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See which television relationships we're over

Shaun Harrison
1 of 11 Sonja Flemming/CBS

Penny and Leonard: The Big Bang Theory

Leonard and Penny have gotten pretty stale. Their relationship is far too functional to be believable. I'm not necessarily saying they need to break up, but they definitely need to have some obstacles besides Sheldon's antics. — veghead731
2 of 11 Carin Baer/Fox

Will and Terri: Glee

They don't fit together like Will and Emma do. — jlo10131121
3 of 11 Ron Tom/ABC

Bree and Orson: Desperate Housewives

Orson makes Bree unhappy and is holding her back and making her storylines lame. — dhlover93
4 of 11 Craig Sjodin/ABC

Meredith and Derek: Grey's Anatomy

I hate Meredith, and I wish Derek would wise up and leave her already. What an insufferable woman! — chattypatra
5 of 11 Quantrell Colbert/The CW

Elena and Stefan: Vampire Diaries

They're boring. She seems to have more fun with Damon. — lyly ford
6 of 11 The CW

Lois and Clark: Smallville

Their void of chemistry and forced interactions have made Season 9 unwatchable for me. They simply woke up as soul mates. That's not how it works! — marikology
7 of 11 Michael Yarish/Fox

Cuddy and Lucas: House

Awful pairing. It's just kinda creepy for some reason that I can't quite put my finger on. Lucas is just kind of sleazy, and if we want to see Cuddy with a sleaze, we want House! — Maverick152004
8 of 11 Danny Feld/ABC

Owen and Cristina: Grey's Anatomy

Cristina doesn't love him, he is too awkward and aggressive and she only loved Burke. — shenbarp
9 of 11 Randy Holmes/ABC

Callie and Arizona: Grey's Anatomy

That is the most unbelievable "romance" out there - absolutely no chemistry between them. — freudianslip
10 of 11 Jack Rowand/The CW

Cate and Ryan: Life Unexpected

I'd be fine if Cate and Ryan split up and she went for Baze in the end. I like Ryan but I don't like how he talks to her or the fact that they have no romantic chemistry. They're great, but they seem like brother and sister. — CarolineConway
11 of 11 Sonja Flemming/CBS

Tony and Ziva: NCIS

Definitely Tony and Ziva before this nonsense goes any further. It already overpowers every scene they're in together. Ugh. — jonih59