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Shaun Harrison
1 of 12 Mathieu Young/Fox

Kupono Aweau (tie)

Voters and viewers didn't seem to appreciate his Contemporary piece last week. If he expects to stay in this competition, he's got to pull out all the stops and impress us with both his partner's performances and his solos.
2 of 12 Mathieu Young/Fox

Jason Glover (tie)

He started strong, but he seems to be flailing as most of the other dancers continue to improve. If he steps it back up to his previous level, he could really show us something.
3 of 12 Mathieu Young/Fox

Randi Evans (tie)

While impressive in every style she's tried, Randi is grossly overshadowed by her partner. She's great, but we'll really see what she's made of when she and Evan have to dance with other partners.
4 of 12 Mathieu Young/Fox

Phillip Chbeeb (tie)

Always impressive in his own style, it's time to see him conquer another genre. Being in the bottom last week may have been a fluke, but even he knows he needs to step it up if he wants to be in the top 10.
5 of 12 Mathieu Young/Fox

Caitlin Kinney (tie)

Continuing to grow on us every week, Caitlin may also be handicapped by her current partner. She seems a lock for the top 10.
6 of 12 Mathieu Young/Fox

Janette Manrara

Always a fun dancer to watch, she did right by the salsa last week. She is also slightly overshadowed by her partner but it's a pleasure to watch her dance nonetheless.
7 of 12 Mathieu Young/Fox

Jeanine Mason

She proved something to us last week with her solo, but she's been somewhat handicapped by her current partner. If she continues to shine in her solos she should be around for at least a few more weeks.
8 of 12 Mathieu Young/Fox

Ade Obayomi

Surprisingly good in last week's classical Pas de Deux, Ade has proven himself to be an amazing partner. If he can keep this up, he'll be in it until the end.
9 of 12 Kelsey McNeal/Fox

Kayla Radomski (tie)

Always a beautiful dancer, the judges constantly refer to Kayla as a dancer with "great legs." Perhaps last week's vampire-inspired piece was too dark for her fans, but if she continues to excel in every style they give her she should be around until the end.
10 of 12 Kelsey McNeal/Fox

Melissa Sandvig (tie)

This ballerina totally rocks. She's impressive and it's a joy to see her and Ade perform every week.
11 of 12 Kelsey McNeal/Fox

Brandon Bryant

Now that Mia's a fan, there is nothing stopping him from going all the way. It would be a surprise to see Brandon encounter a genre he can't master.
12 of 12 Kelsey McNeal/Fox

Evan Kasprzak

The judges continue to come down hard on him, but viewers are smitten. There doesn't seem to be a genre he can't conquer.