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See what TV clichés and oversights really grind our readers' gears

Shaun Harrison
1 of 13 Danny Feld/NBC


"What really "grinds my gears" is when Allison confronts the suspects on Medium. She knows what these people are capable of, yet she goes by herself to confront these people. Just a tad on the unsafe side. It also bothers me that they never take the dreams she (or her kids) have that seriously until something blows up in their face. Maybe you should really take a minute and think about why Allison is building a bomb instead of just getting pissed off." — willw4
2 of 13 Chris Haston/NBC


"Jim is really starting to bug me. I thought he was a sweet and thoughtful guy, too, but it seems to me that when it comes to anyone who is not Pam, he couldn't care less." — true_blue
3 of 13 Jordin Althaus/Showtime


"I want to like United States of Tara, but it's too Diablo Cody. The quick banter and the complete inappropriate situations are already making the show difficult to watch. It just doesn't make sense that a good guy would subject his children to that train wreck." — Jam Fan
4 of 13 Vivian Zink/ABC


"I wish Grey's Anatomy would show a doctor having a relationship with someone other than a doctor or patient. They did it a long time ago with Meredith and McVet, but that was it. I understand that doctors spend a lot of time around each other, but I'm sure someone can get a date outside of the hospital." — SugarPop
5 of 13 Patrick Ecclesine/CBS


"You know what pisses me off? The writers changing the Ghost Whisperer story line. Now, Jim is dead, and week after week, we have to see this stand-off with the new Jim waiting to remember who he is. Get to it already — enough is enough!" — ndagos
6 of 13 Cliff Lipson/CBS


"I'm no science whiz myself, but some things are just so ridiculous, it makes me roll my eyes in disgust. Just last week on Eleventh Hour, the main scientist was able to figure out his case by his assertion that a brown-eyed person could not give birth to a blue-eyed child. This is so false and such basic high-school science. It was embarrassing" — findmebaby
7 of 13 courtesy Fox


"The Family Guy flashbacks and 'what ifs?' have become more common and less funny. I found the episode where Bonnie had her child, Joe tried to pay hospital bills, and Stewie fell for baby Swanson the least funny episode ever." — jrs1980
8 of 13 Monty Brinton/CBS


"OK, I'm all for freedom of expression, but can anyone dress like [NCIS'] Abby and work in a government agency? Really? Yes, she's a smart cookie but leather and rocker boots?" — Samflower
9 of 13 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


"Can Kiefer Sutherland actually talk? All he seems to do on 24 is that kind of frantic whispery thing. I've heard his commercials — he can use all his vocal cords. And for cripes sake, give the guy a reason to crack a smile. I know, saving the world is rough business, but somebody, please, show him a kitten or something." — caspian
10 of 13 Bill Records/NBC


"How the heck are [Friday Night Lights'] Lyla, Tim and Tyra still in high school? I'm a freshman is college, and they all look like five years older than me! That's what annoys me about teen shows that don't really acknowledge the grade of the characters. There's no way the three of them were sophomores in the first season!" — MalTru
11 of 13 Isabella Vosmikova/Fox


"On Dollhouse, they apparently are using state-of-the-art health care in every possible way where their dolls are concerned, but they can't manage a little plastic surgery for the scars on their own doctor's face? Really?" — kcrlshel
12 of 13 Trae Patton/NBC


"Hiro on Heroes has been bugging me for two years. They can't kill him off either since he's "loveable". Bull crap." — thebitterhero
13 of 13 Monty Brinton/CBS


"Do Grissom (yes he's gone but I miss him!) or any of the CSIs actually have a life outside the lab? We never see them go to a club or hang out with friends. On Criminal Minds or Cold Case, at least the team grabs a beer at the end of the day! I'm sure Las Vegas has some cool hang outs." — Samflower