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Your favorite TV show might be bad.

1 of 42 ABC

The Bachelor Franchise

Not every TV show can be a winner on all fronts. Some shows are made to be guilty pleasures, while others are unintentionally so bad that they're good. This list is reserved for those lovably terrible shows, starting with The Bachelor.

Premiering in 2002, The Bachelor has become such a popular reality show that it's spawned multiple spin-offs -- including The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.

2 of 42 Freeform

Pretty Little Liars

Fans love this teen drama-meets-mystery thriller, despite the fact that the Boston Herald wrote, "This is a series with no redemptive value. It barely qualifies as entertainment."

3 of 42 FX

American Horror Story

Undeterred by some lackluster critical reviews, the FX anthology horror series -- starring Kathy Bates and Sarah Paulson -- remains wildly popular.

4 of 42 Warner Bros.


Supernatural fans have been loyal to this series for 14 seasons despite critics, such as Salon, calling it "flat and robotic."

5 of 42 HBO

True Blood

The Emmy Award-winning HBO fantasy saga started out strong. But by the end, the series was "drained" of life, according to Slant Magazine.

6 of 42 Netflix

Fuller House

The return of (most of) the Tanner family is "actually funny once you get past the pilot," per Metacritic user twd909.

7 of 42 Fox

Last Man Standing

This once-canceled Tim Allen sitcom was picked up for a seventh season by Fox because of its strong fan support.

8 of 42 Fox


This show about the New Directions glee club members and their drama was a monster hit, although it was considered "long on hype and short on the human feeling--glee," by the Boston Globe.

9 of 42 ABC


Canceled by ABC in 2015, Nashville was revived by CMT for its final two seasons.

10 of 42 Fox


Newsday explained exactly why this series following first responders is on this list: "9-1-1 is insufferable, but it's also watchable."

11 of 42 Fox

The Orville

Seth MacFarlane's intergalactic science fiction show "can't even claim to be better than the myriad of Star Trek fan films that can currently be found on YouTube," per Collider. Despite ho-hum reviews, The Orville earned solid ratings in its first season.

12 of 42 HBO


While the Baltimore Sun criticized this HBO hit about an up-and-coming actor and his freeloading friends as "vulgar, adolescent and sexist," Metacritic user JapJappert proclaimed Entourage "has a perfect balance between childish behavior and adult humor."

13 of 42 Fox

Family Guy

The once-canceled adventures of the Griffin family were brought back to life in 2005 because of high syndication ratings and DVD sales despite being called "smug and amateurish tripe," by the Washington Post.

14 of 42 Fox

American Dad

Canceled in 2013, American Dad! moved to TBS the following year thanks to fan support.

15 of 42 CBS


Critics haven't been kind to this reboot of the popular 1980s show, but a fan on Metacritic, willemien, said MacGyver is "a great show."

16 of 42 Comedy Central


This sitcom about three slacker roommates becoming adults is "crude, dumb lowbrow comedy," wrote the New York Daily News. However, Metacritic user gdr425 said that "if you can't see the humor in this show [then] there is something wrong with you."

17 of 42 The CW

The Vampire Diaries

According to TV Guide Magazine, "It's not that The Vampire Diaries is a truly terrible show. It's just so insipid and uninspired." But Metacritic user HannahSalvatore wrote that it's "much better than Twilight."

18 of 42 CBS

No Activity

No Activity was considered "low-brow" comedy by the New York Post. But Metacritic user MyStupidName22 says it's "one of the funniest shows on television."

19 of 42 Hulu

The Mindy Project

Although it was canceled by Fox, The Mindy Project was saved by Hulu thanks to its strong fan following.

20 of 42 Netflix

Marvel's Iron Fist

Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Fist "isn't dreadful, but it's certainly not good," wrote the Salt Lake Tribune. On the flip side, Metacritic user Brickthegrim called this superhero series "a very strong adaptation from the comics."

21 of 42 AMC

Hell on Wheels

This Western drama about the construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad in the United States is "good at being tedious," per the Huffington Post. However, Metacritic user vegaslover wrote, "Hell on Wheels is a very captivating show."

22 of 42 CBS

Big Brother

The long-running reality series that isolates a group of houseguests from the outside world can be quite entertaining, sure, but it also has its fair share of problems.

