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Check out some of the dead weight dragging down some of our favorite shows

1 of 13 Mark Levine/ABC

Teddy (Eric Close), Nashville

Even when he was married to Rayna, Teddy always felt like he was starring on a separate show. Not a bad show necessarily, but when contrasted with Juliette and Rayna's musical soap opera, Teddy's political drama pales in comparison. It's time Nashville just cut their losses and leave Teddy in the dust. If only Lamar's assassin had better aim!
2 of 13 Danny Feld/ABC

Meg (Natalie Morales), Trophy Wife

It's so much fun watching Kate settle in to her new life, but every time Meg shows up, Kate's forced to play BFF instead of stepmom. Her Peter Pan syndrome has no place in this heartwarming family comedy, and she constantly drags Kate's character development backwards. Plus, think of it this way: Every minute Meg is on-screen means less time for Bert. And nobody wants that.
3 of 13 Chuck Hodes/Showtime

Frank (William H. Macy), Shameless

Let's face it: Emmy Rossum has become the undisputed star of Shameless and Fiona the heart of the Gallagher clan. Frank, on the other hand, has been the same conniving, drunk, manipulative vagrant he always has been. Sure, that's why some love him, but his antics are repetitive and tedious now. Showtime can keep renewing the drama all it wants, but the show can't go anywhere with a lead that is frustratingly stagnant. Frank's death would also provide a wealth of new narrative direction — not to mention, Fiona has already told him she wishes he were dead.
4 of 13 Gene Page/AMC

Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), The Walking Dead

We once cared about and were rooting for Carol. After all, she survived the apocalypse, an abusive marriage and losing her daughter Sophia. But a different disease has infected Carol — a disease of the soul. She takes it upon herself to kill two of the survivors who have contracted a mysterious illness, rationalizing that they would have died anyway and infected the healthy. In order to save lives, she's sacrificed her humanity. She acted alone, without checks or balances. Who will be sacrificed next when she's on a life-saving mission?
5 of 13 Danny Feld/ABC

April (Sarah Drew), Grey's Anatomy

Shonda Rhimes missed a big opportunity when she chose to kill off newbie Reed instead of April, much to everyone's chagrin, in the Season 6 finale. Whiny, clueless, nauseatingly cutesy and naive, and pretty much useless as a doctor and chief resident, April sucks the life out of most scenes despite the show's best attempts to make her likable (see: hooking up with Jackson). How April got two guys to fall for her, we'll never know. C'mon, Shonda, there has to be another natural disaster in the forecast.
6 of 13 Mark Levine/ABC

Scarlett, Nashville

Now that Scarlett has tasted moderate success, she's transformed into a whiny, melodramatic headache who's alienated herself from everyone. The final nail in the coffin of Scarlett's likability came when she started popping pills to stay up all night and make music. Not only did the pills give her inexplicable mood swings, but it reminded too many viewers of Saved by the Bell's "I'm so excited. I'm so … scared!" moment that happened 24 years ago. Just let Scarlett overdose and call it a day. At least someone would get a good country song out of it.
7 of 13 Adam Rose/Fox

Kitty, Glee

After introducing the sharp-tongued Cheerio in Season 4 as a new villain, the writers have tried desperately to explain all the horrible vitriol she has inflicted on her classmates. Kitty's elitist, racist, homophobic and just plain nasty comments may have been forgiven in Glee's unrealistic alternate universe, but her masterful manipulation to get Marley to start purging was too much, too soon into Kitty's McKinley High tenure. Although it seems like viewers won't be seeing Kitty much once Glee moves to New York City, we still want blood for her numerous unforgivable actions. That is, if Kitty even has a heart at all.
8 of 13 HBO

Violet (Karolina Wydra), True Blood

Born sometime in the late 12th century, Violet is currently the oldest and therefore the strongest female vampire on the series, especially now that she can daywalk. Unfortunately, she only uses her power and authority to suit her selfish needs. For example: She "claims" Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) for her own — both as food and mate — but keeps him from being sexually fulfilled because of her old-fashioned hypocrisy. This is Jason! He must be free to spread his love with various women, not be fettered and denied his right to pleasure. Someone needs to get medieval on Violet and put us out of our misery.
9 of 13 David Giesbrecht/Fox

Mandy (Tiffany Boone), The Following

If there's one person who shouldn't be entrusted with the care of a minor, it's serial killer Joe Carroll. Yet, when Joe returns to the East Coast after a year in Arkansas, he's got Mandy — the 15-year-old daughter of the prostitute who gave him asylum — in tow. Early on in Season 2, it seemed as though Mandy's purpose was to humanize Joe as a father figure, but that essentially went out the window when she committed matricide to impress him. Now that Joe's linked up with Emma and his other followers, Mandy seems superfluous.
10 of 13 Eric McCandless/ABC

Harrison (Columbus Short), Scandal

And here we thought Harrison would take a more prominent role when Henry Ian Cusick left the series. But becoming Olivia's right-hand man doesn't necessarily mean a more interesting story line. In fact, Harrison didn't have a story line until the name Adnan Salif came up earlier this season. But even then, it's hard to care about his past when we're already three seasons in. Since Harrison swears he'd go over a cliff for Olivia, we'd love to see him sacrifice his own life to protect OPA.
11 of 13 Richard Cartwright/ABC

Aidan (Barry Sloane), Revenge

Let's be honest: 99 percent of the show's fans are waiting for Jack and Emily to get together, and anyone who gets in the way of that is time wasted. Not to mention, Aidan's baggage in the form of a crazy ex-girlfriend named Niko is as trite as it comes. Fortunately, Sloane's days seem numbered.
12 of 13 Will Hart/NBC

Meera (Parminder Nagra), The Blacklist

Now that one of the overhanging Season 1 mysteries has been cleared up — spoiler alert: Meera is the mole! — there's really no reason to keep her on the show. It's clear now that her boring, irritating demeanor was all likely part of her undercover act, but Meera is still the one character who's failed to make much of an impression this season. We'd much rather see Red turn his attention to the people who sent her on the mission instead.
13 of 13 Michael Tackett/CBS

Junior (Alexander Koch), Under the Dome

It seemed like producers were going to let Junior go full-on psycho, but instead, he's just turned into a whiny, lovesick puppy who is desperate to keep Angie in his life. Why? It really doesn't matter. What does matter is that the producers have promised that two major characters will die when Season 2 begins — and Junior should definitely be one of them.