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See the series TVGUide.com users say they won't be watching next fall

Shaun Harrison
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Sharks are in the water! It's that time of year where we look ahead and decide which of our once-favorite shows we'll keep watching this fall. As such, we asked TVGuide.com readers to tell us which shows they feel jumped the shark last season. Click ahead to see which series our users claim they won't be giving another chance come September.
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"I'm done with House. That finale was the nail in the coffin, and with no Lisa Edelstein, there's nothing tying me to the show." — JavaJunkie4Life "I'm giving up on House. House trying to kill his ex-girlfriend is something that, as a woman, I can't tolerate. Lisa Edelstein is gone, and she was the only good actress of the show. I'm not interested in coming back to watch a sausage fest and enjoy House with prostitutes or his green-card, hooker wife." — norhu
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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

"Without Chris Meloni, SVU won't be worth watching." — longtimefan "I tried to get back into it this season, but to no avail. [It's] too preachy and overt in its messages, which means writers are out of ideas and can no longer write in a subtle and intelligent way." — freudianslip
4 of 14 Adam Larkey/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

"I'm also giving up on Grey's Anatomy. It has been bad for a couple of seasons now, and it seems like they ran out of story lines. Breaking up MerDer again; Cristina's pregnant again. We have seen this before and it's just getting kind of boring to me." — EvyDevos
5 of 14 Ron P. Jaffe/Fox

How I Met Your Mother

"I am sick and tired of being teased with this 'Who's the mother?' thing. It has been way too long and the side stories are not good enough to keep me watching. Will not be on board next season." — MikeDo "Done with HIMYM. I am tired of waiting to find out who the mom is." — communityfan
6 of 14 Ron Tom/ABC

Desperate Housewives

"I've just about had it with Desperate Housewives. I can't even believe it was renewed. Why isn't anyone listening? This show has gotten so old and tired, and the story lines ... reek of desperation. Lynette has gotten to be a real nag and Susan's antics are just not funny anymore. They've never done anything with Vanessa Williams — why bother having her on the show? And how many men can Bree date? Why they didn't give this show a nice send-off is beyond me." — ndagos
7 of 14 Ray Mickshaw/Fox


"Bones missed its chance to spark the Booth/Brennan relationship, and cheating us out of their first real moment together was a profoundly bad producing decision." — jblippman "[There is] no chemistry left with Bones/Booth, and [the show is] no longer interesting as a whole. And making Brennan pregnant = lazy writing." — love_mylife
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"I'm giving up on Glee. The story lines are so ridiculous, and all of the characters have become obnoxious, especially Mr. Schuester. Honestly, the best episode was the pilot. It has been downhill since then." — FabianB
9 of 14 Ron Tom/ABC

Private Practice

"I gave up Private Practice halfway through last season when I realized Addison was starting to turn into a version of Erica Kane from All My Children with all her bed-jumping. If [creator Shonda Rhimes] killed her off a couple times, had her miraculously beat death and get abducted, Addison could almost be Erica's twin." — kabella66
10 of 14 Trae Patton/NBC

The Office

"The only character that has grown since Pam and Jim got together is Michael, and now he is gone. I had high hopes for the Erin/Andy angle, or even Dwight as he learned how to be a leader, but so far everyone is exactly the same as they were three seasons ago. I am no longer invested in any of them." — Laungel
11 of 14 Michael Becker/Fox

American Idol

"I quit American Idol for good this year. Didn't even watch the finale." — Bobbyintn
12 of 14 Sonja Flemming/CBS


"This is a total shocker and a real disappointment. This show used to be incredible. Sure the cases got repetitive, but the chemistry between the cast was fantastic. Lately, the writing has gotten really sloppy and the characters are a shadow of what they use to be. Earlier this season they had an episode of flashbacks ... and it made me long for those earlier days of great writing." — qweely "I finally couldn't take Mark Harmon's hostility. His sexist attitude toward E.J. Barrett should have warranted him a suspension. And in a better written show, it would have. His anger at the world has gotten cartoonish. Not worth my time." — daveylyman
13 of 14 Greg Gayne/Warner Bros.

Two and a Half Men

"I may not care for Charlie Sheen as an individual, but he carried that show and made it at least halfway interesting. Jake isn't a cute little boy anymore… Alan is an irritating leech, who has added no entertainment value to the show. The only one even remotely close to Sheen's character was Berta. The show's had its day; it's time to move on." — JeffCamp
14 of 14 Adam Rose/CBS

Criminal Minds

"I'm giving up on Criminal Minds. The show's producers/writers are marginally talented, and clearly don't know what they're doing. They totally botched the Season 6 casting changes — which should have worked. Now, the producers are trying to correct the entire Season 6 mess by firing Rachel Nichols — a capable actress who they never gave anything to do and whose character was never developed. ... This show is out of fresh ideas." — Derek117 "I can't watch Criminal Minds anymore. It is just too violent and sick. Sometimes I actually feel ill when I watch it." — MMSederoff