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When "eww" is almost "ooh la la." Almost.

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Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal)

Of course zombies are gross. But every once in a while, just admit it: That zombie over there? The one with the brains on his tie? Some part of you is into that.

Take Shane, for example. He might have been a jerk, but Shane was sexy, which means Undead Shane is pretty hot, too.

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Dressed-to-Impress Zombie

You never know when you're going to bite the big one. Dress appropriately, like this guy.

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I Only Have One Eye For You Zombie

She's focused on her cravings for you. Also: Those cheekbones!

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Pete Dolgen, a.k.a. Aqua Zombie (Enver Gjokaj)

Poor Pete. The good news is, all of that extra moisture is AWESOME for zombie pores.

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Ombre Zombie

She made a point to get that hair right before she died.

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All Natural Zombie

She loves walks in the park and a fresh meal for two. More accurately, a fresh meal of two.

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Michonne's Pets

They're obedient, they protect her from other zombies, and they carry her bags. Few zombie capabilities are sexier.

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Album-Cover Zombies

These zombies look like they could tour the world, performing for screaming tween zombie fans. Too bad the band name "The Zombies" is already taken.

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Chiseled Zombie

With that chiseled jaw, he's basically the zombie version of a Disney Prince!

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Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker)

OK, so women weren't exactly throwing themselves at Merle. Perhaps it was the giant knife he had for a left arm, but most likely it was his abrasive nature. But he proved himself a quality guy in the end, gaining an honorable "hot zombie" mention.

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Amy Harrison (Emma Bell)

As a living woman, Amy is gorgeous. After she turns, she's only a LITTLE dead, and that makes for one hot zombie.

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Lingering Zombie

Isn't it sweet how she waits for you? Just try not to think about the fact that she's waiting to eat you. Everyone has flaws.

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Military Zombie

You gotta love a zombie in uniform.

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Emo Zombie

This zombie looks like she'll lay around listening to old Brand New albums with you. Too bad that hot, vacant look in her eyes is actually the result of zero brain activity.

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Bright-Eyed Zombie

You could gaze into these eyes forever. Or until she eats you.

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Bright-Eyed Zombie's Sister

OK, they might not be sisters but those eyes make them total dopplegängers.

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SWAT Zombies

Sure, they're brave. But can they protect you from themselves?

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Washboard Abs Zombie

It seems he tried (and failed at) using his abs as a washboard, but close enough.

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Nightgown Zombie

Oh my! This zombie is in her delicates.

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Devoted Zombie

He'll get to you any way he can.

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Window Pane Zombie

Like a framed portrait, right?

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Tongue-Out-of-Cheek Zombie

That's a sexy look as far as zombies go! She could be the Miley Cyrus of zombies!

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Lori Grimes

A bit of a stretch, considering Lori never regenerates as a zombie. But she's dead, which is primary zombie criteria.