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Here are some important lessons you can get from the show about surviving your teenage years.

Shaun Harrison
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If there's anyone who knows about coming of age and experiencing life's most embarrassing instances during high school, it's Awkward's Jenna Hamilton. Check out the 14 truths the MTV series taught us.

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Parents aren't perfect.

Your parents are people too. Sometimes they make poor decisions that seem completely insane to you.

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You don't have to be a model to be popular.

Sometimes the most popular people are the friendliest, funniest or nicest.

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Relationships can be weird.

Boys are weird. Girls are weird. High school is weird.

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Fitting in can be overrated.

Just because the group of people you want to hang out with acts one way, it doesn't mean you should. Changing yourself to fit in with others can make you miserable.

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Stay true to yourself.

Nobody likes a faker.

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School is really, really important.

You might hate it at the time, but you won't regret getting an education when you're older.

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Sex makes things complicated.

Sex in high school happens. Make sure you're ready before you make the leap, and protection is your best friend. Seriously.

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Make new friends.

High school often means a new set of people. Talk to people you wouldn't normally hang out with - you might be surprised at how much you actually have in common with people you wouldn't expect.

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Keep your friends close.

Your friends are your rock. Sometimes the friends you make in high school will stick with you for the rest of your life. So, pick well and drop the toxic relationships.

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High school sucks sometimes.

A lot of people will tell you high school was the best time of their lives. Don't believe them. With hormones flying and responsibilities piling, high school can be some of your most stressful years.

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Don't gossip -- ever.

You really don't want to be the one to spread rumors, particularly ones that seem untrue or completely bash a person.

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Girls mature faster than boys.

Girls emotionally mature faster than boys (or at least they think they do). Keep this in mind when your boyfriend/crush seems insensitive, or when your girlfriend/crush wants to share tissues and personal stories.

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Roll with the punches.

Believe it or not, high school will be over before you know it, and no one will remember that one time you had deodorant stains on your shirt. Awkward things happen, so don't waste your time and energy stressing over the little stuff.

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Bullies have feelings too.

Just look at Sadie.