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TVGuidecom users pick the most adorable young stars

1 of 10 Mario Perez/ABC


Baby Aaron, LostThis adorable baby had the office doing a collective "Awwww," which inspired us to turn it over to our readers and have them name their favorite pint-sized cuties. Warning: Viewing this gallery may cause lots of warm fuzzies.
2 of 10 Karen Neal/ABC


Tuck, Grey's AnatomyPlenty of readers voiced their support for Dr. Bailey's boy, but he had one feature that sealed the deal. "Who can resist his cheeks!" (zortil) If those squeezable cheeks can't bring Miranda and her hubby back together, what can
3 of 10 Paul Drinkwater/NBC


Jack Cox, ScrubsSure, Dr. Cox is hard on J.D. and the rest of the Sacred Heart gang, but his "totally adorable" son often melts down that tough exterior. "I love the scenes with Dr. Cox and his son." (soleiiani)
4 of 10 Laura Pedrick/TLC


The kids of Jon Kate Plus EightAt some point, all expecting parents probably ask themselves, "Will our baby be cute" In this case, there were plenty of good genetics to go around. "They are the cutest things I've ever seen." (SugarPop)
5 of 10 Justin Lubin/NBC


Joe, ERAbby and Luka's offspring gives hope (and maybe a little jealousy) to future parents everywhere. "What a cutie pie! I hope my children are as cute as he is! " (wendigo_alice24)
6 of 10 Frank Ockenfels/NBC


Marie, MediumSome kids hate getting glasses, but for others, it makes them all the more precious. "Her little glasses just makes me go awww everytime I see her." (CoolAsTheCome) She's pretty darn adorable without them, too.
7 of 10 Frank Micelotta/Fox


David Archuleta, American IdolWe're sure when Little Archie hears he made this list, his response will be: "Oh my gosh! [Breathy nervous laughter]Thank you! [Blank stare, dimpled grin] Wow, this is just...awesome! [More laughter] Gosh, thank you so much."
8 of 10 Isabella Vosmikova/Fox


Andy, BonesThis baby knows the secret to showbiz: You gotta keep the audience wanting more. "The triplets who played Andy on that one episode of Bones were freaking adorable! If only it had been more than an episode." (Liz86000)
9 of 10 Mitchell Haddad/Warner Bros./Everett Collection


Wyatt, CharmedCute babies don't always stay cute as they age. Luckily for this little tyke, that wasn't the case. "Wyatt on Charmed was an adorable infant and just got cuter as he grew!!" (sls18)
10 of 10 Fred Norris/The CW


Jamie, One Tree HillAs the overwhelming winner in our poll, this kid has it all. "[He] is one of the cutest kids I've seen on TV in a long, long time, [and] the kid's a pretty darn good actor. He has amazing timing and is just so darn lovable!" (cew47)