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Sometimes, the best-looking thing on screen is covered in fur.

Jessica Roy
1 of 14 CBS

14. Clyde from Elementary

Sherlock and Watson's turtle is the perfect messenger for symbolic clues. As far as cuteness, though, he is just a turtle.

2 of 14 CBS

13. Bear from Person of Interest

Bear -- a Belgian Malinois -- is more frightening than cute. But still cute!

3 of 14 HBO

12. Ser Pounce from Game of Thrones

Every Game of Thrones fan wants to see more episodes centered around the show's most exciting new character: Tommen's cat, Ser Pounce.

4 of 14 ABC

11. Vincent from Lost

In a show where almost everyone died, it was nice to see the dog survive.

5 of 14 TLC

10. Glitzy the Pig from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Credit where credit is due: For a pig, Glitzy is pretty cute.

6 of 14 ABC

9. Digby from Pushing Daisies

Can you imagine going through life not being able to pet this dog? We certainly can't.

7 of 14 The CW

8. Paul Anka from Gilmore Girls

Definitely cuter than the real Paul Anka.

8 of 14 ABC

7. Lucky from The Goldbergs

Good thing dad was lying about those dog allergies -- the Goldbergs definitely needed this fluffy addition to their family!

9 of 14 NBC

6. Mr. Muggles from Heroes

Just too cute, n'est ce-pas? Mr. Muggles doesn't have superpowers. Unless you count adorableness as being a superpower. (And we do.)

10 of 14 Splash News

5. Giggy from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lisa Vanderpump is rarely spotted without her loyal company, Giggy, by her side. (And he looks thrilled to be there!)

11 of 14 The CW

4. Minor from iZombie

Major got a dog and named it Minor. That name is almost as cute as the dog!

12 of 14 The CW

3. Monkey from Gossip Girl

No matter what Chuck Bass was going through, Monkey was always there to dry his tears.

13 of 14 ABC

2. Stella from Modern Family

Stella is one of the breakout stars of Modern Family. And one of the breakout cuties in our hearts.

14 of 14 Fox

1. Cheddar from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It doesn't get much cuter than a corgi. Captain Raymond Holt and his husband Kevin are perfect together, so it makes sense that they have the perfect dog. We hereby proclaim Cheddar the cutest pet on TV!