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Is your favorite couple's chemistry on fire or fizzling out? Vote now!

Shaun Harrison
1 of 15 Greg Gayne/FOX


Nick and Jess (Jake Johnson and Zooey Deschanel), New GirlThen: When Jess moved into the loft, she constantly butted heads with Nick and the tension between them kept the show fresh and the stakes high. And their first kiss was as swoon-worthy as you can get.?Now: There's a thin line between love and hate, as Nick and Jess unfortunately proved. Now that they're together, Nick and Jess are floundering. The passion of their first kiss has been replaced by cartoonish buffoonery, making their attempt at Smurf role-play not too far a cry from how we already perceive their nauseating relationship.
2 of 15 Ron P. Jaffe/CBS


Barney and Robin (Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders), How I Met Your MotherThen: Barney and Robin seemed MFEO ever since she stepped in as his wingman and they went about their "bro-ings on about town" way back in Season 1. And you can bet we were bummed when they abruptly broke up in Season 5, just as Ted was OK with them being together.Now: Blame it on the final season's framing device, but with each petty fight — on their wedding weekend, might we remind you — the more obnoxious and toxic their relationship is. Barney's grand gestures are sweet and all, but maybe he was right that "two awesomes cancel each other out."
3 of 15 Bob Mahoney/The CW


Damon and Elena (Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev), The Vampire DiariesThen: Stelena or Delena? Team Delena fans had to wait it out more than three seasons (remember when Elena chose Stefan?!) before they finally got it on. A broken sire bond later, Elena officially declared her love for the brooding bad boy vamp.Now: Ever since the bomb was dropped that doppelgangers are destined to be together, Damon and Elena's romance seems hopeless. So if they're fated to break up anyway, why keep dragging it out? Elena's love life should not be the focus for five straight seasons. Yawn!
4 of 15 Danny Feld/ABC


Meredith and Derek (Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey), Grey's AnatomyThen: The ABC medical drama spent years playing the will-they-won't-they card, introducing great foils in the form of Derek's former wife Addison and other love interests for Meredith, including McVet. Der eventually did as Mer asked and chose her.Now: Once the duo finally tied the knot — both in Post-It form and at a courthouse — the hottest couple at Grey Sloan lost its luster. Trading in tequila for baby formula really isn't what Grey's fans thought they were in for. And while it's nice to see MerDer so stable now, their relationship needs to be something more than chasing after their kids.
5 of 15 Danny Feld/ABC


Castle and Beckett (Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic), CastleThen: It wasn't that long ago that Castle was nothing more than a thorn in Beckett's side that she had to tolerate to appease Montgomery. But one can only be immune to Castle's charms for so long. Just when it seemed like they were about to break up after Beckett hid her D.C. job offer from him, Castle proposed.Now: After getting engaged and Beckett's brief stint in D.C., Caskett is reunited in New York, not to mention the precinct, so long as they keep it professional. They're still in the honeymoon period of a newly betrothed couple, and we just hope they don't drag out the engagement for too long.
6 of 15 Patrick McElhenney/FOX


Booth and Brennan (David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel), Bones Then: The couple spent seven seasons of crime-solving dancing around their feelings for one another before finally falling into the sack together after a squintern's murder left Brennan emotionally wrecked. The result of that night together was Baby Christine, who finally brought the will-they-won't-they lovebirds under one roof. Now: Although serial killer Pelant did his best to delay it, Booth and Brennan finally tied the knot this season in a touching (and fittingly nostalgic) wedding ceremony. But because the characters have some key differences at their core (opposites attract!), the show is still able to mine interesting conflict without constantly making fans wonder if their favorite couple might call it quits. Moonlighting curse be damned, these two are in it for the long haul.
7 of 15 Jack Rowand/ABC


Snow and Charming (Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas), Once Upon a TimeThen: We all know that Charming and Snow will — spoiler alert — eventually get their happy ending, but it was a blast watching them go from semi-enemies to lovers to parents all while battling the Evil Queen.Now: Now that they'll be back in Storybrooke, fans can only hope that they will finally attempt what they have long talked about: to have another child. With Goodwin pregnant with Dallas' baby in real life, art could really imitate life.
8 of 15 Colleen Hayes/NBC


Chris and Ann (Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones), Parks and RecreationThen: Chris is the optimistic counterpoint to Ben's realism and Ann balances Leslie's idealism with her own grounded sense of responsibility. That's why when they got together it was so exciting — it actually gave them something to do outside those friendships!Now: Their current rekindled romance and decision to immediately start a family seem forced and, honestly, kind of dull. While we'll miss them both when they leave, a part of us is excited for the room this will give the show to focus on other characters — Donna, are you still there? — who have been proven much more dynamic.
9 of 15 Adam Rose/FOX


