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We made our picks, now see the couples our readers hate

Shaun Harrison
1 of 13 Justin Lubin/NBC


We named our choices for the worst couples on TV, and boy did we hear from our readers. The response was so great, we're rolling out another batch of crappy couplings, inspired simply from your comments. So, click ahead to see 12 more of the worst romantic parings ever to hit the small screen.
2 of 13 courtesy CBS/Landov

Debra and Ray, Everybody Loves Raymond

"They're just awful. No wonder they're all family all the time — nobody else would want to hang around them. Raymond's behavior is that of an overindulged child. Debra is deceitful, hateful and downright disloyal. She constantly carps about his awful parents, and then it's all smiles when they come over. She always has something insulting to say, and I saw an episode where Ray did something boneheaded in public and she claimed she didn't know him. Horrible couple." — mrsgrim88
3 of 13 Scott Garfield/ABC

Izzie and Denny, Grey's Anatomy

Our Pick: Meredith and Derek Your Response: "Think about it: Whose fault is the back and forth and little screen time [of Meredith and Derek]? The writers. They're the ones who need to be called and fired. Izzie and Denny is proof of that!" — jjjg
4 of 13 Adam Taylor/ABC

Cooper and Charlotte, Private Practice

"The whole reason I clicked on the gallery was to see if my least favorite couple of the moment was there: Cooper and Charlotte of Private Practice. So annoying! Back and forth, back and forth. I love you, I hate you, let's get married right now or else. Enough! I can't stand it anymore." — michvegan
5 of 13 Fred Norris/The CW

Peyton and Lucas, One Tree Hill

"I can't believe [there were] no votes for Peyton and Lucas. While they've become less offensive in the second half of this season, so much of their courtship has been cringe-worthy … Lucas went as far as saying "I do" to another woman without hesitation, and we're led to believe these two are destined and meant to be? Really?" — AchtungBecca
6 of 13 Mitch Haddad/NBC

Michael and Dwight, The Office

Our Pick:Jim and Pam Our Response: We still stand by our statement that the show just isn't as fun as it used to be before Jim and Pam committed to one another. But maybe they aren't the biggest problem. Michael and Dwight have lately traded their awkward exchanges for outlandish slapstick (see the Super Bowl episode's fire drill). Maybe there's a reason the British Office ended after just two years...
7 of 13 courtesy New Line Cinema

Big and Carrie, Sex and the City

"So you think Jim/Pam is one of the worst romances? I'd take them over the contrived Ross/Rachel, Carrie/Big and Mulder/Scully any day of the week. We're supposed to believe that these couples are going to magically make it work since they couldn't get it together for about 10 years? Can I get a popsicle in hell now?" — denimvest
8 of 13 Scott Humbert/The CW

Ethan and Annie, 90210

"They don't have much chemistry and they are just too sappy and lame. Both characters could be better with somebody different." — othfan2321
9 of 13 Robert Voets/CBS

Sara and Grissom, CSI

"I can't believe you left CSI's Grissom and Sara off the list. They are absolutely awful together. The only chemistry going on there is in the beakers in the lab. Grissom would have better taste than that!" — kellybean61
10 of 13 courtesy 20th Century Fox

Buffy and Riley, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

"He was too vanilla for our vampire hunter, compared to dark and tormented Angel and twisted Spike. Both were searching for redemption, and Buffy provided that, whereas Riley acted like a needy prom date." — K.
11 of 13 Chris Haston/NBC

Sam and Anyone, ER

"She is TV-relationship poison." — roygbiv
12 of 13 Ron Tom/ABC

Katherine and Mike, Desperate Housewives

Our Pick: Susan and anyone Your Response: They're really, reeeaaally odd. And everyone knows that Mike and Susan are the real thing anyway, so..." — Liz86000 "On Desperate Housewives, the couple I can't stand is Mike and Katherine. They don't even come close to having any chemistry." — suzybeezy
13 of 13 Michael Courtney/The CW

Clark and Lana, Smallville

Our Pick:Chloe and Jimmy Your Response: "Clark and Lana. I don't mind them together, but they just don't work. Clark had to always lie to her — not great for a relationship. And plus, everyone knows he is meant for Lois.