23 of 42 ABC

How To Get Away With Murder

How To Get Away With Murder "doesn't offer enough fun," wrote the New York Daily News. However, fans of the ABC show love Viola Davis as criminal law professor Annalise Keating.

24 of 42 TBS

Men at Work

This TBS sitcom is "junk of the most disposable nature," wrote TV Guide Magazine. Metacritic user tomtom4468, meanwhile, proclaimed Men at Work "Hilarious! Hilarious! Hilarious!"

25 of 42 CBS


This Mark Harmon-led drama has been on the air for a ridiculous 16 seasons, even though it's "as slow-witted as its redundant title would have you believe," according to the Chicago Tribune. Undeterred by middling reviews, Metacritic user GypsyPeach wrote that they have "watched this show for a long time and ... always enjoyed it."

26 of 42 Fox


The tale of Lucious and Cookie Lyon is "wildly uneven" yet "addictive," according to the Boston Globe. Metacritic user 22Mommie22, meanwhile, called Empire a "fantastic series!"

27 of 42 ABC

Desperate Housewives

Spanning eight seasons, Desperate Housewives "comes on like satire, but it's too scattershot, too inconsistent, too over the top to make any significant points," according to the Los Angeles Times.

28 of 42 CBS

King of Queens

This nine-season-long CBS sitcom starring Kevin James was "lame, trite," per the San Diego Union-Tribune. But Metacritic user wesker2012 wrote that "every episode is hilarious."

29 of 42 Netflix


This Netflix drama about a family that is forced to move after a money-laundering scheme goes wrong is "unoriginal and tired," per The Salt Lake Tribune. Metacritic user 1_Simple_Man wrote that Ozark is "a bit slow... but great nonetheless."

30 of 42 Netflix


Though it was hammered by critics, this Netflix dark comedy series about a bullied girl nicknamed "Fatty Patty" who becomes a pageant queen will be returning for a second season.

31 of 42 Fox


Salon summed up 24 by saying that they "adore this stupid show, but please, don't waste your time."

32 of 42 CBS

Rules of Engagement

Despite the New York Post writing, "Everyone involved in creating this show should be forced to immediately seek other forms of employment," Rules of Engagement lasted seven seasons.

33 of 42 ABC

Marvel's Inhumans

This superhero series, set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was canceled after just eight episodes. But fans of the show can all agree that they loved Lockjaw, the teleporting dog.

34 of 42 Fox


"Watching attractive people poke at skull fragments is not inherently interesting," according to Slate, but Bones still lasted 13 seasons on Fox.

35 of 42 BET

The Game

Despite being called a "hollow imitation of a sitcom," by the Miami Herald, The Game lasted nine seasons.

36 of 42 CBS

Wisdom of the Crowd

Although the Washington Post called this drama a "lousy show," Metacritic user TerryR54 said Wisdom of the Crowd is "entertaining and thought-provoking."

37 of 42 The CW


The next generation from West Beverly Hills High is "simply a blah variation on Beverly Hills, 90210," according to the Orlando Sentinel. However, Metacritic user AmandaS wrote that 90210 is "better than the original."

38 of 42 NBC

The Mysteries of Laura

An NYPD homicide detective must balance work and being a single mother in this show that "fails spectacularly," according to the Denver Post. But Metacritic user TVguy123 called The Mysteries of Laura "an enjoyable mix of comedy and cop drama."

39 of 42 NBC


This sci-fi series, canceled after one season, is a "bland Steven Spielberg wannabe," wrote the Boston Globe. But fans of the NBC show loved the nimrod, pictured above.

40 of 42 ABC

Ghost Whisperer

A woman with the ability to communicate with ghosts helps lost spirits enter the afterlife. The Chicago Tribune called the supernatural show "pretty pointless," sure, but it still stuck around for five seasons.

41 of 42 ABC


Drama ensues after a woman has an affair with her husband's rival attorney. Betrayal is "dreary and dull," per The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Metacritic user findtulip called the ABC show "intense and full of story."

42 of 42 Mitchell Haaseth, © NBC Universal, Inc.

Knight Rider

A remake of the David Hasselhoff original, Knight Rider was canceled after only one season. On Metacritic, user AlvinMungla wrote that it's "better than the old one in many ways."