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We rank the Top 10 dancers and why they may, or may not, win

1 of 10 Adam Rose/Fox

Melanie Moore

Why she'll win: We called it early on that the Ginnifer Goodwin doppelganger would be crowned victor this season, and she's proven that even more each week by giving it her all. Beyond just her incredible extension, she could win for both her technical and artistic expertise as well as her overall adorable demeanor. Why she won't win: Honestly, she's so good that viewers might take it for granted that she'll go all the way and get lazy about voting for her.
2 of 10 Adam Rose/Fox

Marko Germar

Why he'll win: During the NappyTabs “left at the altar” number he showed that he could deliver an emotional side and was a consummate performer on top of his technicality. Why he won't win: Melanie has been carrying him through the competition and feeding him her energy. Those votes may disappear once he's on his own.
3 of 10 Adam Rose/Fox

Sasha Mallory

Why she'll win: With more screen time before entering the Top 20 live shows, Sasha came in as a fan fave, thanks to the focus on the heartwarming relationship with her sister, who also tried out for the show. You also can't deny her technical talent, her crazy stage presence and wacky personality. Why she won't win: While the girl can certainly bring in viewer votes, her lack of progress might not keep her alive much longer. As noted by the judges, she's faltered in many of her performances, none more so than the lukewarm hip-hop number, which was hailed as the worst routine this season.
4 of 10 Adam Rose/Fox

Jordan Casanova

Why she'll win: The perfect blend of sexuality and sensuality in her dancing makes her a perfect candidate to be a Pussycat Doll, but with a saucy and humorous twist. Just look at her "One Night Stand" number for proof of that. Why she won't win: When she's tested outside her comfort zone, she lacks the confidence to make us believe she can tackle all genres.
5 of 10 Adam Rose/Fox

Tadd Gadduang

Why he'll win: He's been a stealthy performer so far, and has surprised the judges with his ability to really own the two waltzes he performed, despite his hip-hop roots. His bubbly personality has helped him. Case in point: When he's not performing, he's flirting with Cat Deeley, the judges and even the viewers! Why he won't win: His solos have been lackluster and show his weakness as a one-trick pony. His chemistry with partner Jordan is great, but once he loses her, the audience may lose their spark for him.
6 of 10 Adam Rose/Fox

Ricky Jaime

Why he'll win: He definitely has the best technique of all the guys in the competition. Pair that was his great strength and stage presence and you've got the makings of the next Danny Tidwell, who was second only to Sabra Johnson in Season 3. Plus: His partner, Ryan, has been holding him back, but he'll now get a chance to shine away from her. Why he won't win: He's been in the Bottom 3 twice, despite delivering performances the judges have hailed, so there's a disconnect with the audience.
7 of 10 Adam Rose/Fox

Jess LeProtto

Why he'll win: He's constantly surprising us with his ability to adapt to new genres and is a brilliant performer on stage, which comes naturally with his Broadway style background. He also has killer pirouettes. (See, short stature and a lower center of gravity is good for something!) Why he won't win: His Napoleon complex makes him overcompensate with a cocky attitude, giving the impression that he thinks he's the best, but clearly, based on our list, he's not.
8 of 10 Adam Rose/Fox

Caitlyn Lawson

Why she'll win: As Mary Murphy often says, she defies gravity. Just take a look at her high-flying Mandy Moore routine to see how fearless she is while being thrown around the stage. Why she won't win: She's often forgettable during the competition, and that Ugandan-inspired hip-hop number shows that she can’t quite adapt to more grounded dance genres.
9 of 10 Adam Rose/Fox

Clarice Ordaz

Why she'll win: She did surprise us with the Justin Giles contemporary routine, where she was finally able to emote convincingly. Why she won't win:: The Giles routine may have come too little, too late. The only thing that stands out about her is her lack of facial expressions during her routines.
10 of 10 Adam Rose/Fox

Mitchell Kelly

Why he'll win: He has a high level of physical ability and strength, and also does well partnering Caitlyn with the many, many lifts. Why he won't win: He's sloppy in his technique, especially his floppy dead fish hands. His solos have also been monotonous, he loses character mid-dance, and it doesn't seem as though he's been able to bounce back from the injury that sidelined him in the first week of the competition. His partner, Caitlyn, has been holding him up ever since.