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See the TV duos who should just hook up already

Shaun Harrison
1 of 14 Sonja Flemming/CBS

Tony and Ziva (Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo), NCIS

Yeah, yeah, we know all about Gibbs' "never date a co-worker" rule, but seven seasons of unresolved sexual tension is enough, isn't it? The pair has been in a number of tight spots over the years, but their chemistry has never been more palpable than when they were stuck in an elevator in the Season 10 premiere. We hope one of the things they discussed was taking their relationship to the next level this year.
2 of 14 Adam Larkey/ABC


Dave and Penny (Zachary Knighton and Casey Wilson), Happy Endings We came thisclose to a hookup in the season finale, but TV sitcom conventions called for a triangle (hey, Alex!). Dave's dorky, straight-man ways could be the perfect balance and answer to Penny's kookiness and perpetual single-dom. Plus, that look they gave each other in front of the fountain was basically code for "I'm seeing you in a totally different way."
3 of 14 Greg Gayne/Fox

Nick and Jess (Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson), New Girl

The sexual tension in New Girl's loft is almost unbearable and, contrary to what Schmidt might say, it's all thanks to Nick and Jess. The roommates' chemistry is so overpowering, even they are forced to acknowledge it (do the words "emotional fluffer" ring a bell?). When will they give it up and get together already?
4 of 14 Colleen Hayes/ABC

Emily and Jack (Emily VanCamp and Nick Weschler), Revenge

He may not know about their linked pasts yet, but it's clear that Jack and Emily are destined to be together. They shared a steamy smooch at the end of last season, but Amanda and her baby mama drama ruined all the fun. Paternity test be damned, we need Jack and Emily to happen now.
5 of 14 Eric McCandless/ABC/Getty Images


George and Dallas (Jeremy Sisto and Cheryl Hines), Suburgatory Although they might come from different sides of the street planet, George and Dallas’ opposites-attract chemistry is undeniable. Assuming George is no longer with Noah’s Chatswin-hating surrogate, Eden, isn’t it about time George and Dallas played house — at least for a little while?
6 of 14 Neil Jacobs/NBC

Jeff and Annie (Joel McHale and Alison Brie), Community

Jeff and Britta are so old news. For a while, it seemed like the couple's flirtation was all in Annie's head, but now that Jeff has become more honest with his feelings, the two can't ignore their chemistry any longer, right? We hope this semester the duo will enroll in Acting on Palpable Sexual Tension 101.
7 of 14 CBS


Kensi and Deeks (Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen), NCIS: Los Angeles It's time for this pair of undercover agents to go under the covers. Last season, we were teased with a kiss when the duo played husband and wife while on assignment. Now it's just time to show us the honeymoon.
8 of 14 Adam Rose/ABC/Getty Images

Laurie and Travis (Busy Philipps and Dan Byrd), Cougar Town

After years of mild flirting, the wine-soaked comedy finally confronted their will-they-won't-they issue in the Season 3 finale when Travis (literally) made a naked plea for Laurie's heart. There may be a million reasons why Laurie and Travis shouldn't be together (Laurie is Travis' mom's BFF), but we honestly think it will work. We can even imagine their wedding vows: in sickness and in health — and in (moderate) alcoholism.
9 of 14 Jack Rowand/ABC via Getty Images


Emma and August (Jennifer Morrison and Eion Bailey), Once Upon a Time In fairy tales, the only thing harder to break than curses is destiny. And after traveling through a portal to the real world together, these two are just meant to be. Though August was turned into Pinocchio for failing to look after Emma, we're hopeful he'll get his act together soon. Insert your own obvious wood joke here.
10 of 14 Sonja Flemming/CBS


Sheldon and Amy (Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik), The Big Bang Theory We love Sheldon and Amy's peculiar and perfect relationship, and considering that he finally reached for her hand for the first time in the Season 5 finale, we don't expect them to hit the sheets any time soon. But just imagine the comedy gold that could be mined from the event — and you know it would be one. Bazinga indeed!
11 of 14 Beth Dubber/Fox

Rachel and Brody (Lea Michele and Dean Geyer), Glee

Now that she's cut Finn loose, isn't it time that Rachel and Brody made some, ahem, beautiful music together? Brody's made his feelings clear from the beginning, and we know Rachel wouldn't try to cook duck for just anyone. Plus: Some below-the-belt action with Brody could help Rachel channel her inner sex goddess for Cassandra July's dance class. Do it for your career, Rachel!
12 of 14 HBO


Jon Snow and Ygritte (Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie), Game of Thrones Jon Snow may be the by-blow of a nobleman (RIP, Ned Stark), but bastards need love too! As the House Stark motto goes, "Winter is coming," and playing spy up north among the wildings is chilly work. Jon may "know nothing," but we bet the fiery Ygritte could teach him a thing or two about keeping things hot in Westeros.
13 of 14 HBO


Tara and Pam (Rutina Wesley and Kristin Bauer van Straten), True Blood After brewing the sexual tension between maker and progeny all year, it came as no surprise that Tara and Pam shared a sexy kiss in the Season 5 finale. We can’t wait for some payoff to that developing relationship next season.
14 of 14 Danny Feld/ABC Archive/Getty Images

Harrison and Quinn (Columbus Short and Katie Lowes), Scandal

Harrison has been Quinn’s go-to guy from the beginning. While mostly everyone else turned their backs on Quinn when it was revealed she was actually the Molotov Mistress, Harrison was right by her side in court. Now he just needs to be by her side in bed. Seriously, just do it.