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Weigh in on which will-they-won't-they couples should do the deed

Shaun Harrison
1 of 19 Danny Feld/ABC

Quinn and Huck, Scandal

For: There's always been a certain amount of tension between the two since Huck took Quinn under his wing, which culminated in an overtly sexual torturing scene when Huck licked the side of her face. If they're not going to eventually jump in the sack, then why burn that image into our minds? Against: All of Quinn's lovers end up dead. Plus: Huck still has a wife and child out there somewhere.
2 of 19 Gene Page/AMC

Michonne and Rick, The Walking Dead

For: Besides the fact that they're two of the few survivors left in the zombie apocalypse, Michonne and Rick have formed a bond over their strained survival and emotional instability. Plus: The show already killed off Andrea, who is Rick's love interest in the comics. Against: We would've rather seen that Andrea and Michonne relationship.
3 of 19 Quantrell Colbert/The CW

Stefan and Caroline, The Vampire Diaries

For: The friendship between the unlikely pair has grown into probably the sweetest, most stable, and most supportive on the show. Because it's taken them five seasons to become as close as they are, a relationship would be an extension of that, not just a frivolous decision made in the heat of passion. Against: Caroline has a tendency to date or hook up with many of the guys in Mystic Falls, so it would be nice to see her have a really great platonic guy friend for once.
4 of 19 Robert Voets/CBS

Jane and Lisbon, The Mentalist

For: Given all of Jane's brilliant observational skills, it's shocking that he has yet to fully explore the obvious spark between himself and Lisbon. Now that he's no longer on the hunt for Red John, Jane can focus on getting some closure in his romantic life as well — and is there a woman out there who's more perfectly suited to deal with his quirks and idiosyncrasies than his partner? We doubt it. Against: We're definitely rooting for a happy ending for Jane and Lisbon, but we're okay with holding out until the show actually concludes for them to get together. Workplace romances can be dicey, and we don't want anything to mess with the sweet, lovingly contentious brother-sister vibe they have going on for now.
5 of 19 Netflix

Alex and Nicky, Orange Is the New Black

For: Now that Piper chose Larry, Alex needs to find a dandelion of her own. Who better than fellow dumpee Nicky? Nothing's sexier than a sharp wit, which would make this pair Litchfield's hottest couple. Against: Alex remains head-over-heels for Piper, and we have a feeling Nicky still carries a torch for Morello. Most likely, any relationship between them would end in at least one broken heart, and they've both already been through enough (like being incarcerated, for instance).
6 of 19 Jack Rowand/The CW

Oliver and Felicity, Arrow

For: The fans have been very vocal about seeing Olicity finally get together. That's because their chemistry is palpable. The quirky, wise-beyond-her-years Felicity has just the right amount of levity to balance out Oliver's dark world. Against: It seems clear that Oliver is supposed to end up with Laurel eventually. Mind you, even that didn't work out in the comics, but that doesn't mean it can't work on the series.
7 of 19 Mark Levine/ABC; Jon LeMay/ABC

Scarlett and Liam, Nashville

For: If there's one thing Nashville has taught us, it's that sometimes recording-studio chemistry can't be denied. Scarlett's been screwed over by both of her exes, so a casual fling with a hottie like Liam could be just what the doctor ordered to really get her creative juices flowing. Against: Given Rayna's own sexual history with Liam, a Scarlett/Liam hookup could drive a wedge between the aspiring singer and her new mentor. And if Scarlett really wants to be taken seriously as an artist, sleeping with the first big-name producer she works with probably isn't the best course of action. There's also Scarlett's tendency to fall hard and fast when she becomes involved with someone, so she should probably just put a pin in this one for now.
8 of 19 Beth Dubber/FOX

Jeremy and Betsy, The Mindy Project

For: Fans have been clamoring for this romantic pairing ever since Betsy brought Jeremy home with her for Thanksgiving in Season 1. Although their chemistry wasn't over the top, the two complement each other nicely thanks to Jeremy's fish-out-of-water charm and Betsy's warmth. No offense to Dr. L, Jeremy's former friend with benefits, but if anyone could break Jeremy of his slutty ways, it's someone like Betsy who is far too earnest and innocent to play games. Against: How many office romances can one OB-GYN office hold, now that Danny and Mindy may or may not be getting together? Worse comes to worse, if Jeremy broke her adorable heart in any way, we're not if we could ever forgive him.
9 of 19 PBS Masterpiece

Mary and Lord Gillingham,Downton Abbey

For: No one will ever replace Matthew, but that doesn't mean Mary should mourn forever. Gillingham is kind, intelligent and somehow seems to understand Mary and her many moods. Against: He barely knows her! Yes, his conviction is romantic but lust and infatuation do not necessarily result in happily ever after. Besides, Blake is looking pretty good right now, and could be the key to Downton's financial independence.
10 of 19 Brownie Harris/FOX

Ichabod and Abbie, Sleepy Hollow

For: Upon his resurrection, Ichabod found a kindred spirit in Abbie, who also had experiences with the paranormal while growing up, which makes her about the only person in Sleepy Hollow that would believe him. But their bond has grown beyond that initial level of respect to a chummy camaraderie. Would it surprise anyone if they survived fighting the monster of the week, felt that adrenaline pumping and capped it off with a steamy kiss? Nope. Against: He's already married to a woman who's been brought back from purgatory, where Abbie now resides.
11 of 19 Cliff Lipson/CBS

