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Not sure what to watch tonight on TV? Discover what to watch based on what's trending, your favorites and editors' picks.

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Create your very own personalized TV guide and find out where, when and how to watch your favorite shows, sports teams, movies and celebrities - you'll never have to miss another tv moment again.

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Your search is finally over. TV Guide conveniently provides a full list of where you can watch full episodes and movies online anywhere, anytime from multiple sources like Hulu, ABC, CBS, HBO Go, MAX Go, Crackle, iTunes and more.

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Find out what other TV Guide users are watching right now with an up-to-the-minute view of the night's top shows. Check-in and share what you're watching with your friends on social too!

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TV Guide's detailed listings grid lets you set up alerts so that TV Guide can remind you of every live airing.

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Get the latest breaking news and photos, watch exclusive videos and read episode recaps from the TV Guide editors.

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