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Who needs good guys when you've got these TV baddies around?

Shaun Harrison
1 of 14 Cliff Lipson/Showtime

Nancy Botwin - Weeds

This hot housewife paid her bills by selling weed to all the other suburbanites in her neighborhood. Things took a turn for the worse when she got mixed up with a cartel and ended up in jail for three years.
2 of 14 Mark Levine/ABC

Juliette Barnes – Nashville

From shoplifting to exploiting the almost-death of a rival, Juliette Barnes is hardly a good ol' country girl. It seems like she is always doing something that is morally questionable.
3 of 14 Craig Blankenhorn/AMC

Don Draper – Mad Men

Booze, sex and stolen identities are Don Draper’s M.O. We love Mad Men's leading man, even though he cheats, lies, steals and has a terrible drinking problem.
4 of 14 FX

Tommy Gavin – Rescue Me

It’s no surprise that the post-9/11 firefighter is an alcoholic. The tortured man does a lot of terrible things, and some of this is due to his alcoholism and addiction to prescription drugs.
5 of 14 Fox

Dr. Gregory House – House

Everyone’s favorite anti-hero doctor is addicted to Vicodin. On top of that, he’s really not a very nice guy. But you'd want him to save your life.
6 of 14 HBO/Kobal Collection

Jimmy McNulty – The Wire

Getting the job done is all that Jimmy McNulty cares about. Some of his terrible behavior includes creating a fake serial killer, boozing up regularly and sleeping with anyone he can.
7 of 14 Showtime

Hank Moody – Californication

Sex, drugs, and alcohol are what drive Hank Moody. Even he feels like he is beyond being saved, though he does try to do the best he can for his family.
8 of 14 Randy Tepper/Showtime

Dexter Morgan – Dexter

The serial killer only murders the bad guys, but does that make it right?
9 of 14 Bob Mahoney/The CW

Damon Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries

Damon Salvatore is the bad boy vampire to his brother Stefan's good boy vampire. This rage-filled alcoholic does have a soft side, however.
10 of 14 Patrick Harbron/Netflix

Francis Underwood – House of Cards

On the edge of anti-hero and villain, Francis Underwood schemes, takes care of rivals and more.
11 of 14 Ben Leuner/AMC

Walter White – Breaking Bad

After getting diagnosed with cancer, Walt turned to making meth to pay his medical bills and slowly transformed into a drug king. It's a testament to Bryan Cranston's acting that you still rooted for him.
12 of 14 HBO

Nucky Thompson – Boardwalk Empire

Bribes are a way of life to Nucky Thompson, not to mention fixing votes and ensuring that other corrupt people make it into office.
13 of 14 Didier Baverel/Showtime

Nick Brody – Homeland

For the longest time, we had no idea if Nicholas Brody had turned or not.
14 of 14 Chris Raphael/Fox

Jack Bauer – 24

Murder, maiming and torture are nothing to Jack Bauer. He’ll do anything to stop a terrorist attack