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See which dancer TVGuidecom readers think will win

Shaun Harrison
1 of 8 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


4) Twitch: An amazing technician in his own style, Twitch has added to his fanbase this season. He's been strong in many styles - krump, contemporary and Broadway, but he's also got some weak spots. He'll be in trouble if he gets the ballroom genres.
2 of 8 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


Your Take: "Though Mark may be technically better, I found Twitch exciting to watch and the emotion and passion he put into his dancing a lot more appealing." (Wayne)
3 of 8 Michael Becker/Fox


3) Courtney: Not terribly explosive in the early weeks of the competition, Courtney has come on like a runaway freight train. She's excelled in all her dance styles during the past few weeks, and her solos have been a joy to watch.
4 of 8 Michael Becker/Fox


Your Take: "I really love that Courtney made it. She always takes on her assignments with such determination; I can't remember anyone with such a "game face" as she has. She seems to genuinely enjoy being there, too." (hawkman217)
5 of 8 Michael Becker/Fox


2) Katee: She's one of the front-runners. Her technique is peerless and her personality is a joy. She is the one female who has conquered every style this season - there isn't one she doesn't excel in. And to think she almost didn't make it onto the show!
6 of 8 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


Your Take: "Of the final four, the only one who has the whole package and deserves to win is Katee." (Jtoo)
7 of 8 Michael Becker/Fox


1) Joshua: He's the other front-runner and the winner in our poll. He wows by conquering every other style of dance with so much commitment and technique. It's not always flawless, but his personality, charm and performance more than make up for it.
8 of 8 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


Your Take: "Joshua deserves the top spot. He's never given up, and I don't think he ever would." (vivenbrenda)