alive? Who are they getting it on with? -- then you're in the right place...

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Daenerys Targaryen

After agreeing to an alliance with the Lannisters, the Mother of Dragons is finally heading to Winterfell.

On the way, Daenerys and her new lover/nephew, Jon Snow, make love for the first time.

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Jon Snow

After he refuses Cersei's offer, Jon swears loyalty to Daenerys. The King in the North then travels to Winterfell with Dany and others.

But Jon will soon find out his true parentage, and that he, not Daenerys, is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Uh-oh.

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Tyrion Lannister

Following Jon's refusal to swear loyalty to Cersei, Tyrion had to negotiate a truce with his sister.

Tyrion also boards the ship to Winterfell and watches as Jon enters Dany's quarters.

What are the implications of this? We should find out in Season 8.

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Cersei Lannister

Despite agreeing to an accord with Tyrion, Cersei reveals to her brother and former lover Jaime Lannister that she will let the army of the dead slaughter the men of the North.

This causes a massive argument between Cersei and Jaime, who leaves Cersei to stew in King's Landing.

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Jaime Lannister

During their quarrel in the map room, Jaime finally realized that Cersei is a diabolical narcissist. After almost being murdered by the Mountain, Jaime departs King's Landing, discards his Lannister armor and covers up his golden hand.

He's seemingly headed to Winterfell to join the fight against the White Walkers.

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Sansa Stark

Sansa -- fresh off of sentencing Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish to death -- is now the Lady of Winterfell. And she's never been closer to her sister, Arya.

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Arya Stark

Arya, who is also in Winterfell, continued to avenge her family, slicing Littlefinger's throat at the request of Sansa.

Arya still has the Hound, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Mountain, Melisandre and Beric Dondarrion on her kill list.

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Bran Stark/Three-Eyed Raven

Bran Stark has now fully embraced the mantle of Three-Eyed Raven. In a vision, the Three-Eyed Raven finally discovers Jon Snow's true parentage -- he's the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.

The Three-Eyed Raven -- who told Samwell Tarly this vital intel at the end of Season 7 in Winterfell -- will surely relay this information to Jon in Season 8.

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Night King

The last we saw the Night King, he was riding wight Viserion as he demolished part of the Wall.

The army of the dead then marches into the North, signifying the beginning of The Great War.

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Davos Seaworth

Dear sweet Davos, aka the Onion Knight, is Jon Snow's right-hand man. He's on his way to Winterfell along with Jon, Dany and Tyrion.

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The Hound

The Hound survived the events of "Beyond the Wall," and helped to bring a wight to King's Landing. He's currently with Dany's forces on the way to Winterfell.

The Hound and his brother, the Mountain, briefly clashed, which is clearly a tease for the upcoming Clegane Bowl in the final season.

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The Mountain

The undead Mountain is still Cersei's personal bodyguard in King's Landing.

Will he able to defeat his brother in the future Clegane Bowl? We'll see.

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Theon Greyjoy

After confiding in Jon Snow, Theon -- and his Ironborn crew -- is on the way to Essos, apparently, to save his sister Yara.

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Yara Greyjoy

Yara needs to be rescued by Theon because she was captured by Euron during the attack in "Stormborn."

We last saw her in King's Landing, but she's in Essos, if she's still in captivity.

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Euron Greyjoy

According to Cersei, Euron is on his way to Essos to transport the Golden Company army to Westeros.

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After convincing Daenerys to invite Jon to Dragonstone, the Red Woman retreated to Volantis.

She hinted that we haven't seen the last of her.

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Brienne of Tarth

Representing the North, Brienne is part of the summit between Daenerys and Cersei. She also helps to convince Jaime to help fight the White Walkers.

Currently in Winterfell, Brienne, and her Valyrian sword Oathkeeper, should play a big part in the Great War.

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Tormund Giantsbane

The man who clearly has the hots for Brienne of Tarth, Tormund Giantsbane, was at the Wall when it was attacked by by wight Viserion and the Night King. It's assumed he is alive.

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Samwell Tarly

At the end of "The Dragon and the Wolf," Samwell -- who is in Winterfell -- learns that Jon is the rightful heir to the throne.

The avid book reader should play a big part in the final season.

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Jorah Mormont

Jorah, who is still in love with Daenerys, has recovered from the greyscale infection, thanks to Samwell Tarly.

Jorah is now back in the good graces of the Mother of Dragons, and he's accompanying her to Winterfell.

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Bronn, who previously saved Jaime Lannister from being decimated by a dragon, reunited with Tyrion back at the summit in King's Landing.

We're not completely clear if Bronn is still in King's Landing or if he traveled to Winterfell, but we're expecting him to join Tyrion and Jaime in the fight against the White Walkers.

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The last we saw of Gendry, he survived all of that running in "Beyond the Wall" and made it to Eastwatch.

We'll see how the son of Robert Baratheon's role plays out in Season 8.

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Previously in Season 7, Missandei and Grey Worm, the leader of the Unsullied army, consummated their relationship.

Missandei remains with Daenerys and Co. on the way to Winterfell.

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Grey Worm

The eunuch soldier, along with the Unsullied, attacked a mostly abandoned Casterly Rock.

After being stranded there, he and his army arrived at the summit in King's Landing.

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Wight Viserion

After being struck down by the Night King, Viserion was turned into a wight dragon.

He was then used to destroy part of the Wall.

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Hot Pie

We got a glimpse of Hot Pie -- who is still a baker at the Inn at the Crossroads -- in Season 7, when he reunited with Arya and relayed the information that Jon became King in the North.

We might not see the baker again, but here's hoping he survives the Great War and continues his life's work.

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Littlefinger, if you remember, got his throat sliced by Arya Stark -- so, yeah, he's still taking a dirt nap.

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