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Veronica Mars: Where Are They Now

As we wait for Season 4 on Hulu see what all the stars have been up to lately

Kristen Bell, Veronica Mars
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Kristen Bell

Following the cult show's cancellation, Veronica Mars' eponymous heroine did a stint on Heroes before being launched into the mainstream when she starred in Forgetting Sarah Marshall opposite Jason Segel and Russell Brand. Bell then bounced between guest appearances on shows like Party Down (also from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas) and roles in films, including You Again and Scream 4. She was also the narrator on the CW's Gossip Girl. She starred on Showtime's House of Lies for five seasons before dying and going to the Bad Place on NBC's The Good Place. Bell is also now a certified Disney Princess, lending her voice and musical chops to Anna in the hit animated musical Frozen.

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Jason Dohring

Jason Dohring went from playing one lovable psychotic jackass, Logan Echolls, to another on the short-lived CBS vampire drama Moonlight. His bad luck continued afterward, starring on Ringer, another one-season series. He's appeared on a few other shows over the years, landing recurring roles on The CW series The Originals and iZombie, the latter of which comes from Veronica Mars' Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright.

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Enrico Colantoni

Though he'll always be Keith Mars to us, Enrico Colantoni has kept quite busy since Veronica Mars first ended. He starred on the procedural Flashpoint before moving to Person of Interest in 2011. Since then, he's had recurring roles on Powers, The Good Fight, and iZombie, even stepping behind the camera to direct two episodes of the latter.

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Percy Daggs III

After playing Veronica's best friend Wallace for three seasons, Percy Daggs III appeared on In Plain Sight, Raising the Bar, and Southland. He had a recurring role on The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy and starred opposite Michael Clarke Duncan and Loretta Devine in the film In the Hive. Daggs also popped up in an episode of iZombie, like so many former residents of Neptune.

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Francis Capra

Weevils wobble, but Capra's career didn't fall down. Following the end of Veronica Mars, the actor appeared on The Closer, Friday Night Lights, and Heroes. Capra then landed a recurring role as Crispin, a scam artist, on the FX series The Strain, and followed it up with a turn on iZombie too.

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Ryan Hansen

Ryan Hansen, who played fan favorite character Dick Casablancas, perfected his lovable idiot routine when he starred opposite V Mars co-star Ken Marino in Rob Thomas' Party Down. The actor then moved on to the short-lived Friends with Benefits and hit E! series Burning Love. He also appeared in the Veronica Mars web spin-off, Play It Again, Dick, because no one can get enough of Ryan or Dick. He also popped up on The Mindy Project, Santa Clarita Diet, iZombie, Teachers, and also Kirsten Bell's Instagram. But most recently, he starred on YouTube's Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television, in which he played a fictional version of himself.

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Tina Majorino

Tina Majorino, who had a successful actor before ever appearing on Veronica Mars as the computer genius Mac, joined the cast of Big Love in 2006. She continued to make recurring appearances on the series until 2011, when she moved on to True Blood as Molly and Grey's Anatomy as the ill-fated, but beloved, intern Heather. More recently she had a recurring role in Scorpion.

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Chris Lowell

After playing one of the show's most divisive characters, Piz, Chris Lowell starred as the swoon-worthy receptionist Dell on Private Practice. He also appeared in the Oscar-nominated films Up in the Air and The Help before returning to TV in the (sadly) short-lived Fox comedy Enlisted. In addition to acting, Lowell is also an accomplished photographer and made his directorial debut with Beside Still Waters. You can currently catch him wearing amazing '80s blazers on Netflix's GLOW.

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Ken Marino

Following his portrayal of sleazy P.I. Vinnie Van Lowe, Ken Marino stuck mainly to TV. He joined Ryan Hansen on Party Down and reprised his role as Victor for Netflix's Wet Hot American Summer prequel and sequel. Right now he stars in the Comedy Central comedy The Other Two and has a recurring role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine as the beautifully clueless captain C.J.

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Max Greenfield

Who didn't love Deputy Leo? (Besides Veronica, that is.) After appearing on Greek, Ugly Betty, and Raising the Bar, Max Greenfield finally became the breakout star we always wanted him to be when he landed a starring role on the Fox comedy New Girl. The hyper-douche Schmidt is as far from the kindhearted Leo D'Amato as one can get, but we love him nonetheless. You can currently catch him in The Neighborhood.

