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Outlander Season 2 Costume Gallery

From the swan dress to Murtagh's dapper threads

1 of 12 Neil Davidson/Starz

Claire Fraser, The Red Dress

Claire (Caitriona Balfe) sets the mark for the stunning new costumes in Outlander's second season when she walked down the stairs in the form-fitting red dress in episode 2. Little did we know it was just the beginning of the season's jaw-dropping fashion statements, courtesy of the show's costume designer Terry Dresbach.

2 of 12 Starz

Jamie Fraser, The Parisan Suit

Jamie (Sam Heughan) traded in kilts and billowy shirts for more form-fitting attire this season. If he's going to impress the French nobility he needs to dress the part. "He's playing a Laird in the French court. He needs to impress the people that he's trying to get in with in this political world and the social elite," Heughan tells TVGuide.com. Not to throw shade at the kilts, but we definitely appreciate the upgrade.

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Claire Fraser, The Floral Dress

The floral dress will make its debut in episode five of this season, but the photos already prove that Claire doesn't need a party at Versailles to look stunning. This number redefines sun dress and shows that even a day out for an 18th century woman is an opportunity to wow.

4 of 12 Starz

Claire Fraser, The Yellow Dress

The star of the show is expected to have some stunning numbers in her closet, but even her day clothes have become jaw-dropping beautiful numbers. A day of drinking tea and bonding with Louise and Mary in the third episode of the season still called for a glowing yellow number that makes all of us envious.

5 of 12 Starz

Louise de Rohan, The Garden Dress

Louise (Claire Sermonne) is perhaps the most outgoing woman in Claire's new social circle, and her fashion statements reflect that. The stunning floral number resembles Louise's out-loud personality. It takes a bold person to wear a print this busy but it fits Louise perfectly.

6 of 12 Ed Miller/Starz

King Louis and his Mistress, The Swan Dress

A king should always be the most dapper in the room, but admittedly even King Louis' ornate gold robes are overshadowed here by his mistress' swan dress. The dress gets its name from the embroidered swans surrounding her exposed nipples.

7 of 12 Starz

The King's Mistress, The Swan Dress (close up)

A dress like this shouldn't be saved for the background. This dress became a highlight of the season's second episode, perhaps the most talked-about moment of the Fraser's first time at court (even more so than Jack Randall being alive!) Just try taking your eyes off of it.

8 of 12 Starz

Mary Hawkins, The Yellow Dress

In contrast to the swan dress, Mary Hawkins (Rosie Day) has a more conservative dress than the older French women she spends her time with. Buttoned up doesn't have to mean boring though. Mary still wears the outfits of a noble woman that compliment her innocence.

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Mary Hawkins, The Violet Party Dress

Even when Mary is sharing company with the French court she maintains a bit of her British reserved style. Even puffy sleeves can't detract from the form fitting waistline though and the color is lovely for a young girl being courted at her first royal party.

10 of 12 Starz

Annalise de Marillac, The Green Floral Dress

Annalise (Margaux Chatelier) is still an unknown entity on Outlander, but her style was a dark contrast to Claire's glaringly red dress in episode 2. Her style is not as muted as Mary's but it's still a cool down from Claire and Louise's louder outfits.

11 of 12 Starz

Prince Charles, The Pink Suit

Prince Charles (Andrew Gower) is a character who wants attention, and his pastel colored studs scream that. He's a man that wants to be noticed and his clothes demand that your eyes float to him when he's in the room (barring any other swan dresses in the room).

12 of 12 Starz

Murtagh, The Blue Suit

The last person you'd expect to see in fancy dress is Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix), but even Jamie's right hand man can clean up well with the right set of threads. He may prefer his Scottish kilts or getting down to his robes with the Fraser wait staff, but Murtagh pulls off this navy blue number better than anyone could have expected. Imagine if the Mackenzies could see him like this.