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TVGuide.com users pick the couples who make bad relationships fun to watch

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As Why Did I Get Married Too? hits theaters, see who TVGuide.com users named TV's most dysfunctional couples.
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Don and Betty Draper (Jon Hamm and January Jones), Mad Men

Don's rampant infidelity finally caught up with him in Season 3 when Betty decided to do some stepping out of her own. Then the whole marriage crumbled when Betty learned that Don was really Dick Whitman. We hate to say it, but divorce is probably the best thing for them.
3 of 14 Kobal Collection


Peg and Al Bundy (Katey Sagal and Ed O'Neill), Married With Children Peg couldn't keep her hands off Al, but Al couldn't stand Peg. At least Al was able to get out to the nudie bar with his pals every once in a while, as long as Peg hadn't taken all his one dollar bills.
4 of 14 Robert Voets/CBS

Grissom and Sara (Wiliam Petersen and Jorja Fox), CSI

"Grissom and Sara: Worst. Decision. Ever." — DanaBanks "After all the years of he-pulls-her-forward-and-then-pushes-her-away, he finally gives it all up to be with her. And then they marry and live on separate continents. Can't get more dysfunctional than that!" — nedda02
5 of 14 Everett Collection

JR and Sue Ellen Ewing (Larry Hagman, Linda Gray), Dallas

Philandering Dallas oilman J.R. Ewing wrote the book on two things: How to cheat on your wife with no regard for the consequences, and how to do the ultimate TV cliff-hanger.
6 of 14 Ron Tom/ABC


Bree and Orson (Marcia Cross and Kyle McLachlan), Desperate Housewives On paper these two were perfect for one another. But as Bree's fame grew, Orson resorted to becoming the neighborhood burglar. The fallout led to Bree's affair with Karl, which ultimately ended in Karl's death and Orson's paralysis. Note to guys: Stay away from Bree.
7 of 14 Lewis Jacobs/AMC

Walt and Skyler (Bryan Cranston and Anna Gunn) Breaking Bad

The Whites are just like every other couple: An unexpected pregnancy and Walt's cancer diagnosis left them struggling to keep up with their bills, so Walt started cooking meth and lying to Skyler about pretty much every aspect of his life. OK, maybe they're not like every other couple.
8 of 14 Carin Baer/Fox


Will and Terri Schuester (Matthew Morrison and Jessalyn Gilsig), Glee "Terri lies to Will about being pregnant in order for him to not leave her; but after he finds out he eventually does. On the other side, Will is (possibly unintentionally) getting his flirt on with Emma, the guidance counselor at school. Terri is so paranoid with Will and Emma growing closer that she even is able to get herself hired as the school nurse at school. … It's just all so dysfunctional to me! But, thank God it is because then we wouldn't have the adorableness that is Will and Emma!" — Disneygrl2
9 of 14 Larry Riley/FX

Janet and Tommy (Andrea Roth and Denis Leary), Rescue Me

These two can't make things work, but they also can't keep away from each other. We suppose it's good that they try to play nice for the kids, but seeing as their children hate their home life anyway, we think maybe it's time to let this relationship go.
10 of 14 HBO


Bill, Barb, Nikki and Margene (Bill Paxton, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Chloe Sevigny), Big Love Okay, so they aren't exactly a couple. But they are dysfunctional, says katedfw. Come to think of it, she adds, so is "anyone on Big Love!"
11 of 14 Fox


David and Sherry Palmer (Dennis Haysbert and Penny Johnson Jerald) 24 You could argue that she was standing by her man, but Sherry covered up murder and even asked her husband's speech writer to seduce him in order to get the information necessary to ensure he would win the presidency. Luckily, David knew she wasn't fit to be a first lady and sent her packing.
12 of 14 Fred Norris/The WB


Dan and Deb (Paul Johansson and Barbra Alyn Woods ), One Tree Hill What's worse, asks Disneygrl2, than a wife setting fire to her husband's car dealership? When she does it with her husband inside of it. And when the husband finds out and almost strangles her. Did we mention the couple have a son, but Dan also has a son with one of Deb's best friends? "Oy vey!" Disneygrl2 summarizes. "It's making me dizzy just thinking about it!"
13 of 14 Byron Cohen/NBC

Jan and Michael (Melora Hardin and Steve Carell), The Office

"The Office's Michael and Jan.......wow, that was a recipe for disaster." — marsky "If Jan and Michael from The Office don't top this list, then there's really no point in having the list. Those two defined dysfunctional." — cris2daco.
14 of 14 The WB


Spike and Buffy (James Martsers and Sarah Michelle Gellar) Buffy the Vampire Slayer "I don't know if they count, because they're not exactly current, but you can't talk about dysfunctional TV couples without Buffy and Spike. You just can't." — tvaddict12345