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The sacred and shameless shows our readers can't delete

Shaun Harrison
1 of 17 Everett Collection


"I have three episodes of Mary Tyler Moore, two episodes of Taxi and three episodes of WKRP from WGN's retro marathons.. These are favorite episodes that I'm going to keep for a while." (Marci)
2 of 17 ABC


"For whatever reason I cannot delete the Lost Season Three episode "I Do." It is so romantic, so beautiful, and I just love the way Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly play their scenes together. Truly breathtaking. I watch it over and over." (Magali)
3 of 17 The WB


"I have the 2-hour series finale of Everwood. I've been saving it for two years now. Good thing because only Season 1 has been released on DVD. I'm hoping the new WB Web site will show all the episodes, but I'm not holding my breath." (jimhsfbay)
4 of 17 Michael Desmond/CBS


"I've had the final episode of Jericho since it aired, and I don't think I'll be able to bring myself to delete it. It's like I can convince myself they didn't really cancel the show if I still have it there to watch. Come back, Hawkins! (MiniMarie)
5 of 17 NBC Universal Photo: Dana Edelson


"I've kept two skits from Saturday Night Live - "Dk in a Box" with Justin Timberlake, followed by Jimmy Fallon and JT doing the Bee Gees. It's been on my DVR since Dec. '07. (Sara2063)
6 of 17 Chris Haston/NBC


"I've kept the Scrubs musical episode. It cracks me up everytime I watch it. And I'm pretty sure I can recite/sing the entire episode word for word." (nerdygerl)
7 of 17 David Gray/The CW


"Jeffrey Dean Morgan's appearances on the wonderful, but underrated Supernatural. For me, JDM's portrayal of John's death is even more powerful than that of Denny [on Grey's Anatomy], and it's an episode that I watch over and over!" (NONightowl)
8 of 17 Jessica Burstein/NBC Universal

"I still have Jerry Orbach's final TV appearance on Law Order: Trial by Jury." (Maeby Bluth)

9 of 17 NBC Universal


"Nothing is 'stuck' right now, but the rerun of Saturday Night Live's premiere episode featuring George Carlin as host will be a keeper for a long while. R.I.P George." (RachelScribbles)
10 of 17 BBC America


"The entire second season of Torchwood. Nice tension between Gwen and Captain Jack all season long. My husband keeps yelling about deleting it sometime soon. Thank heaven for DVRs!" (lifottv)
11 of 17 20th Century Fox/Everett Collection


"For a long time I had the NYPD Blue episode of Bobby dying of heart failure after he receives a dead cop's donated heart. That was the episode that got me hooked on that series. You have to admit, it was a 10-Kleenex tearjerker." (akoral25)
12 of 17 Chris Haston/NBC Photo


"The finale of Will Grace. I just love Jack and Karen's performance of 'Unforgettable.'" (doeboy0847)
13 of 17 Chris Haston/NBC


"'The Dinner Party' episode of The Office. I don't know if it's Michael's vasectomies, Jan's dancing with Jim, or Hunter's damn song that I can never get out of my head, but it always makes me laugh." (rycort)
14 of 17 Warner Bros Television


"Moonlight, the entire season. Mick St. John was a wonderfully complex character and Beth was strong and gutsy. There were so many places the series could have gone. I loved every minute of it and refuse to let it go." (12000day)
15 of 17 Jonathan Hession/Showtime


"The beheading of Anne Boleyn on The Tudors is one of the most moving scenes I've ever experienced. The way it was set up was brilliant. You see the look of surprise on her face as the sword strikes.  It is just a brilliant piece of drama." (liliamu)
16 of 17 Randy Holmes/ABC


"I have the latest Grey's Anatomy season finale on my DVR, which is never getting deleted. The scene where Meredith made Derek the house with candles... so cute!!!" (sportsgirl92)
17 of 17 Twentieth Century Fox


"I still have The Buffy episode where Angel turns bad, even though my husband politely asks me to make room on the always-full DVR." (clairedupre)