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See what stunt television our users are clamoring to see

Shaun Harrison
1 of 12 Karen Neal/ABC


Now that the Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice crossover event is underway, we challenged readers to get creative and tell us what crossover stunts they would cook up if they ran the networks. Click ahead to see the best ideas.
2 of 12 David Gray/The WB


"I'd love to see a Smallville/Supernatural crossover, if only for the fun I can imagine of the Jason/Dean "confusion" from the Smallville crew (assuming they'd even acknowledge the fact). Sam and Dean could hunt Lana Lang — because "what's dead should stay dead." I think the ratings for both shows would go through the roof." — blogette
3 of 12 Battlestar Galactica by Carole Segal/Sci Fi, Stargate Atlantis by Eike Schroter/Sci Fi


"As a lover of sci-fi, I think it would totally be funny if Battlestar Galactica crossed over to Stargate, since Atlantis ended on Earth. It could explore how BSG finally makes it to a real, livable Earth, and how they would run into the middle of Stargate's battle with the Ori, Wraith, and Gou'ld and such." — aznrycegrl
4 of 12 Dollhouse by Adam Taylor/Fox, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles by Michael Ansell/Fox


"Terminator and Dollhouse. Catherine (Shirley Manson) hires Echo to get close to John (Thomas Dekker), which really ticks off Cameron (Summer Glau)." — mhsimkin
5 of 12 The Big Bang Theory by Cliff Lipson/CBS, How I Met Your Mother by Cliff Lipson/CBS


"How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory! How amazing would it be to have Barney Stinson and Sheldon Cooper in the same scene?" — Melfman1
6 of 12 Veronica Mars courtesy Warner Bros., Psych by Alan Zenuk/USA Network


"My true dream crossover would actually be Psych/Veronica Mars. Imagine the greatness, if you will. Shawn and Veronica. Gus and Wallace. Lassie and Lamb. (Let's pretend for a second that Season 3 of Veronica Mars doesn't exist....) Henry and Keith. Logan mocking Shawn's "psychic abilities"! I think you get my point.— blogette
7 of 12 Bones by Greg Gayne/Fox, House by Adam Taylor/Fox


"I think a Bones and House crossover would be the ultimate Fox crossover. After identifying a female body found in D.C., Booth and Bones attempt to contact her next of kin, a sister in New Jersey. However, the sister is on her deathbed with House and his team trying to save her. Booth, Bones and the squints race against time to solve the murder, while House and his team race the clock to save the patient's life. With a little healthy competition between House and Bones intelligence for sure." — allthefamily5
8 of 12 Lost by Mario Perez, Heroes by Adam Taylor/NBC


"I really really want to see Heroes and Lost come together. They have so many... similarities. Plus, Ben would totally kick Claire's ass." — thebitterhero
9 of 12 The Shield by Prashant Gupta/FX, 24 by Kelsey McNeal/Fox


"Even though the latter show is no longer on the air, I would love to have seen a 24/The Shield crossover, even if it was just Vic Mackey or his crew popping in for a couple of hours during one of Jack's bad days. Both shows have Los Angeles settings, and both shows are gritty, which would make it an obvious fit." — Glurb
10 of 12 American Idol by Michael Becker/Fox, Hell's Kitchen by Mike Yarish/Fox


"How about an American Idol/Hell's Kitchen crossover? Worst singer has to eat the worst cook's food, and the worst cook has to listen to the worst singer's singing." — Jeffumm
11 of 12 Fringe by Craig Blankenhorn/Fox, Lost courtesy ABC


"How about Lost and Fringe? We've already seen a plane ticket for Oceanic Airlines on Fringe, Agent Phillip Broyles and Matthew Abaddon (both played by Lance Reddick) could actually be one and the same person, and everything that the island can do is related to the pattern!" — JBR119
12 of 12 Patrick Harbron/ABC, Kojak courtesy Everett Collection


"Do we have any really good Telly Savalas lookalikes running around these days? Kojak debuted in the 1973-74 television season, and was a cop show that took place in New York City. Why not have a Kojak/Life on Mars crossover? Wouldn't it be fun if Detective Sam Tyler ran into Detective Theo Kojak? The 125th meets the 13th! Who loves ya, baby?" — Jeffumm