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Check out the TV pairs who should just hook up already

1 of 13 John Fleenor/FOX

​Jake and Amy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

So far, the detectives have channeled their palpable chemistry into better crime-fighting, but now that they've kissed -- multiple times -- they can no longer hide their feelings behind their competitive dynamic. It's a foregone conclusion that the two finally get together, and we're expecting that they're going to be one of the most inept, hilarious yet cutest couples ever.

2 of 13 PBS

​Lady Mary and Henry Talbot, Downton Abbey

As the heart of Downton Abbey, Mary has been without a partner for a couple years ever since losing Matthew to an auto accident. Since then, she's become a modern woman, tested the sexual waters with one romantic prospect and decided she won't settle for anything but another great love. Enter Henry, whose fast cars and quicker smile raised our heart rates and turned Mary's head. Finally, we've met a man worthy of Mary, and before we say farewell to Downton forever, we'd like to see her happy.

3 of 13 Bob Mahoney/The CW

​Bonnie and Damon, The Vampire Diaries

Now that Elena's gone, Damon can't be expected to give up love and sex for the rest of his eternal vampire life. And who better to move on with than his BFF Bonnie? Because if two people can spend four months alone together and actually grow closer, that's a clear sign their relationship should be taken to the next level.

4 of 13 Patrick Wymore/The CW

​Jane and Rafael, Jane the Virgin

Michael and Rafael are both amazing men and Jane would be happy with either of them. But, c'mon, she has a child with Rafael! And even more than that, Rafael truly sweeps Jane off her feet in a way that Michael never has. Jane's love with Rafael is truly telenovela love, which is what she's always wanted and waited for.

5 of 13 CBS

​Walter and Paige, Scorpion

The super genius may have a high IQ but he met his match when it came to Paige, whose EQ (emotional quotient) is just what he needs to stop being robotic and start being human. Together, they're a formidable force under pressure our when outwitting criminals, and Paige revealed her feelings for Walter (when he was unconscious), so they just need to take their collaboration to the next logical conclusion.

6 of 13 Skip Bolen/CBS

​Brody and LaSalle, NCIS: New Orleans

"BraSalle" doesn't quite flow off the tongue like "Tiva" or "Densi," but it's time that we had a new couple to 'ship in the NCIS franchise. We know that Meredith Brody's been burned in the past with her failed marriage, and Christopher LaSalle certainly has his own family baggage, but we're not ready to write these guys off as damaged goods just yet. In typical NCIS fashion, any romance between them will surely be a long time coming, but we're ready for their easygoing workplace rapport to blossom into sexual tension - and hopefully more.

7 of 13 Shane Mahood/USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank

​Harvey and Donna, Suits

How much longer can these two dance around each other? They already slept together once way back in the day and the sexual tension is at an all-time high now that Donna no longer works for Harvey (all the more reason to hook up, right?). Maybe instead of trying to get Donna back as his secretary, Harvey should just try to get her back as his girlfriend.

8 of 13 David Giesbrecht/NBC

Aram and Samar, The Blacklist

Mossad agent Samar is a brash, fearless badass, and computer specialist Aram... less so. They do, however, share a fierce dedication to their work, so it would be very convenient if they made good on their office flirtation. Besides, the series has pretty much only presented sad or twisted romances. We're way overdue for a little happiness.

9 of 13 Michael Yarish/USA Network

​Emma and Mark, Playing House

Ever since Emma tipped an imaginary hat to Mark after he caught her using Maggie's boobs as a microphone, we knew we'd go down with this 'ship. Emma and Mark are both messes and both have their life together in very different ways. One runs around wearing a trashbag, but is police officer of the year. The other one watches way too much Steve Harvey, but is most generous friend imaginable. Also, Mark deserves to have some fun with someone like Emma after so many years trapped in a cage with Bird Bones. These two are MFEO. They know it. We know it. It's time for them to act on it.

10 of 13 Cate Cameron/The CW

​Barry and Caitlin, The Flash

Caitlin might be married and Barry might be in love with Iris, but that doesn't mean we have to stop rooting for SnowBarry. But the connection between Caitlin and Barry is undeniable. There's no baggage weighing them down. They can just be sweet and goofy, while also knowing they would do anything for one another and can get through the hard times together. Isn't that what love is supposed to be?

11 of 13 Carole Segal/The CW

​Liv and Major,iZombie

So, technically, Liv and Major have done it in the past, but that was eons ago before the events of iZombie even started. We deserve to see some Liv and Major action! Of course, it's understandable why Liv is afraid of having sex with a human. And currently Major is so pissed at her for lying about being a zombie that he wouldn't let her lips within 10 feet of his. But we know if they could just move past their previous mistakes, Liv and Major's chemistry would totally make the risk of him catching zombie-ism worth it.

12 of 13 Byron Cohen/FX

​Lindsay and Edgar, You're the Worst

Yes, having everyone pair up on a sitcom is kind of cliché. But as You're the Worst has proven time and time again, no one is better at subverting rom-com tropes quite like them. We know if Lindsay and Edgar ever did take their friendship to the next step, their damaged, slightly unhinged personalities would combine to create one of the most unique and hilarious relationships on TV.

13 of 13 Cate Cameron/The CW

​Clarke and Bellamy, The 100

Clarke and Bellamy don't always see eye-to-eye, but they have an understanding that goes far beyond any one issue. Their connection is what makes them the perfect partners to lead in this new world and best friends. And though we know a romantic relationship could complicate - or even destroy - their perfect understanding, we can't help but want to see them become the most badass couple on Earth.