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The badder these guys are, the sexier they get..and you still want to help them get right

Shaun Harrison
1 of 13 Gene Page/AMC

Darryl Dixon - (The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus)

At this point, they're all bad boys. A zombie apocalypse will bring out the worst in a person, you know? Darryl has always had a zero effs given attitude, which is part of the reason why he and the people around him are still alive. Wielding that bow like a boss, Darryl is a sexy cupid for bad-boy-loving viewers everywhere.
2 of 13 Michael Becker/FX


2. Jackson "Jax" Teller (Sons of Anarchy, Charlie Hunnam) Tattoos, leather, motorcycles, oh my! With all of the lawlessness of the Sons of Anarchy California Redwood Originals Motorcycle Club, it's painfully sweet how Jax tries so hard to uphold the ideals or his father. His deep love for his family has us swooning hard, too. Vroom, vroom.
3 of 13 Jack Rowand/ABC


3. Kilian Jones, aka Captain Hook (Once Upon A Time, Colin O'Donoghue) We get it, he's a pirate. But they can't be all bad! Sure he has a hook for a hand, but that's not entirely his fault you know. He's a sucker for pretty women, and Emma Swan definitely has him, well, hooked.
4 of 13 Adam Taylor/ABC

Jake Ballard (Scandal, Scott Foley)

We get it, he's a pirate. But they can't be all bad! Sure he has a hook for a hand, but that's not entirely his fault you know. He's a sucker for pretty women, and Emma Swan definitely has him, well, hooked.
5 of 13 Adam Taylor/ABC

Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant (Scandal, Tony Goldwyn)

Presidents are the good guys. Right? It's not easy being the leader of the free world. Fitz's cheating ways with Olivia Pope make for some hot and heavy primetime action. Good or bad, he's definitely got our vote.
6 of 13 Mitchell Haaseth/ABC

Connor Walsh (How To Get Away With Murder, Jack Falahee)

Connor is giving us some of the sexiest man-on-man action primetime TV has seen yet, and we're loving it. He's not afraid to be a bit promiscuous to get the answers he needs to win a case. But deep down, we know he has a loyal heart. No objections here.
7 of 13 Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Chicago Fire, Taylor Kinney)

A bad boy who's also an everyday hero? Yes, please! A pill addiction and commitment issues won't stop us from loving Lt. Severide deeply. Someone call the fire department. It's getting hot in here.
8 of 13 Helen Sloan/HBO

Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau)

Denying his birthright and slaying kings... these are just things bad boys do! However, the whole thing with his sister might be a little high on the bad boy scale for some. What say ye?
9 of 13 Kent Smith/Showtime

Peter Quinn (Homeland, Rupert Friend)

Bad boys have their secrets. Peter Quinn, or John, is a member of the CIA. He's the king of secrets! But in such a kill or be killed environment, we can't really blame him too much.
10 of 13 MTV

Liam Booker (Faking It, Gregg Sulkin)

Resident hot guy on this MTV show, Liam is as mysterious as they come. He's an artist, so that sort of comes with the territory. Hooking up with Karma, who's a lesbian (oh wait, no she's not?) adds fuel to his bad boy image. Why wasn't high school this steamy in real life?
11 of 13 Patrick McElhenney/FX


11. Charlie Day (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Charlie Day) It should be a crime to be so awful yet so endearing. Charlie's constant attempts to win over the waitress, his murderous campaign against bar rats, and his inability to read wrap up in the beautifully bad package that is Charlie Day. If we're being honest, he's probably one of the better "bad" ones of the crew.
12 of 13 Jamie Trueblood/AMC

Don Draper (Mad Men, Jon Hamm)

How we hate to love Don Draper with his ill-treatment of women, his questionable parenting tactics and even more questionable business tactics. For what it's worth, these moral failures are what keep him ahead and keep us wanting more.
13 of 13 Giovanni Rufino /CW

Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl, Ed Westwick)

An oldie but a daaaaamn goodie: he's Chuck Bass. After some more than seedy behavior, this upper east side bad boy transformed into the die-hard romantic lover boy of the Queen B herself, Blair Waldorf. See? Bad boys can be fixed, after all!