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These are the most epic dating shows to ever air on VH1.

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Can you guess No. 1?

Regrettable tattoos, mystery poop, accidental boners and fist fights ... it's easy to forget that the point of VH1 reality dating shows are for people to find love. From celebs coupling up with fans to naked blind dates, these are the most epic dating shows to ever air on the network.

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15. Megan Wants a Millionaire (2009)

This series starring Megan Hauserman, of I Love Money and Rock of Love: Charm School fame, was a reality spin-off of Rock of Love With Bret Michaels. The show was placed on indefinite hiatus before Megan found her man.

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14. My Antonio (2009)

Women were flown to Hawaii to compete for the chance to be this former model and soap star's girlfriend. For a bit of drama, Antonio's mom came along for the ride to help him choose the right lady, and Antonio's ex-wife was among the competitors. Overall, the series was forgettable and didn't garner more seasons.

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13. Why Am I Still Single (2011)

Professional matchmaker Siggy Flicker secretly watched her clients on test dates, then gave them dating tips on this reality series. Each episode would end with the two clients being set up on real dates with potential matches. The series lacked the over-the-top drama and quotable moments found on other VH1 reality shows.

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12. Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair (2010)

Frank "The Entertainer" Maresca, a VH1 reality star from I Love New York, I Love Money and I Love Money 2, invited 15 women to his parents' basement to compete for his love. Frank's relationship with winner Kerry didn't last, and he is reportedly now married and settled down with someone he didn't meet on a reality show. Ultimately the show wasn't as memorable as his time with New York.

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11. She's Got Game (2015)

Star rapper The Game followed up his VH1 series Marrying The Game with a dating series where his celeb friends helped set the rebounding rapper up with potential matches. The competitors then accompanied him on his cross-country tour, all while competing to be his No. 1 lady. Yet this wasn't the most infamous celebreality dating show on the network ...

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10. Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch (2010)

While still an NFL wide receiver, Chad Johnson, formerly Chad Ochocinco, narrowed down a pool of 85 women to find his best match. Rather than Bachelor-style roses, each woman received a game ball from the athlete to move onto the next round.

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9. Daisy of Love (2009)

Another former Rock of Love with Bret Michaels competitor to nab her own show, Daisy of Love followed the Rock of Love 2 runner-up on her quest to find a man out of 20 suitors. Unfortunately her relationship with the winner, London, didn't last in the long run and Daisy only got one season for her chance at love.

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8. Real Chance of Love (2008-2009)

VH1 gave the world two seasons of Real Chance of Love, a dating competition series featuring two brothers (and rappers) who were I Love New York alums. Sadly, Ahmad "Real" Givens passed away in 2015 after a battle with colon cancer.

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7. For the Love of Ray J (2009-2010)

A dating show starring hip-hop star Ray J, this series followed a similar format to other VH1 dating series. Ray J met and gave nicknames to contestants, played the field, and moved onto Season 2 quickly after choosing his Season 1 winner. Though a fun series, it didn't lead to contestant spin-offs like some other favorites on the list.

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6. Tough Love (2009-2013)

Matchmaker Steven Ward, with the help of his mother, coaches a group of unlucky-in-love women using the "Tough Love Boot Camp." The ladies then get set up on dates by Steven to try out their newfound skills. Sure, coaching is fun, but drama is even more fun ...

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5. I Love New York (2007-2008)

Flavor of Love alum New York tried to find her soulmate on this spin-off dating series. With the help of her mother, "Sister" Patterson, the reality star chose between suitors with nicknames like 12 Pack, Tailor Made and Bonez.

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4. The Pickup Artist (2007-2008)

A "seduction artist" named Mystery, with the help of two wing women, coached men in the art of picking up ladies on this reality series. His teaching methods included terms like "the two-set" and "the kiss close." Why is it only No. 4? Some of his advice was a bit controversial.

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3. Dating Naked (Since 2014)

How better to meet a prospective match than when you're totally in the buff? In this series, single people strip down in an exotic location to go on first dates. What a great way to just let it all hang out! "It" being their emotions, of course.

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2. Flavor of Love (2006-2008)

Rapper and clock enthusiast Flavor Flav spent three seasons looking for the love of his life, ultimately choosing, instead, to wed the mother of his seventh child. The two have also appeared on VH1's Couples Therapy. His show can only be beat by one other legendary reality dating series that perfected the VH1 "of Love" formula ...

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1. Rock of Love with Bret Michaels (2007-2009)

The most iconic of VH1's romantic programming, this celebreality series featured hopeless romantic/rock star Bret Michaels as he searched for love among groupies. This show taught fans that getting a neck tattoo with someone's name doesn't mean you'll win their heart.