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The 20 Goofiest Haircuts in The Bachelorette History

Celebrating 12 seasons of bad hair

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Bad hair is a tradition on The Bachelorette

The men of The Bachelorette have to make sure they stand out somehow. Some do it through acting crazy. Some do it by being really really ridiculously good-looking. Others do it through having weird, wild haircuts that force you to take notice. These are the 20 most preposterous, in reverse-chronological order.

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Evan (Season 12)

Evan's floppy hair could benefit from one of the erectile dysfunction specialist's treatments.

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Jordan (Season 12)

Jordan probably thinks his bouncy 'do looks rakish, but it just looks unfinished. Pomade is your friend, Jordan!

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Robby (Season 12)

How does it stay so perfectly helmet-like? Do you think if you knocked on it, it would go 'clunk clunk clunk'?

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Vinny (Season 12)

Vinny's a barber, which makes his sad Caesar even more inexplicable. He's doing a terrible job of self-promotion.

6 of 21 ABC

Brady (Season 11)

You see how Brady's hair just sort of stops halfway down on the sides? That's not how a fade is supposed to work. It looks like his barber got distracted and never finished the job.

7 of 21 ABC

Cody (Season 10)

I don't even know what's going on here. This haircut is half Macklemore, half faux-hawk, and all confusing.

8 of 21 ABC

Dylan (Season 10)

This is a good haircut for a '90s teen idol.

9 of 21 ABC

Mike (Season 10)

What Fabio would look like as a Geico caveman.

10 of 21 ABC

Nick S. (Season 10)

Nick S. is too style-conscious to not know that balding men should shave their heads. I don't think I've ever seen such perfectly groomed stubble share a head with a lonely center tuft like this before. It's jarring, to be honest.

11 of 21 ABC

Tasos (Season 10)

Pointy faux hawks are a Bachelorette staple, and no one's is pointier than Tasos'. He looks like he's trying to keep birds from landing on him. And this look was woefully out-of-date by the time Season 10 aired in 2014.

12 of 21 Craig Sjodin/ABC

Bryden (Season 9)

Jim Carrey had the same haircut in Dumb & Dumber.

13 of 21 Craig Sjodin/ABC

Zak (Season 9)

The photographer yelled "Boo!" as this photo was taken. That's why Zak's hair looks so scared.

14 of 21 ABC

Bentley Williams (Season 7)

Bentley was in a hurry to get to the Revolutionary War reenactment and forgot to powder his wig.

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Nick P. (Season 7)

The guy from Nickelback should sue Nick P. for copyright infringement.

16 of 21 ABC

Craig M. (Season 6)

Most people think Craig M. got eliminated because he was rude and disinterested in Ali Fedotowsky, but it was really because his blow dryer was running up the electric bill in Bachelor Mansion.

17 of 21 ABC

Sean (Season 4)

I forgot that Eugene from The Walking Dead was on The Bachelorette before the zombie apocalypse!

18 of 21 ABC

Jesse (Season 4)

Jesse has, bar none, the worst hair of anyone who's won The Bachelorette. It's somehow simultaneously wet and crispy.

19 of 21 ABC

Patrick C. (Season 4)

Beatlemania never ended for Patrick C.

20 of 21 ABC

Chris C. (Season 3)

Chris! Are you in there? Flip your mane like a horse if you can hear me!

21 of 21 ABC

Matt M. (Season 3)

Matt M.'s favorite David Lynch movie is Blue Velvet. What made you think it was Eraserhead?