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Zombies come in all shapes and sizes, and here are the most wicked, warped and downright wrong walkers seen so far on the hit AMC series

Shaun Harrison
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1. Michonne's pets (season 2, episode 13)

Shirtless obedient men following Michonne everywhere she goes doesn't sound so bad. Except that those men are also armless, mouthless and lifeless.

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2. Penny Blake, the Governor's daughter (season 3, episode 5)

A pampered girl in a dress and barrette, she also rocks a hood and restraint jacket--because she's a zombie!

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3. Roasted zombies

When the crew valiantly escaped from Terminus, they set the entire place on fire, including the herd of zombies that compromised their exit.

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4. It's raining zombies! (season 4, episode 1)

A torrential rain of walker guts soaks the crew as they forage for supplies under a supermarket's rotted roof. Worst. Shower. Ever.

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5. The Walker that ate Lori (season 3, episode 5)

Sure, Lori wasn't the most beloved character, but her demise may have been too brutal for even her own taste. Dying soon after giving birth to Judith, Lori becomes the feast for a walker, his belly resembling a post-Thanksgiving bulge.

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6. All tied up zombie

What a way to die, twice. Zombies aren't great runners, so it was right up their alley that this poor soul was tied to a tree for their dining convenience. After a few moments, she was a zombie herself. On The Walking Dead you are what eats you.

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7. Gas Mask Walker (season 3, episode 1)

Gas Mask Walker was accompanied by the equally frightening Riot Gear Walkers, but their faces didn't exactly peel off when their headgear was removed. Gas Mask Walker's face, now that thing peeled.

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8. Deer-eating Walker (season 1, episode 3)

Helping himself to the game Daryl killed for the group, the deer-eating walker features an especially gruesome mouth totally lacking in lips

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9. The Governor's tanks of zombie heads (season 3, episode 3)

Gross zombies and the Governor go together like zombies and brainz. The fact that the zombie heads remain animated makes the morbid aquarium all the more disturbing.

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10. Zombie roadkill

Thanks to Rick's scepticism, the group took the late-night scenic route to Alexandria. On the way they hit a huge zombie herd pocket and had to drive their way through. The results of this road rage were... really gross. Talk about road blocks!

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11. Griselda, Lizzie's playmate (season 4, episode 14)

Referred to as Griselda on The Walking Dead after show Talking Dead, this walker chases young Lizzie around in a game of tag, zombiepocalypse-style.

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12. Bicycle Girl (season 1, episode 1)

The iconic walker of the series pilot, her futile grasps towards Rick illustrates the sadness and morbidity of the walker plight for seasons to come. Also, gross.

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13. Glenn's undead interrogator (season 3, episode 7)

In aiding Merle's efforts to interrogate Glenn on his group's whereabouts, the captured walker attempts to convince Glenn to spill his guts, literally.

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14. Mud Walker (season 4, episode 8)

Part worm food, part run-of-the-mill zombie, the Mud Walker ensures that the Governor's new daughter fares just as well as his old one.

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15. Dale's Walker (season 2, episode 11)

The skinny, gnarly walker that kills Dale may not have any lips, but he somehow managed to hang maintain his blood-soaked goatee. Impressive.

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16. Chargrilled Walkers (season 5, episode 1)

Not even flames from an explosion can keep these walkers from eating Terminan faces.

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17. The Church Lady and flooded basement zombies (season 5, episode 2)

Father Gabriel's former church constituents spend most of their undead existence rotting in a flooded basement, which has to cause an awful mold problem on all that dripping flesh.

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18. Extra sickly Walker (season 4, episode 1)

The doubly infected walker with horrific bleeding eyes foreshadows the troubles soon to plague the prison community.

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19. Pop goes the eyeball (season 4, episode 2)

Pressed against the fence, this walker meets his fate thanks to a zombie stampede. You won't look at a chain-link fence the same way ever again.

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20. Well Walker (season 2, episode 4)

No other zombie beats the gravity of gross packed into this one, found at the bottom of Hershel's farm well.