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Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson has become a household name since playing Wallace's girlfriend Jackie Cook on Veronica Mars. She has appeared in hit movies like Dear White People, Creed, Sorry To Bother You, Thor: Ragnarok, and Creed II. She currently stars on the HBO drama Westworld as Charlotte Hale and is also voicing Lady in Disney's upcoming Lady and the Tramp movie on Disney+.

12 of 20 UPN/Landov; Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for 20th Century Fox

Teddy Dunn

After Duncan Kane ran off to Mexico, Teddy Dunn's career struggled despite appearances in Jumper and CSI: NY. Dunn ultimately quit acting in 2009 to pursue a law degree from Boston College. He graduated in 2013.

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Alona Tal

Meg Manning didn't have much luck in life and died as a result of Beaver's orchestrated bus crash. But thankfully, Alona Tal does not share her character's misfortune. The actress went on to nab the role of Jo on Supernatural, the lead on the short-lived CW drama Cult and the recurring role of Sonya on Burn Notice. More recently, she appeared in Hand of God, and currently plays Stella on SEAL Team.

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Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna

The real-life couple, who played spouses Aaron and Lynn Echolls on the UPN/CW series, starred on a short-lived reality show on TV Land in 2010. Rinna has since enjoyed a lot of success on reality shows, including Dancing with the Stars and The Apprentice, and even returned to Days of Our Lives to reprise the role of Billie Reed in 2012. She's currently a cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Hamlin also continues to act on shows like Army Wives, Mad Men, Shameless, Graves, and Shooter. He also pops up on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sometimes.

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Kyle Gallner

Like his on-screen ex-girlfriend Tina Majorino, Kyle Gallner followed up the series with a recurring role on Big Love. The actor, who played Beaver, aka Cassidy, on the UPN/CW series, went on to appear on The Shield, Smallville, CSI: NY, and Outsiders. Recently, he appeared in movies American Sniper and The Finest Hours.

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Amanda Seyfried

Following her ghostly portrayal of Lilly Kane, Amanda Seyfried joined the HBO hit series Big Love as Sarah Hendrickson. Since the show ended in 2011, the actress has mostly stuck to films, appearing as Cosette in the Oscar-winning adaptation of Les Miserables, and opposite Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia! and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. In 2017, she appeared in Showtime's Twin Peaks: The Return, and can soon be seen in The Art of Racing in the Rain opposite This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia.

17 of 20 Warner Bros., Robert Voets/CBS

Michael Muhney

After Sheriff Lamb was killed off Veronica Mars, Michael Muhney landed a starring role as Adam on The Young and the Restless. Unfortunately, the actor got in his own way and was fired for allegedly groping a co-star. After a break from acting, he appeared in one episode of The Good Doctor back in 2017.

18 of 20 Warner Bros, Skip Bolen/TNT

Julie Gonzalo

Parker wasn't exactly Veronica's most beloved character, but Julie Gonzalo didn't let that slow her down. After the show's cancellation, the actress ditched the blonde and starred opposite Johnny Lee Miller on Eli Stone. Following the dramedy's cancellation, Gonzalo made appearances on Castle and CSI: Miami before being cast as Pamela Rebecca Barnes on TNT's Dallas reboot. She's also appeared on Grey's Anatomy and Lucifer.

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Daran Norris

It was no surprise when Veronica asked Cliff McCormack to pose as an aspiring voice actor for a sting. In real life, the majority of Daran Norris' career has consisted of voice work, including The Fairly Odd Parents and American Dad!. Norris has also made live-action appearances on Party Down, Big Time Rush, and Desperate Housewives. And, like most of the people in this gallery, Norris has had a recurring role on iZombie.

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Amanda Noret

Amanda Noret hasn't done much since playing Veronica's arch nemesis Madison Sinclair. The actress appeared as "Co-Ed #2" in Jekyll, along with the small roles in The Insatiable, Bunny Whipped and Till You Get to Baraboo. In 2014, Noret reprised the role of Madison in the Veronica Mars movie. We just hope she's grown out of her "trip to the dentist" phase or else everyone best watch their punch.