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This show will emotionally devastate you in the best way possible. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1 of 27 Ron Batzdorff/NBC


NBC's new drama This Is Us is a great show ... a great show that will emotionally devastate you with nearly every episode. Or maybe even multiple times per episode. These are the ultimate tearjerker moments that have broken fans' hearts (so far).

2 of 27 Paul Drinkwater/NBC

A nervous new dad

Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) promises his wife Rebecca (Mandy Moore) that everything will be fine as she delivers their triplets. He then gives the doctor an emotional speech about how it's his birthday, so "only good things are going to happen today."

3 of 27 Ron Batzdorf/NBC

Labor complications

But when Jack's wife Rebecca is in labor, she says "something's not right."

4 of 27 Paul Drinkwater/NBC

The baby doesn't live

Jack finds out his and Rebecca's third baby didn't survive. That's not the only rough moment. There's also the doctor's heartbreaking speech about losing his wife and one of his children, too.

5 of 27 Ron Batzdorff/NBC

An angry, abandoned son

Randall (Sterling K. Brown) confronts his estranged biological father, William (Ron Cephas Jones), about abandoning him as a child. After their tense initial meeting, Randall invites William to meet his wife and daughters.

6 of 27 Ron Batzdorff/NBC

William is dying

Then we find out William is dying, and Randall invites his long-lost dad to come live with his family.

7 of 27 Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Not much time left

Things take another sad turn a few episodes later, when Randall pays for his father to go to an esteemed cancer doctor, only to discover William has mere months left to live.

8 of 27 Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The bittersweet twist

How can anyone forget that moment when the first big twist is revealed? We learn Jack and Rebecca have adopted Randall, bringing their brood to three.

9 of 27 Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Relationship trouble

Things get real when we learn Jack and Rebecca are having marital problems. Rebecca makes Jack promise he'll quit drinking, and he agrees. "From here on out, I'm going to be an 11 for you, baby."

10 of 27 Paul Drinkwater/NBC

What happened to Jack?

Then there was that devastating flash-forward to an older Rebecca, where we see her wearing the crescent moon necklace Jack gave her. However, Jack's not with her... his friend Miguel is instead, and Randall's daughters refer to him as "Grandpa."

11 of 27 NBC

Jack is dead

The show hits fans with the upsetting answer episodes later, as Kate (Chrissy Metz) shows Toby (Chris Sullivan) the urn that she watches football games with, which contains the ashes of her late father, Jack.

12 of 27 Ron Batzdorff/NBC

"He feels like a stranger."

New mom Rebecca has a lot of trouble bonding with her adopted son, Randall. Watching her struggle to get close to her son is heart-wrenching.

13 of 27 Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Kate met William

It is also revealed that Rebecca once met Randall's biological father, William, but kept that from her son as he grew older. She also told William to stay away from the family because of his drug problems.

14 of 27 Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Toby is the sweetest

Every time we see Toby look at Kate it brings us to tears. Her boyfriend is constantly trying to bring the insecure Kate out of her shell, including that special date when he has her sing at his aunt's nursing home.

15 of 27 Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Kate's confidence struggle

Seeing Kate try to open up to Toby and become her own person could make even the strongest This Is Us fan an emotional wreck.

16 of 27 Ron Batzdorff/NBC


Sad flashbacks, such as seeing a childhood Kate bullied over her weight, certainly doesn't stop the flow of tears. Dad Jack calling her a "princess" after kids at the pool make fun of her weight may be one of the sweetest moments on the series.

17 of 27 Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Pent-up emotions

Kevin (Justin Hartley) definitely has his tear-inducing moments on the series too... literally. When he struggles to be emotional on stage while acting, his co-star Olivia (Janet Montgomery) takes him to a stranger's funeral, which prompts him to break down about losing his own father.

18 of 27 Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Keeping the doctor company

In a flashback we see a past Christmas when Jack, Rebecca, and the Pearson family kept Dr. K company when he was alone and thought he may die in surgery.

19 of 27 Ron Batzdorff/NBC

"I want to live now!"

There was the huge moment when Kate's brother Kevin tried to talk her out of having gastric bypass surgery. Kate responded: "I ran the numbers, and at this rate, I will be 106 years old by the time I reach my goal weight. I want to live now!"

20 of 27 Ron Batzdorff/NBC

A son's revelation

It was hard to watch as Randall finally discovers that his mother, Rebecca, secretly knew his biological father and chose to keep it a secret. "I can't even look at you," he admitted, during their tearful confrontation.

21 of 27 Ron Batzdorff/NBC

No longer ready?

Fans were moved to tears upon hearing the terminally ill William admit he was "sad to die" now that he has met his son Randall and his grandchildren.

22 of 27 Ron Batzdorff/NBC

A Christmas Eve cliffhanger

Despite the Pearson family saying that "nothing bad ever happens on Christmas Eve," Toby collapsed and was rushed to the hospital after reuniting with Kate for the holidays.

23 of 27 Ron Batzdorff/NBC

A couple reunited

One of the most sentimental William moments on the series was seeing him reunite with his boyfriend Jesse. William had left him because he didn't want Jesse to watch him die.

24 of 27 NBC

A father's love

Who could forget this beautiful flashback father-son moment during a karate class? Jack did pushups with Randall on his back to prove he'd always be there to support him.

25 of 27 NBC

Panic attack

There was the heart wrenching moment when Kevin left his play to be by his Randall's side during a scary anxiety attack.

26 of 27 NBC

Jack's funeral

While attending an immersion camp, Kate had an emotional breakthrough as images of her father's funeral flashed through her mind.

27 of 27 NBC

William's death

Watching Randall say goodbye as his father passed away was one of the most devastating moments of the series' first season.