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See your favorite stars that hit the big screen this summer

1 of 11 Columbia Pictures

Katherine Heigl, The Ugly Truth

Izzie Stevens' life may hang in the balance on Grey's Anatomy, but Heigl is alive and kicking in this romantic comedy. She plays a morning show producer who agrees to let a chauvinistic correspondent (Gerard Butler) test his theories on finding love. You already know how this ends up, but hey look, it's the sexy guy from 300!
2 of 11 Sam Emerson/Paramount

Jeremy Piven, The Goods

Entourage's Ari Gold hits the big screen this summer as a used-car salesman who travels from place to place helping struggling businesses move vehicles off their lots. Even someone that sharp-tongued would have trouble convincing us Vincent Chase has talent.
3 of 11 Paramount Pictures

Zachary Qunito, Star Trek

Quinto's earned many fans as skull-splitting badass Sylar on Heroes, but he took on one of sci-fi's most legendary roles when he suited up as Spock in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek reboot. His performance may have upset some purists, but we were glad to see him play someone not evil.
4 of 11 Columbia Pictures

Olivia Wilde, Year One

Our favorite bisexual doctor on House extends her reach to the big screen in the Jack Black-Michael Cera comedy Year One. She plays Princess Inanna, the Princess of Sodom. We'll let you imagine what kind of jokes the movie makes at her expense.
5 of 11 Universal Pictures

Anna Friel, Land of the Lost

And we thought Chaka was going to be the cutest thing in this production. Pushing Daisies' prettiest flower goes time-tripping with funnymen Will Ferrell and Danny McBride in the big-screen reimagining of the classic TV series Land of the Lost. Friel plays Cambridge scientist Holly, who, for reasons unknown, doesn't think Ferrell's character is insane.
6 of 11 Warner Bros. Pictures

Ed Helms, The Hangover

The Office funnyman held his own in the very funny cast of this surprise summer smash. Of course, his missing tooth sight gag may have given him an advantage, but Helms actually removed his own dental implant. That's dedication, folks.
7 of 11 Joe Lederer/Twentieth Century Fox

Hayden Panettiere, I Love You Beth Cooper

On Heroes she plays an invincible cheerleader with a loving father. In the film she's just a cheerleader who the valedictorian has a major crush on. At least he doesn’t have to save the world from exploding to earn her affection.
8 of 11 Focus Features

John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph, Away We Go

We know Krasinski's Jim on The Office is a sensitive relationship type, but it's nice to see former SNL star Maya Rudolph turn it down a notch. When they learn they're expecting, they travel the country visiting friends and family in search of a place to build their family. That's a road trip we'd be happy to take.
9 of 11 Michael Muller/Twentieth Century Fox

Taylor Kitsch, Wolverine

The Dillon Panthers fullback takes lots of hits on the gridiron on Friday Night Lights, but it's his explosive character, Gambit, who delivers the blows in Wolverine: X-Men Origins.
10 of 11 Summit Entertainment

Rose Byrne, Knowing

Byrne has learned how to navigate the super confusing world of the FX legal drama Damages. In this movie, there is only one mystery to solve: What happened to Nicolas Cage?
11 of 11 Kevin Estrada/Jamie Midgley/Twentieth Century Fox

Ray Romano and Denis Leary, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

You don't see them on screen, but Romano and Leary always know how to bring the funny. We can see the Everybody Loves Raymond and Men of a Certain Age star making a cuddly character for kids, but we half expect Leary's saber tooth tiger to pour a glass of Bushmills every time he opens his mouth.