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See the stars who visited Betty & Co.

Shaun Harrison
1 of 21 Patrick Harbron/ABC

Bryan Batt

Batt plays soap star Spencer Cannon, a client of Amanda's who she set up with Marc. No love connection was made, but Marc sees the Tweety Bird tattoo on Spencer's bottom and realizes that he's Amanda's birth father.
2 of 21 Eric Liebotwitz/ABC

Adam Rodriguez

Both Suarez girls held a torch for this bad boy, but it's Hilda for whom he changes his ways and to whom he ties the knot.
3 of 21 Eric Liebowitz/ABC

Kathy Najimy

Orthodontist Dr. Frankel helps Betty when her braces get caught in the "Million Dollar Bra." Later she removes them altogether.
4 of 21 David Geisbrecht

Kristen Johnston

Irresponsible Mode magazine temp Helen strikes up a friendship with Amanda and acts as a cautionary tale for the flighty former receptionist.
5 of 21 Eric Liebowitz/ABC

Rich Sommer

Sommer guest-stars as an annoying firefighter who asks Betty out. She only agrees to expedite the investigation of the Suarez house fire.
6 of 21 Patrick Harbron


When Wilhelmina discovers that a drag queen is impersonating her under the name "Wilheldiva Hater," she heads down to the club to check out his cabaret show, which is hosted by emcee Rudolph (RuPaul).
7 of 21 Joshua Yentis/ABC


Shakira, playing herself, agrees to help Betty get Mode's Bahamas photo shoot back on track when things go awry.
8 of 21 Patrick Harbron/ABC

Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Sigler plays Natalie, an eccentric woman who Daniel meets in a bereavement group and who becomes Daniel's new assistant — much to Betty's dismay. She ultimately convinces Daniel to join an afterlife cult called The Order of Phoenix.
9 of 21 Dean Hendler/ABC

Gina Gershon

Gershon played Fabia, a veiled Donatella Versace homage. The chain-smoking fashion and cosmetics mogul went head-to head with Wilhelmina in the first season. Her most notorious stunt: tricking Willy into injecting duck semen into her face by pretending it was a beauty secret.
10 of 21 Karen Neal/ABC

Lucy Liu

Liu played Grace Chin, an attorney hired to defend Bradford Meade in his trial for the murder of Fey Sommers. Grace only agreed to take the job after Daniel, who stood her up in college, apologized. The two began a brief fling, but it ended (as did Grace's involvement in Bradford's case), when Daniel's sister Alexis threatened to expose the affair.
11 of 21 Karen Neal/ABC

Kristin Chenoweth

As Diane, Betty's romantic comedy-loving dental nurse, Chenoweth helped Betty uncover the relationship between her orthodontist, Dr Farkass, and Charlie. Diane encouraged Betty to reveal the secret to Henry, fearing that Charlie's baby might not actually be his.
12 of 21 Michael Desmond/ABC

Salma Hayek

Betty executive producer Hayek spent some time in front of the camera as Sofia Reyes, the manipulative editor-in-chief of MYW. She tried to both lure Betty away from Mode and trick Daniel into proposing to her as the subject of the cover story for her premiere issue.
13 of 21 Danny Feld/ABC

Debi Mazar

Mazar's Leah Stillman posed as a lawyer's assistant on her way to befriending Hilda. Her promise to help Ingacio with his immigration troubles turned out to be a scam that left Hilda broke.
14 of 21 Mitch Haddad/ABC

James Van Der Beek

Van Der Beek played designer Luke Carnes, the owner of Atlantic Attire. He threatened to pull his advertising from the magazine, refusing to have his fashions in a magazine "run by a cross-dresser." Willy ultimately tells Daniel to give Luke the boot.
15 of 21 Scott Garfield/ABC

Victoria Beckham

Beckham played herself, who swoops into New York to be Wilhelmina's maid of honor. Sadly for Willy, the former Spice Girl stole most of her wedding-day spotlight.
16 of 21 Scott Garfield/ABC

Vera Wang

Also playing herself, Wang serves as the designer of Willy's wedding dress. Being a powerful magazine exec comes with privileges.
17 of 21 Dean Hendler/ABC

Betty White

Wilhelmina slammed a car door on the hand of White, who played a fictionalized version of herself. The whole thing was caught on tape, and quickly created a YouTube firestorm that caused all sorts of bad press for Willy.
18 of 21 Michael Desmond/ABC

Gene Simmons

When Amanda learned that Simmons might be her father, the Kiss rocker showed up to get better acquainted with his possible daughter. Even though she composed a song in his honor, Amanda eventually learned she was not rock-star spawn.
19 of 21 Vivian Zink/ABC

Christian Siriano

Fresh off his Project Runway win, Siriano stopped by for a meeting with Daniel. Siriano also lent his hand to some of the costumes in the episode in which he appeared.
20 of 21 Karen Neal/ABC

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan's Kimmie Keegan is Betty's mean-girl high school classmate. While working at Flushing Burger, she incited a food fight after destroying Betty's idea binder. Still, Betty got her a job at Mode, from which she was fired after she tried to usurp Willy's authority.
21 of 21 Patrick Harbron/ABC

Bernadette Peters

Peters played Jodi Papadakis, a magazine legend who taught a young editor's course in which Betty and Marc enrolled. Although Betty called Papadakis her idol, Betty continuously got the hardest assignments. Worse, Papadakis one-upped Betty by stealing her dream job at the New York Review.