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See which drama stars and shows came out on top in the TV Guide Winter Games

Shaun Harrison
1 of 11 The CW

Sexiest Network: CW

What, you were thinking Cartoon Network? The CW won in the voting for sexiest network, thanks in no small part to Supernatural and the new Melrose Place. And the winner in our next category.
2 of 11 Frank Ockenfels/The CW

Hottest Cast: Smallville

Congratulations, Smallville. Superpowers are never not-sexy. Unless you're the Hulk. And even then, after a few green beers...
3 of 11 ABC


Most Totally Awesome Show That Sounds Terrible When You Try to Explain it to Others: Lost Just watch it.
4 of 11 ABC

Best Use of Flash-Forwards: Lost

How strong is Lost in this category? It beat a show called FlashForward.
5 of 11 Jim Fiscus/Showtime


Best Show About a Suburbanite with an Edgy Secret Life: Dexter Congratulations to our favorite dad/serial killer.
6 of 11 ABC


Men Want to Be Him/Women Want to Be With Him Award: Sawyer, Lost He's well-read and has very nice hair.
7 of 11 Mitchell Haaseth/NBC


Women Want to Be Her/Men Want to Be With Her Award: Sarah, Chuck Again, great hair. And if she was your girlfriend, you wouldn't have to punch out dudes who made crass remarks at her. Because she'd judo-chop them herself.
8 of 11 Bob D'Amico/ABC

Show That Most Makes You Weep Openly: Grey's Anatomy

Strangely, more of the weeping occurs during kissy scenes than after people die on the operating table.
9 of 11 Matthias Clamer/Fox


Character You Most Hope Will Please Go Away Now, Please: Terri Schuster, Glee Ummm... Congratulations!!!
10 of 11 Andrew Eccles/The CW


Vampire You Most Wish Would Give You a Bite: Damon, The Vampire Diaries Wait, how hard a bite are we talking about?
11 of 11 Bob D'Amico/ABC

Most Likely Heir to the Majesty of Lost: Be Serious

We're guessing what you meant was, "nothing on the air right now."