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We asked; you answered — here are your best guesses.

Shaun Harrison
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"Here's how it's gonna go: Desmond is gonna be blasted with the electromagnetic machine. He will then flash back to the time when he missed entering the code 4-8-15-16-23-42. He will enter the code in time so the hatch will never release the electromagnetic wave that caused Oceanic 815 to crash. Therefore none of Lost would have happened." — deadeloc
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"I think that Charles Widmore is going to end up the good guy here, whatever the heck he's planning, and he's going to use that crazy device to blow the island and the Smoke Monster to hell while sending everyone else into the alternate reality. But then, since it's Lost, it probably won't be anything close to what I think will happen!" — veghead731
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"I want to see an ending in which Ben does not die! But if he absolutely must die, it has to be in a truly heroic fashion." — emily86
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"I've had the feeling for years that Jack will die to save his friends. I thought they could stay on the island forever and be like the guardian/protectors of the island, but now I'm not so sure. I do hope that Sawyer, Kate, Jin and Desmond survive." — lyly ford
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"Hurley is off-limits! He is the heart and soul and conscience of the entire series, and I can accept any ending as long as Hurley is not maimed, killed, or devastated, now or in the future. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being the proof Jacob has been seeking all this time that people can be good. Consider all the killing, maiming, and lying our other beloved characters have done in their lives. The worst thing Hurley has done is to steal food from the pantry in the Hatch. And then he felt guilty and shared it with everyone." — JGM60
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"In my ending, Jack and Locke are left on the island in the perpetual loop as Jacob and the Man in Black. Camera slowly pulls back to show Jack and MIB sitting on the island shore with Vincent playing happily in the background. MIB says to Jack, 'Do you know how badly I want to kill you?'" — shane
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"It should all end with a big ol' happy picnic. All the dead characters come back to life — except the annoying ones. All the wrongs are righted. Real Locke comes back and beats up UnLocke. Charlie comes back and Claire instantly snaps back into sanity. Jack and Sawyer take turns trading Kate and Juliet. And Sayid gets both Nadia and Shannon at the same time! Then they all join hands and sing how they'd like to buy the world a Coke." — zardox
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"They must explain why Walt, Aaron and Ji-Yeon were so important. No one mentions Ji-Yeon even though she was conceived on the island and Jin's plumbing was not working before then. It was supposed to be about what abilities the kids had, but no one ever talks about that. I can't see them wrapping everything up in a perfect little bow because there may not be enough time to do that." — willie1
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"As long as Jack survives, I'll be happy." — marsky

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"As far as Adam and Eve go, in Season 1 when they are splitting the camp between the beach and the caves, Kate says, 'I don't want to be Eve.' So clearly she's Eve." — natman99
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"I know for the fact that Lost will end in white. Just go back and listen what was said to Desmond. He is acting the way he was told by Daniel. And he was happy in the newly created time line. Why would he destroy that? Just go back and listen to those words. Its simple. As long you listen to what is told to Desmond, you know how Lost is going to end." — employme
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"Jin and Sun will die, somehow in the past, and end up becoming Adam and Eve in the cave." — tangcameo
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"We saw the island under water in the first episode. That is how it is going to end: with the sideways and island storylines intertwining. Smokey/Locke has a weakness: water. Like the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz, he can be killed with water, which is why he explained to Sawyer that he can't turn into smoke and travel to Hydra Island. Somehow the real Locke will come back to life and a showdown will occur between Locke and his evil twin (anybody remember the manuscript written by Gary Troupe on board Oceanic 815 that Sawyer was reading on the island? It was called Bad Twin) and somehow, Smokey/Locke will be killed by water or the dagger. Everyone will board the plane with Frank Lapidus piloting and as they cross back over the waters, they will wake up as their sideways counterparts and it will end like Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz, some dream that happened." — ntlzag
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"Desmond has to live happily ever after with Penny off the island. The candidates find a way to keep the Man in Black on the Island without having to stay themselves. They go back to L.A. and sort out their lives, whatever is left of them. The sideways, thus, never happened. Everyone remembers the island." — JupieSmurf
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"I have always had the feeling that this is some type of game being played. Since executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have stated that they have always known what the last scene would be, it makes me think of the following scene: "A large type of chess-style board with various black and white pieces. As you peruse the pieces you see a polar bear, a gun, a plane, a ship, a stethoscope… The camera pans out and you see a hand moving a piece from one place to another. The camera pans out more and you see the person moving the pieces. OK, now who would be the biggest surprise? Personally, I think that if this was filmed many years ago, it could be a very young Walt!" — beckster07
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"Bob turns to Emily and says, 'Damn, I thought the last dream I had was weird, but...'" — shaller1