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See the parade of men who have charmed the lads and ladies of Mode magazine

Shaun Harrison
1 of 14 Scott Garfield/ABC

Walter (Kevin Sussman)

In the pilot episode, Betty's on-again-off-again boyfriend Walter dumps her for Betty rival Gina Gambarro, but tries to win her back after she begins a flirtation with co-worker Henry. Just as the two are about to reconcile, Walter accepts a job offer and moves.
2 of 14 Karen Neal/ABC

Henry Grubstick (Christopher Gorham)

Henry, a shy accountant at Mode, has a pregnant ex-girlfriend in Tucson, Charlie, which puts a kink in his budding romance with Betty. When a new guy, Gio, enters the picture, Henry proposes. Betty, overwhelmed by her two suitors, decides to take time for herself, and Henry moves to Arizona.
3 of 14 Karen Neal/ABC

Gio Rossi (Freddy Rodriguez)

Mode's sandwich cart vendor, Gio, falls for Betty despite their silly fights. He competes with Henry for Betty's heart, but she is torn. Gio asks Betty to go to Rome with him the same day Henry proposes, but she turns him — and Henry — down.
4 of 14 ABC

Daniel Meade (Eric Mabius)

Mode's editor-in-chief starts out as a womanizing manwhore who sleeps with receptionist Amanda. He breaks Amanda's heart, but they manage to maintain a working relationship. He eventually proposes to Sofia Reyes (Salma Hayek), who, it turns out, manipulated Daniel into falling in love with her for a magazine article. Later, he proposes to his first real love, Molly, who dies of cancer shortly after the wedding. But does he love Betty?
5 of 14 Dean Hendler/ABC

Cliff St. Paul (David Blue)

Cliff meets Marc at a photo shoot, and the two begin dating even though Marc is embarrassed by Cliff's schlumpy style. Marc impulsively proposes to Cliff, who accepts. But the engagement is short-lived after Marc's confession of infidelity.
6 of 14 ABC

Connor Owens (Grant Bowler)

Meade's short-lived CFO dumps his fiancée Molly and manages to win Willi's stone-cold heart. But when Willi learns he's stealing money from the company, she chooses her career over love.
7 of 14 ABC

Archie Rodriguez (Ralph Macchio)

Hilda's first encounter with the city councilman isn't exactly amicable — he shuts down her beauty shop due to a code violation. But after Archie helps Hilda get her salon licensed, she warms up to the idea of dating him.
8 of 14 ABC

Matt Hartley (Daniel Eric Gold)

Betty is initially frustrated with her YETI partner, Matt, but the two begin dating — much to the dismay of Matt's socialite mom. Just after Betty agrees to move in with Matt, Henry returns to New York and he and Betty end up sharing a kiss goodbye, which Matt sees from afar. Not only does Matt end their relationship, but he announces that he'll be Betty's new boss.
9 of 14 Karen Neal/ABC

Santos Reynoso (Kevin Alejandro)

Hilda and Santos, Justin's estranged dad, couldn't maintain a relationship due to his gambling habit and reluctance to accept Justin's differences. But he ultimately proposes to Hilda. Unfortunately, just as things are looking up, Santos is shot dead in a convenience store stick-up.
10 of 14 ABC

"Coach" Tony Diaz (Eddie Cibrian)

Justin's heartthrob gym teacher makes Hilda swoon as the two start dating. But when his ex-wife resurfaces, Hilda decides to end things.
11 of 14 ABC

Jesse (Val Emmich)

After Betty moves into her own apartment, her new neighbor makes her heart skip a beat. But when they finally go on a date, he only talks about himself, and Betty loses interest fast.
12 of 14 ABC

Calvin Hartley (David Rasche)

Matt's billionaire dad saves the day when he bails out Meade, but the truth comes out that he and Claire Meade had an affair that resulted in an illegitimate child.
13 of 14 Karen Neal/ABC

Dwayne (Rick Fox)

Despite her engagement to Bradford Meade, Willi has a fling with her bodyguard, Dwayne. (Fun Fact: Fox is Vanessa Williams' ex-husband.)
14 of 14 ABC

Rodrigo Veloso (Cristian de la Fuente)

Transexual Alexis is full of nerves when Rodrigo, Mode Brasil's creative director, invites her to dinner, since it's her first date as a woman. But it turns out that Rodrigo's working with Bradford and Willi to seduce Alexis into moving to Brazil with him. Alexis finds out and the romance comes to a screeching halt.