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No cable? No problem! Find out where your favorite shows are streaming.

1 of 49 Michael Yarish, CBS

The Big Bang Theory

CBS All Access

You can stream this genius comedy on CBS All Access.

2 of 49 AMC

Breaking Bad


Allow Heisenberg to reintroduce himself. Stream Breaking Bad on Netflix.

3 of 49 AMC

Better Call Saul


If you love Breaking Bad - hell, if you love television in general - stream Better Call Saul on Netflix.

4 of 49 ABC

The Bachelor


Find out who gets the rose. Stream this show on Hulu.

5 of 49 USA

Mr. Robot

Amazon Prime

This psychological techno-thriller will take you on a wild ride. And you can stream it anytime on Amazon Prime with a proper cable provider.

6 of 49 Fox

New Girl


Jess and her buds are streaming on Hulu. Catch up on past seasons on Netflix.

7 of 49 CBS

Big Brother

CBS All Access

Stream Big Brother exclusively on CBS All Access. Bonus: Watch the live feeds to find out what the houseguests are up to at any and every moment.

8 of 49 CBS

How I Met Your Mother

Netflix and Amazon Prime

Whether you're watching it for the first time or streaming down memory lane, you can watch HIMYM on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

9 of 49 The CW

The Flash

Hulu and Netflix

Get your superhero fill. Stream The Flash on Hulu. Catch up on past seasons on Netflix.

10 of 49 Jack Rowand, The CW


Hulu and Netflix

If that's not enough crime fighting for you, you can also stream new episodes of Arrow on Hulu and older seasons on Netflix.

11 of 49 ABC


ABC Go, Hulu and Netflix

Try to figure out what the hell is happening on this show by streaming new episodes on ABC Go (with a cable subscription) or Hulu. Watch past seasons on Netflix.

12 of 49 NBC



Hang out with your hilarious Friends on Netflix.

13 of 49 Robert Voets, CBS

The Amazing Race

CBS All Access

The adventure never stops. Watch every season of The Amazing Race on CBS All Access.

14 of 49 AMC

The Walking Dead

AMC App and Netflix

If you have a cable provider, you can stream new episodes of The Walking Dead on AMC's app. You can also watch full past seasons on Netflix.

15 of 49 FX

American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson

FXNow and Hulu

You know about the trial, but you don't know the whole story. Stream American Crime Story on FXNow (with a cable subscription) or Hulu.

16 of 49 Fox



Watch all of Cookie's antics thanks to Hulu.

17 of 49 The Sci-Fi Channel

Battlestar Galactica

Amazon Prime

Stream this sci-fi gem on Amazon Prime.

18 of 49 Eric Liebowitz, ABC



For now, you can stream the final season of Castle on Hulu.

19 of 49 Darren Michaels, CBS

Criminal Minds

CBS All Access

New episodes of Criminal Minds can be found on CBS All Access. For older seasons, head to Netflix.

20 of 49 BBC

Doctor Who

Amazon Prime

It's true: Doctor Who has disappeared from Netflix. But rejoice! You can stream it on Amazon Prime.

21 of 49 The CW

Jane the Virgin

Hulu and Netflix

This telenovela within a telenovela is streaming on Hulu. Watch all of Season 1 on Netflix.

22 of 49 PBS

Downton Abbey

Amazon Prime

Watch this period drama from start to finish on Amazon Prime.

23 of 49 CBS

The Good Wife

CBS All Access, Hulu

Watch every episode of The Good Wife on CBS All Access and Hulu.

24 of 49 Logo



Shante, you can stream RuPaul's Drag Race on Hulu.

25 of 49 Fox

Family Guy

Hulu and Netflix

Brian, Stewie and even Meg are streaming on Hulu and Netflix.

26 of 49 Fox


Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Crackle

It only took one season for this show to become a classic, and you can watch it all on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Crackle.

27 of 49 NBC

The Blacklist


Stream The Blacklist on Netflix because James Spader.

28 of 49 Fox



Bender is ready for binging on Netflix.

29 of 49 Disney

Girl Meets World


Watch the adorable follow-up to Boy Meets World on Netflix.

30 of 49 Fox


Hulu and Netflix

Get an up-close look at Gotham's grimy underbelly on Gotham. Stream the latest episodes on Hulu and full seasons on Netflix.

31 of 49 FX


Amazon Prime

There's a new sheriff on Amazon Prime.

32 of 49 E!

Keeping Up with the Kardashians


Katch the Kardashians on Hulu.

33 of 49 ABC



What even is this show? Seriously, what happened? Watch it again - or get confused for the first time - thanks to Netflix.

34 of 49 AMC

Mad Men


Watch this historic drama starring the gorgeous Jon Hamm on Netflix.

35 of 49 CBS


CBS All Access and Netflix

New episodes of NCIS stream on CBS All Access, but you can also see past seasons on Netflix.

36 of 49 Fox

The X-Files

Hulu and Netflix

The return of your favorite show is available on Hulu, and you can see the original series on Netflix.

37 of 49 Bravo TV

The Real Housewives


See all of your favorite housewives brunch and brawl on Hulu.

38 of 49 NBC


Hulu and Crackle

It turns out a show about nothing is exactly what everyone needs. Watch Seinfeld on Hulu or Crackle.

39 of 49 HBO

Sex and the City

HBO Go, HBO Now and Amazon Prime

Socialize with your favorite New York girlfriends on HBO streaming services or Amazon Prime.

40 of 49 ABC

Shark Tank


This competition show is packed and ready to stream on Hulu.

41 of 49 ABC

Grey's Anatomy

ABC Go, Hulu and Netflix

If you have a cable subscription, you can watch new episodes of Grey's Anatomy on ABC Go. If not, head to Hulu. Watch past seasons via Netflix.

42 of 49 ABC

How to Get Away with Murder

ABC Go, Hulu and Netflix

This show will keep you on your toes. Good thing you can stream it on ABC Go (with a cable subscription) and Hulu. Past seasons can be found on Netflix.

43 of 49 ABC

The Catch

ABC Go and Hulu

The latest addition to the Shondaland family can be streamed on ABC Go (with a cable subscription) and Hulu. The first season should hit Netflix later in 2016.

44 of 49 FX

Sons of Anarchy

Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix

Stream this hot show on Hulu and Amazon Prime. Full seasons are available on Netflix.

45 of 49 HBO

The Sopranos

HBO Go, HBO Now, Amazon Prime

Dig into the mob life via HBO streaming services and Amazon Prime.

46 of 49 The CW


Hulu and Netflix

The latest episodes of Supernatural are streaming on Hulu. You can watch full past seasons on Netflix.

47 of 49 MTV

The Challenge


This wild competition show is available for your streaming pleasure on Hulu.

48 of 49 Fox

The Simpsons


The hilarity of The Simpsons is at your fingertips thanks to Hulu.

49 of 49 ABC

Twin Peaks

CBS All Access, Netflix and Hulu

With a reboot in the works, it's probably a good idea to watch the original on CBS All Access, Netflix or Hulu.