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See the TV pairings that might make you glad your single this Valentine's Day

1 of 13 Kent Smith/Showtime

Carrie and Brody (Claire Dane and Damian Lewis), Homeland

Sure, we've always sung the praises of this pair's crackling chemistry, but that was during a time when both Carrie and Brody were both using their completely twisted relationship as a piece of their respective mind games. While we don't doubt that somewhere along the way the two genuinely fell for each other (Carrie is, after all, about the only person who believes Brody isn't a monster), they now know all of each other's secrets, a fact that turns scenes that used to be filled with paranoid tension into googly-eyed lovefests. Brody's now on the run, and honestly, we'd be OK if he never came back. (Cue Claire Danes' cry face!)
2 of 13 Jordin Althaus/Fox

Rachel and Brody (Lea Michele and Dean Geyer), Glee

Where do we begin? It was bad enough that Brody slept with Rachel's evil dance teacher Cassandra July a hot minute before hooking up with Rachel, but now Brody has officially moved into her and Kurt's Brooklyn loft. (Seriously, who sits naked on someone else's vintage chair!?) Sure, he has a six-pack and is supportive of Rachel's talent, but Brody just screams "temporary distraction from Finn." Why not let Rachel explore the single life in NYC and show her going on some horrible blind dates? A bad love life could be great artistic inspiration, right?
3 of 13 Eric McCandless/ABC


Aria and Ezra (Lucy Hale and Ian Harding), Pretty Little Liars The reasons Aria and Ezra aren't MFEO are growing by the minute. Her parents might be able to accept that he used to be her teacher, but we still find that pill a little hard to swallow. Add to that Ezria's new job as a father, and we're ready to pull the plug on Ezria. At only 18, we hardly think Aria's ready to be called step-mom.
4 of 13 Katherine Bomboy-Thornton/ABC

Rayna and Teddy (Connie Britton and Eric Close), Nashville

Breaking up is hard to do, but we couldn't have been more relieved when Teddy finally asked Rayna for a divorce on the Feb. 6 episode. It's been obvious from the beginning of the show that Rayna's destined to be with her songwriting partner/soul mate Deacon (Charles Esten). Plus, between Teddy's shady political dealings (which have always felt like they belong on another show) and his recent hookup with Peggy Samper (Kimberly Williams-Paisley), one thing is clear: Rayna and Teddy don't really make sense together. We just hope the divorce sticks.
5 of 13 NBC


Troy and Britta (Donald Glover and Gillian Jacobs), Community While it has never really been a show about community college, Community has never been a show about romance, either. Despite their dance-lesson past, Troy and Britta's budding relationship just feels out of place. Call us crazy, but we prefer the dysfunctional hookups between Britta and Jeff. Plus, we all know that Troy only has one true love: Abed. Seems like the writers Britta'd this one.
6 of 13 Prashant Gupta/FX


Jax and Tara (Charlie Hunnam and Maggie Siff), Sons of Anarchy We weren't the only ones who noticed Jax's lack of concern that his wife was being carted off in handcuffs at the end of Season 5, were we? While we would like to believe that Jax is going to one day leave SAMCRO behind and raise his two boys with Tara, he's proven time and time again that he's incapable of doing so (and, despite her best efforts, Tara's never going to be completely comfortable as an Old Lady). Perhaps the only thing that can shake them out of this repetitive rut is some time apart. We still hold out hope for this couple's eventual happiness, but believing it will come soon just makes us a gullible as Tara has been for the past three seasons. Prove us wrong, Jax.
7 of 13 Michael Yarish/AMC

Don and Megan (Jon Hamm and Jessica Pare), Mad Men

Maybe we're still miffed that Don didn't choose Dr. Faye Miller, but Don's out-of-the-blue marriage to Megan feels like another Don Draper impulse gone bad. Forget that she completely turned our favorite ad man into a dazed shell of his former self at work. Megan just seems fundamentally unaware of how Don thinks and feels. (Did she really think he was going to like "Zou Bisou Bisou"?) And while Don may just be window-shopping for the ideal marriage, we're afraid he may need to keep looking.
8 of 13 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


Jackson and Stephanie (Jesse Williams and Jerrika Hinton), Grey's Anatomy Jackson and April? Blech. Jackson and Stephanie? Double blech! Though it's nice to see our favorite doc getting with someone who appreciates him (and his body), Stephanie hasn't been around long enough to earn that right. He is an Avery, after all. He deserves only the best.
9 of 13 Jordin Althaus/Fox


Booth and Brennan (David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel), Bones Just hear us out on this one. Yes, we all know that Booth and Brennan are destined to be together. But despite their long-documented feelings for one another, we can't help feel that they jumped into their current state of co-habitation simply because of baby Christine. Clearly, we've seen that these two still have issues they need to work through before making the final commitment of marriage. And personally, we're OK with seeing them apart for a while, if only to see how love brings them back together, stronger than ever.
10 of 13 Norman Shapiro/CBS


Steve and Catherine (Alex O'Loughlin and Michelle Borth), Hawaii Five-0 We'll admit that their common interests and similar line of work make them a good match. But we just can't get past the fact that Catherine is keeping Doris' secret from McGarrett. Relationships are built on honesty, after all.Does he really need another woman in his life that he can't fully trust? We think not.
11 of 13 HBO


Jamie and Cersei (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Lena Headey), Game of Thrones Jamie is Cersei's match in every way and we can't deny that they make a gorgeous couple, but there is that one little hang up we can't get over. Oh yeah, they're siblings! Nowhere, not even in Westeros, is that ever acceptable.
12 of 13 Ron Tom/ABC

Emily and Aiden (Emily VanCamp and Barry Sloane), Revenge

Revenge kind of shot itself in the foot last season when it developed such hot chemistry between Emily and Daniel (Josh Bowman). Because now, it's almost painful to watch our girl be romantically interested in anyone else, let alone the boring, stiff Aiden. Sure, it's kind of romantic that she can share her revenging with him, but Aiden is too much of a loose cannon and doesn't invite her to nearly as many fancy cocktail parties as Daniel did. Emily + Daniel 4eva!
13 of 13 CBS


Ted (Josh Radnor) and every girl he's ever dated, How I Met Your Mother Producers have promised that Abby Elliott's Jeannette is Ted's final girlfriend before he meets the missus (we will meet her in the ninth and final season), but she's one of a bajillion girlfriends too many. We stopped asking, "Is she the Mother?" somewhere in the Stella (Sarah Chalke) era, and the Age of Zoey (Jennifer Morrison) was more punishment than anything else. We always figured that Mrs. Mosby wouldn't come into the picture until closer to the end of the series, so it was hard to invest in any of these relationships. Never mind the fact that most of them were incompatible with Ted's pretentious, hopeless, and sometimes needlessly, romantic self. Save us all the time and show her face already!