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Warning: Badass spoilers ahead.

Julia Lechner
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walking dead women

The Walking Dead may have more girl power than any other series on television. Wielding katana blades and guns, the women battle walkers and do it flawlessly. These are the toughest zombie-fighting ladies we know, ranked ...

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15. Emma Bell (as Amy)

Andrea's little sister Amy helps keep watch over the children in her camp. She prefers to stay optimistic and keep the peace before resorting to violence. That is, until she's sneak-attacked by a stowaway zombie.

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14. Audrey Marie Anderson (as Lilly Chambler)

Lilly finishes the job of slaying The Governor, before willingly succumbing to a group of walkers.

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13. Katelyn Nacon (as Enid)

Being a teen is hard enough, yet Enid is faced with typical adolescent challenges while having to slay walkers as well.

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12. Alexandra Breckenridge (as Jessie Anderson)

Surviving a zombie apocalypse isn't the first challenge in Jessie's life, considering her painful past with husband Pete.

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11. Tovah Feldshuh (as Deanna Monroe)

A former member of Congress, Deanna is a natural leader, willing to make difficult decisions for the good of her people.

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10. Sonequa Martin-Green (as Sasha Williams)

Sasha Williams should be known as Sasha "Sharpshooter" Williams. Zombies are no match for this heroine.

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9. Laurie Holden (as Andrea)

Andrea's not perfect. Remember that relationship with The Governor? She more than makes up for any missteps, ultimately sacrificing herself for the group.

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8. Sarah Wayne Callies (as Lori Grimes)

Lori experiences some trying times with that Rick vs. Shane love triangle. Her ultimate sacrifice to choose her unborn child's life over her own makes her an admirable, badass lady.

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7. Alanna Masterson (as Tara Chambler)

Tara is willing to take out the murderous saviors, not just walkers, if it keeps her friends safe.

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6. Christian Serratos (as Rosita Espinosa)

Rosita is a tough woman who doesn't hesitate to use heavy machinery on a walker.

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5. Emily Kinney (as Beth Greene)

Beth started as a shy teen but morphed into a butt-kicking warrior woman.

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4. Christine Woods (as Dawn Lerner)

Dawn runs a corrupt system at Grady Memorial Hospital and is responsible for Beth's death. Though she's a villain in the series, there's no doubt she's tough as nails.

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3. Lauren Cohan (as Maggie Greene)

Maggie is a brave warrior who continues to prove that she'll slay whatever -- and whoever -- she needs to in order to protect the group.

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2. Danai Gurira (as Michonne)

Michonne isn't afraid to go solo in a zombie apocalypse, which is pretty impressive. Plus, she can wrangle walkers and is a master with the katana blade.

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1. Melissa McBride (as Carol Peletier)

Carol may have started as a soft-spoken housewife, but now she's become a strong survivor. She has also saved nearly everyone on the series from certain death. Way to go, Carol.