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See how the show has exploited its telenovela roots

Shaun Harrison
1 of 11 Bob D'Amico/ABC

Alex is now Alexis.

In the first season, a shadowy, bandaged figure plots revenge on the Meade family. But it's not the presumed-dead editor Fey Sommers; it's Daniel's brother Alex Meade, who has had a sex change and is now Alexis.
2 of 11 Dean Hendler/ABC

Claire Meade goes to jail.

After being found guilty for attempting to murder Fey, Claire goes behind bars, where she forms an affectionate but platonic friendship with fellow inmate Yoga.
3 of 11 Scott Garfield/ABC

William Meade dies.

Just as Wilhelmina is about to marry William and secure herself a place within the Meade family — and in Meade Publications — William has a heart attack and collapses at the ceremony.
4 of 11 Richard Cartwright/ABC

Renee burns Daniel's apartment down.

Daniel's affair with Willy's sister, Renee, goes off the rails when she goes off her meds and torches his pad.
5 of 11 Mitch Haddad/ABC

Daniel has a son.

Daniel had a youthful fling with a French model that has yielded a son, who shows up on Daniel's doorstep after his mother's death. But oops, a shocking DNA test reveals that Alexis actually slept with her too, and "Daniel Jr." is her son.
6 of 11 Richard Cartwright/ABC

Ignacio is deported.

Betty's dad is sent back to Mexico, where we meet Betty's extended familia, and it's discovered that he never became a citizen because of a dark secret (he murdered his boss). With the help of Willy's senator father, Ignacio becomes a citizen and re-enters the country.
7 of 11 Karen Neal/ABC

Amanda is Fey Sommers' daughter.

No wonder she's so good at putting together an outfit. Amanda learns that she's adopted and that her birth mother is none other than the legendary (though unfortunately deceased) Mode editor Fey Sommers.
8 of 11 Michael Desmond/ABC

Amanda thinks Gene Simmons is her dad.

Amanda's search for her birth father peaks with her discovery that Fey slept with Kiss frontman Gene Simmons. In the end, though, he's not her father; he just wanted publicity for his reality show.
9 of 11 Michael Desmond/ABC

Charlie is pregnant.

Betty and Henry's blissful union comes to a screeching halt when we learn that Henry's ex is pregnant — and the baby's his.
10 of 11 ABC

Connor steals from Meade.

While the writers distract us with a love square among Connor, Willy, Daniel and Molly, Connor disappears into the night after bilking the company of its fortune.
11 of 11 ABC

Molly dies.

Daniel and Molly's fledgling relationship is thrown for a loop when she reveals that she's dying of cancer. They marry anyway, but she succumbs to the disease in the Season 3 finale.