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Celebrate Father's Day with the small-screens steamiest pops

1 of 17 Michael Muller/Fox

Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), 24

The good part of having 24's red-hot leading man as your dad? Always feeling safe and protected. The bad part? Always feeling safe and protected except when you're kidnapped, which tends to happen a lot. Kim, run!
2 of 17 Florian Schneider/ABC

Jin (Daniel Dae Kim), Lost

Remember when it wasn't clear if Jin was the father of his wife's baby? Never in doubt, though, was his unrelenting sexiness. That hair. Those cheekbones. That ability to learn English in a matter of weeks. Sexy, smart, and the real father. You can't go wrong with a combination like this.
3 of 17 NBC

Doug Ross (George Clooney), ER

We never saw pediatrician-parent Doug Ross on-screen, but the mere mentions of his twin daughters, Tess and Kate, is enough to make anyone go weak in the knees. What's the first thing he does when Carol shows up in Seattle? Ask about the girls. What does he do during a long day at the office? Ask about the girls, who have an upcoming spelling test. "You know, I'm a very good speller," he says. Hot doc + father of twin girls + good speller = sexiest dad ever.
4 of 17 AMC


Don Draper and Roger Sterling (Jon Hamm and John Slattery), Mad Men There are plenty of reasons why watching Mad Men is so appealing, and these two ad execs are near the top of the list. Draper's the smooth talker and Sterling's the silver fox, but both find themselves with an almost endless supply of bedmates. Sure, it has ruined both their marriages, but that just means we get to see more of them on the prowl.
5 of 17 Bob D'Amico/ABC

Christopher Turk (Donald Faison), Scrubs

That goofy smile. Your stellar dance moves. The way you wear your scrubs with such pizzazz. We love you Turk, but alas, your heart belongs to another: Carla J.D.
6 of 17 Michael Levine/Fox

Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher), The O.C.

Papa Cohen's dreamy blue eyes could make any O.C. girl swoon. But this softie is so caring, he took in a hoodlum from the wrong side of the tracks and welcomed him into his family as if he were his own son. Plus, there's just something about those eyebrows....
7 of 17 Michael Muller/NBC

Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler), Friday Night Lights

Gimme an "H." Gimme an "O." Gimme a "T." What's it spell? HOT! We heart you Coach Taylor — no matter which football team you end up with!
8 of 17 Timothy White/The CW

Rufus (Matthew Settle), Gossip Girl

This sexy single dad is the perfect catch. He's a musician, loves art and always wears his heart on his sleeve. He even cooks — what more can you ask for?
9 of 17 Peter Iovino/Showtime

Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), Dexter

Every kid needs a role model to look up to. Dexter's a bloody great cop, is extremely neat and organized and has already proven to be a loving stepfather. (Plus, he's steamier than a Miami summer.) What's that? He's a serial killer? Maybe the baby on the way should look up to Batman.
10 of 17 Michael Wong/FX

Franco Rivera (Daniel Sunjata), Rescue Me

Who knew the hottest thing in a show about fighting fires wouldn't be the fires themselves? True, the womanizer signed away his parental rights and lost custody of his daughter, Keela, which doesn't make him the best dad in the world. But he's really hot, right?
11 of 17 The CW

Christopher Hayden (David Sutcliffe), Gilmore Girls

Maybe it's the chiseled cheeks, or the sly smile, or the bad boy streak in him (who doesn't love a bad boy?), but a part of you couldn't resist 'shipping Christopher and Lorelai whenever he dropped by Stars Hollow even though he was never prime father or husband material until the series' end. But he tried, and when he fulfilled a yearlong promise, like buying Rory the Compact Oxford English Dictionary, your heart just melted.
12 of 17 Sergei Bachlakov/The WB

John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Supernatural

The man who gained heartthrob status as Grey's Anatomy's Denny didn't turn down the heat outside Seattle Grace. As dad to Dean, Sam and surprise son Adam, Morgan's Papa Winchester made it clear how such a hot TV brood is born.
13 of 17 ABC

Michael Vaughn (Michael Vartan), Alias

Intrigue, romance, big risks — and he still makes time for family (eventually)? Agent Vaughn only seemed sexier when set against Alias' action-packed scenes. We would let him interrogate us any day.
14 of 17 Art Streiber/Fox

Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), Arrested Development

Sure, Michael isn't someone you'd traditionally label as sexy, but sexiness isn't just about looks. The white sheep in a hysterically dysfunctional family, single dad Michael always prioritized his son, George Michael, over his love life. Though Michael was overprotective at times, you can't say there's anything hotter than a dad wanting to spend some QT with his boy.
15 of 17 HBO

Bill Hendrickson (Bill Paxton), Big Love

More wives mean more opportunities to see Bill's bare, buff bod as he gets in and out multiple beds. As the patriarch of an ever-expanding polygamous family, he manages to charm the pants off (literally) several wives at once and take care of his many children — just like any loving dad would.
16 of 17 Michael Lavine/Fox

Fernando Sucre (Amaury Nolasco), Prison Break

With a bad-boy attitude, a penchant for danger and a willingness to do what it takes to reunite with his family, this dangerous daddy has it all — not to mention those sexy undershirts that show off his arms.
17 of 17 Patrick Ecclesine/The CW

Harry Wilson (Rob Estes), 90210

What's sexier than a man with authority? Whether he's conducting a drug bust in the halls of West Beverly or cracking down on post-prom parties, Principal Harry looks exceptionally good when he's laying down the law.