Garcia and Morgan, Criminal Minds

For: They have been shamelessly flirting for years. Plus, he's already got a nickname for his "baby girl." Against: Not every close platonic friendship needs to develop into a relationship. Neither has shown interest in taking things to the next level, with each dating other people right now. An intra-team relationship would also be difficult for the procedural to navigate since it struggles with showing the BAU members' personal lives as is.
12 of 19 Bob Mahoney/The CW

Elijah and Hayley, The Originals

For: They totally want to, they've just been held up by psycho witch ex-girlfriends, a pregnancy and an overbearing brother. Of all the women Elijah has shown an attraction to, Hayley is definitely the one with the least amount of baggage (Hey Katherine!) and would be a nice ally for him to have. Against: She's pregnant with his brother's baby.
13 of 19 Ed Araquel/The CW

Dean and Castiel, Supernatural

For: Supernatural goes out of its way to hint that there might be something more between Cas and Dean. And though the more overt gay jokes are often played for laughs, Destiel has inspired an incredibly passionate band of 'shippers. Plus, if Dean were to come out as bi, it would turn Supernatural into one of the most unique coming-out stories on television. And it's not like TV is overflowing with bi characters to begin with. Against: While their relationship is filled with romantic subtext, Dean has never directly expressed interest in men, and both only have sexual histories with women. Not to mention the fact that any relationship Dean finds himself in always results in less time with Sam, which is the reason everyone watches the series to begin with.
14 of 19 NBC

Lindsay and Halstead, Chicago PD

For: It's still very early in the show's run, but there's clearly some kind of connection between these partners. Plus, who to better gripe about your crazy job to than someone who goes through the same issues every day? Against: They're partners, and the stakes are always high in their special Investigative Unit. Do they really need a possible romance to make things even more complicated? It doesn't help that Dick Wolf fans may still be nursing their wounds after SVU's 12-year-long will-they-or-won't-they partners, Benson and Stabler, ended abruptly with no closure whatsoever. Plus, we like Halstead so far, so it would be a shame to have to watch Lindsay's surrogate father, Sgt. Hank Voight, have to rough up the guy for hurting his pseudo daughter.
15 of 19 Eddy Chen/FOX

Jake and Amy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

For: It's a classic story of opposites attract. She's a brown-nosing, by-the-book suck-up and he's a rebellious, smart-a-- who always thinks he's right. These two NYPD detectives could learn a few things from each other. Plus, while Jake's practical jokes and immature demeanor can get old fast, the times that he's shown his (slightly) hidden affection for Amy transformed him from grating into charming. Against: Could two people so opposite really make it work long-term? And do we even want to see that? While their mild flirtations are cute, things could get annoying fast if viewers suddenly have to hear these two argue about their Saturday night plans while tracking down on a serial killer. Plus, we're not gonna lie, we may lose some respect for Amy if she actually decides to go down that road.
16 of 19 Carin Baer/AMC

Don and Joan, Mad Men

For: They'd make cute babies? But no &madash; in all seriousness, Don and Joan should never, ever get together. But can't you just image all that sexiness in one couple? They'd be unstoppable. Against: Joan has been mistreated by nearly every man she's been involved with, and we're guessing Don Draper — with his track record — would be no exception. Plus, we love that Joan is one of the only women in the office whom Don hasn't tried to sleep with, and it's clear from his reaction to her dalliance with a car dealer to help land the Jaguar account that he has more respect for her than most of the other women he beds.
17 of 19 ABC Family

Daphne and Emmett, Switched at Birth

For: Daphne has had her share of heartbreak and not-so-great boyfriends that Emmett (even though he cheated on Bay once, which he immensely regrets) would be a nice change. The two also have a long history of being best friends and have practically grown up together. Against: It would wreck Bay, and she and Daphne are finally in a good place.
18 of 19 Carole Segal/AMC

Linden and Holder, The Killing

For: Two damaged people with a deep connection are just asking for a hookup — and they almost did last season in a moment of grief and vulnerability. If Season 4 really is the final year, Linden and Holder deserve some happiness, right? Against: They both clearly need to work through a lot of their own issues before they get together — especially since, you know, Linden shot Skinner in cold blood right in front of Holder — and a six-episode final season doesn't seem like enough time to properly service that.
19 of 19 Christos Kalohoridis/USA Network/Getty Images

Harvey and Donna, Suits

For: Donna is Harvey's closest confidante, calls him on his B.S. and even got fired to protect him. Oh, and they've already done it once! A flashback last season revealed that Harvey pursued Donna hard back in the day, but she rejected him because she has a rule against dating coworkers — until they were both simultaneously unemployed. Present-day Donna has also shown signs of possibly wanting something more. Against: Is Harvey even ready for a serious relationship? He's attempting one with Scottie right now, but we'd much rather have him and Donna mainstain status quo until he's ready to commit. The last thing we need is an on-again, off-again relationship to ruin their impeccable chemistry.