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See who TV viewers (regrettably) said goodbye to this season

1 of 10 Mark Lipson/Fox

Bill Buchanan (James Morrison), 24

"I am still in mourning. I kept saying to my mother, "Please tell me you heard the clock. Please, before I throw something at the screen!" Alas, the sounds of silence… I will miss Bill providing the voice of reason in the midst of chaos." — rutgersgal "At least he died heroically. He didn't just take one for the team, he took it for America." — miamigeorge "Many have died on 24, but Bill will be missed. He was like the only one beside Chloe that believed in Jack." — fatcat200084
2 of 10 Fred Norris/The CW

Quentin (Robbie Jones), One Tree Hill

"I must say a R.I.P for 'Q.' His death was shocking, out of nowhere and heartbreaking for little Jamie Scott. And that's a real travesty." — RobbieF "That was probably one of the most unexpected deaths ever." — mrsventimiglia42313
3 of 10 Adam Taylor/Fox

Dr. Lawrence Kutner (Kal Penn), House

"I was totally shocked and taken aback with the loss of Kutner. He was a great character who truly reminded me of a young House, minus the rude and downright mean behavior. Why on earth would they get rid of his character?" — babygap5 "I'd heard the death/suicide rumors, but never expected it to be Kutner. He was my favorite of the newbies. Ugh. Still bummed. Rest in peace, Kutner. You will be missed." — kchez
4 of 10 Adam Taylor/NBC

Adam Monroe (David Anders), Heroes

This baddie was always one of our favorite characters, so we were thrilled to see him back during the "Villains" volume. Of course, he was then immediately reduced to a pile of ash by Arthur Petrelli. So, yeah, that sucked.
5 of 10 Robert Voets/CBS

Warrick (Gary Dourdan), CSI

"I was crying during the episode. I loved the character of Warrick. He brought so much to the team." — Hope_06
6 of 10 Ron Tom/ABC

Edie (Nicollette Sheridan), Desperate Housewives

"I will actually really miss Edie from Desperate Housewives. The show will go on, but still it won't be the same with Nicollette Sheridan." — Shannonm93
7 of 10 Chris Haston/NBC

Elle (Kristen Bell), Heroes

"I was really sad that Heroes killed Elle! Death on Heroes is pretty much status quo at this point, but simultaneously losing a great character and losing Sylar to the dark side was pretty upsetting." — veghead731
8 of 10 Bill Matlock/Fox

Brad Bellick (Wade Williams), Prison Break

"Just when I start liking the guy, they kill him off." — irishgirl "His sacrifice actually made me forget for a few minutes that I was watching a TV show. I was so sad, I felt like I'd actually lost somebody real. What a beautiful performance." — BGood2Mama
9 of 10 couresy FX

Uncle Pete (Tom Aldredge), Damages

"Let's just say that Kleenex sales soared when Damages killed off Uncle Pete. He was such a wonderful character." — GobiasInd108 "He always weirded me out, but his connection with Patty was undeniable, and he was a great character and an amazing actor." — psb1962
10 of 10 Dana Edelson/NBC

Sarah Palin (Tina Fey) and George Bush (Will Ferrell), SNL

We know it's silly, but watching Fey's pitch-perfect lampooning of Palin week after week made the campaign bearable. The chance of seeing Fey reprise the character is enough to make us hope fora Palin run in 2012. (Maybe not, actually.) At least Ferrell got a few last jabs at W. with his HBO special.