Will and Emma (Matthew Morrison and Jayma Mays), GleeThen: Way back in Glee's early days when Mr. Schue was still married to crazy, pregnancy-faking Terri and Emma was dating Ken Tanaka, it was hard not to get invested in Will and Emma's will-or-won't-they affair that peaked with his elaborate, nautical swimming pool proposal.Now: "Wemma" is so four seasons ago. After breaking them up several times (not to mention that one time Emma married John Stamos Dr. Carl Howell and that one time Emma and Finn kissed), the Fox musical finally gave up the ghost at the end of Season 4 with a very unceremonious wedding in the choir room. Although fans would never want them to break up, their heat has definitely cooled down, as evidenced by Emma's rare appearances on the show this season (Mays is now a regular on The Millers.) Call us when these two crazy kids start talking about expanding their family.
10 of 15 Richard Cartwright/ABC


Emily and Daniel (Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman), RevengeThen: Daniel has always been a pawn in Emily's revengenda, and we can't blame her for targeting that hot wet mop. But through a broken engagement, his imprisonment and whatever the hell the Initiative was, it's clear that they care deeply for each other, especially since Daniel had nothing to do with Emily's dad's death.Now: Re-engaged, the duo will get married (and things will get bloody), but is there life after "I do"? Ems set the wedding as her deadline to take down Victoria, and Bowman himself wants Daniel killed after all that he's endured. Frankly, we don't blame him.
11 of 15 Colleen Hayes/NBC


Ben and Leslie (Adam Scott and Amy Poehler), Parks and RecreationThen: Ben and Leslie never failed to make us squee, whether it be their adorably sweet wedding, or just Ben's mere support and true appreciation of Leslie's passions. As Chris would say, they're literally perfect for each other.Now: It's no secret that happiness is disastrous for storytelling. Problems are what keep shows engaging and characters evolving, and Ben and Leslie's relationship is devoid of any at the moment. Sometimes we do get a little nostalgic for the can-they-pull-this-off intrigue of their early flirtation and secret affair.
12 of 15 Jennifer Clasen/FOX


Kurt and Blaine (Chris Colfer and Darren Criss), GleeThen: Who didn't start 'shipping Klaine after their meet-cute to "Teenage Dream"? Last season was a rough one for their fans, thanks in small part to Blaine cheating with some guy he poked on Facebook. Blaine won Kurt back by proposing in truly over-the-top style (and that's saying something on Glee), which Kurt tearfully accepted.Now: Although the show has recently been pre-occupied with Kurt's new band and Blaine's final days at McKinley, their stock will likely rise even higher when Blaine (inevitably?) gets into NYADA and moves to the Big Apple.
13 of 15 Sonja Flemming/CBS


Rigsby and Van Pelt (Owain Yeoman and Amanda Righetti), The MentalistThen: Those pesky no office romance rules! Rigsby and Van Pelt unsuccessfully trying to keep their relationship on the down-low was as entertaining as Hightower's ultimatum for them to break up was aggravating. After a few minor roadblocks, like, oh, Van Pelt being engaged to Red John's mole, it was ironically a case — they posed undercover as a couple — that reunited them.Now: Married for two years with a baby daughter (thanks, time-jump!), Rigsby and Van Pelt have their own surveillance firm, which we're guessing will be pretty lax on office romance rules. There's not too much to glean yet about them from the drama's post-Red John future, but we hope the show gives the happy family a proper goodbye when Yeoman and Righetti depart later this season.
14 of 15 Michael Yarish/Warner Bros.


Leonard and Penny (Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco), The Big Bang TheoryThen: It's a tale as old as time: The nerd gets the hot girl. It helps if you run her errands and eat takeout almost every night. Penny and Leonard's relationship has always been in fits and starts, thanks to her commitment-phobia and Wil Wheaton devilishly engineering their breakup to win a bet.Now: Together nearly two years now, the duo is pretty much status quo in their repetitive job and romance misunderstandings, and Penny's fears of commitment. But maybe something big is on the horizon now that Penny, who thought her Vegas wedding back in the day was fake, has said she wants her next marriage to be for real. Leonard did tell her last season the ball's in her court to propose...
15 of 15 Kent Smith/Showtime


Carrie and Brody (Claire Danes and Damian Lewis), HomelandThen: Carrie and Brody's parking lot hookup in Season 1 led to one of the most complicated and paranoid mind games. Were they in love? Were they playing each other? Does either suspect the other? It all culminated in Season 2's renowned "Q&A" episode in which Carrie used their affair to her advantage to get Brody to confess.Now: She's carrying his baby. With Brody MIA throughout most of Season 3, Homeland has taken on an even more soapy feel, as Carrie (and Saul) worked to exonerate her lover a hemisphere away of a terrorist attack. Despite a recent reunion and Brody's vows to come back from his suicide mission for Carrie, their future looks as bleak as Brody did in that Caracas slum.