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Look back at the most bone-tingling scenes to ever hit the screen

Shaun Harrison
1 of 13 Lionsgate Films


Halloween is coming, which means two things: a new Saw movie and a chance to look back at our favorite frightening films. In honor of Saw VI, check out the six scariest horror movie scenes of all time.
2 of 13 New Line/Everett Collection

Freddy Becomes the Bed, A Nightmare on Elm Street

If the plan is to stop a murderer who kills people in their sleep, it's probably a good idea not to doze off. When Glen (Johnny Depp) catches a few Zs, Freddy (Robert Englund) attacks, pulling him into the bed and spitting back only gore.
3 of 13 New Line/Everett Collection

After Nightmare, the fear of sleeping became a grown-up version of being afraid of the dark.

4 of 13 Dreamworks

Samara Crawls Out of the TV, The Ring

Just when you think the movie is over, a final scene shows Samara (Daveigh Chase) crawling out from the television set for the kill. It's both chilling and a pretty rad technical achievement. But it's only a movie, people. There's nothing scary about television, we swear. Hey, come back here!
5 of 13 Dreamworks/Kobal Collection


It's all the scarier given that Rachel (Naomi Watts) has actually just buried Samara. But the presumed-dead creepy kid is still on a rampage, as evidenced by her battle with Rachel in the well.
6 of 13 MGM

Carrie's Hand Pops Up from the Grave, Carrie

Every spooky movie needs that final jolt to scare you right out of the theater. After Carrie White (Sissy Spacek) is teased literally to death, she comes back from the dead to grab the hand of her former torturer Sue Snell (Amy Irving) — from the grave.
7 of 13 Everett Collection

Alas, it's only a dream, but all these years later, we love to watch first-time viewers' reactions.

8 of 13 Warner Bros./Everett Collection

Regan's Head Spins Around, The Exorcist

Yes, the film was controversial (the crucifix scene comes to mind), but it was a simple image — that of the head of young Regan (Linda Blair) rotating a full 360 degrees — that was both frightening and uncomfortable to watch.
9 of 13 Warner Bros.


The same can be said of Regan's spider walk down the stairs, a scene that was cut from the original film. Now, thanks to the inclusion of outtakes on the DVD, we can all lose sleep at night.
10 of 13 Compass International Pictures

Michael Myers Sits Up, Halloween

Ah, the villain that won't die. It's expected in the 17th sequel, but in the original Halloween, seeing Michael Myers rise again behind an unknowing Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) was the height of terror in an already spine-tingling movie.
11 of 13 Compass International Pictures


Of course, that scene would have been nothing without the setup. Rule No. 1 of horror movies: Never back yourself into a corner. We're sure Laurie learned that lesson after looking into Michael Myers' blank face with nothing to protect her but wire coat hangers.
12 of 13 Warner Bros/Kobal Collection

Jack Torrance Goes Ballistic, The Shining

The horror begins when Wendy (Shelley Duvall) finds a manuscript that consists only of the repeated sentence "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." It's then that she realizes that her husband Jack (Jack Nicholson) has succumbed to cabin fever in the snowbound mountain hotel. Case in point: When his wife locks herself in the bathroom after an argument, he decides to use an ax to get it open.
13 of 13 Warner Bros/Kobal Collection


In fairness, The Shining is more than just that one scene. From the creepy twin ghosts to Danny's bloody visions, the movie is simply one of the most frightening films ever made.