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Simply Pixar. Simply amazing.

Doriean Stevenson
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Disney is set to release the next Pixar film, The Good Dinosaur, this November. The company also announced upcoming sequels The Incredibles 2, Cars 3, and Finding Dory. With all of this magical excitement, it's as good a time as any to take a look back at our favorite Pixar characters so far.

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Flik from <i>A Bug's Life</i>

In A Bug's Life,the underdog is actually an under-ant. Unlikely hero Flik leads a team of tiny insects on a big quest to save his home.

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Jessie from <i>Toy Story 2</i>

If you resist crying when Jessie reminisces about her little girl owner in Toy Story 2, it's possible you have no soul. This rambunctious cowgirl ties a lasso right around every viewer's heart.

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Slinky Dog from <i>Toy Story</i>

Slinky is about as chill as they come. No matter what the Toy Story crew is up against, they can rely on him to keep his cool.

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Russell from <i>Up</i>

In earning his Assisting the Elderly badge, Russell got a lot more than he bargained for. This brave butterball goes above and beyond the call of any wilderness explorer and gains a wise new friend in the process.

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Mater from <i>Cars</i>

Cars is a big hit, and it's not just because of Lightning McQueen. Mater isn't winning any races, but it doesn't matter. He's a clunker with the biggest heart on four wheels.

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Boo from <i>Monsters Inc.</i>

Sully and Mike Wazowski do their best to startle her - aka do their jobs - but Boo ain't never scared! And she's adorable to boot.

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Sadness from <i>Inside Out</i>

An unlikely sidekick for Joy on the road back to headquarters, Sadness teaches us there is serious value in a good cry. We second that emotion.

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Mr. Potato Head from <i>Toy Story</i>

Behind every good potato is ... another good potato. With the supreme backup of Mrs. Potato Head (Toy Story 2), Mr. Potato Head is the brave joker who keeps the gang smiling.

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Doc from <i>Cars</i>

Not only is Doc Hudson a doctor, but also a judge in Radiator Springs. He doesn't say much, but what he does say is poignant. And for that, we love him.

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EVE from <i>WALL-E</i>

It would be wrong to credit only EVE's programming for her inquisitive nature. Her determination to find life on Earth is admirable. Plus, it's fun to watch her love for WALL-E grow even faster than the seedling she saved.

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The Triplets from <i>Brave</i>

Trouble comes in cute packages. Sometimes, you can get three for the price of one. That's the case when it comes to Merida's three little brothers in Brave.

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Frozone from <i>The Incredibles</i>

He's as cold as ice, but you wouldn't know it by the way he treats his pals. Lucius Best (a.k.a. Frozone) isn't just best buds with Mr. Incredible. He's also always down to chip in and save the city.

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Mike Wazowski from <i>Monsters Inc.</i>

Billy Crystal was the best possible voice option for wacky Mike Wazowski. Antics aside, he's the truest friend Sully - or any of us - could ask for.

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Remy from <i>Ratatouille</i>

Who says you should let where you come from determine where you're going? Remy follows his passion and, despite the odds, develops a recipe for living his dream.

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M-O from <i>WALL-E</i>

M-O can be summed up in one word: devoted. He's a bit of a neat freak, but we won't hold that against him. He's just doing his job.

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Spanish Buzz Lightyear from <i>Toy Story</i>

"¡Al infinito y más allá!" Translation: Buzz Lightyear is the coolest galactic hero in any language. OK, that's not a direct translation. But it's still completely true!

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Buzz Lightyear from <i>Toy Story</i>

You've got to admire Buzz's allegiance to his post. His realization that he's not the "real" (or only) Buzz Lightyear is nothing short of heartbreaking, but his resilience and support of the Toy Story crew makes him one-of-a-kind.

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Crush from <i>Finding Nemo</i>

Cruisin' the channels and catchin' some waves are just day-to-day activities for Crush. The wise dude is proof that you're as young as you feel.

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Rex from <i>Toy Story</i>

OK, so Rex isn't the brightest crayon in the box. And, sure, his arms may be just a tad too short for his body. But he tries, and that deserves a little credit.

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Anger from <i>Inside Out</i>

If good things come to those who wait, Anger wouldn't know. For him, exploding until things are evened out is always the most viable option.

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Mr. Martian from <i>Toy Story</i>

Mr. Martian tends to team up with two or more of his own kind. No matter how many LGMs (little green men) you encounter at once, if you save their lives they'll be eternally grateful.

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WALL-E from <i>WALL-E</i>

Diligent worker. Consummate gentleman. Connoisseur of classic films. Lover of insects. A collector the likes of which we haven't seen since Ariel. It's difficult to find a quality not to like when it comes to WALL-E.

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Bing Bong from <i>Inside Out</i>

Bing Bong is quite possibly the best-kept Pixar secret. No one knew about him until the movie opened in theaters. An imaginary friend that was forgotten, selfless Bing Bong puts his issues aside to help Joy and Sadness get back to their rightful position. What a character!

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Dug from <i>Up</i>

As far as dogs go, Dug is tops. He's an excellent tracker, he has fetching down, and he's overflowing with love. Oh, and he's really good at "speak" thanks to a pretty ingenious collar.

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Merida from <i>Brave</i>

Merida is the ultimate role model. She's spunky, talented, and she would do anything for her family. Oh, and she's pretty handy when it comes to catching wisps.

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Edna "E" Mode from <i>The Incredibles</i>

Based on the famed designer Edith Head, Edna "E" Mode puts Inspector Gadget's costume supervisor to shame. Would the Parrs be so incredible without E? We don't want to live in a world where we have to find out.

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Dory from <i>Finding Nemo</i>

Why is Dory the best? She's loyal, hilarious, and endlessly positive. No matter the situation, you'd be hard pressed to find better motivation than "Just keep swimming."