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These supervisors make some TV jobs unbearable and funny

1 of 11 Nicole Rivelli/NBC


Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock Whether setting up Liz on a blind date with a woman, hiring a doctor to drug Tracy, or telling Jenna she's too fat, Jack's a master of using his sharp tongue to talk his way out his abusive behavior with employees.
2 of 11 courtesy Everett Collection


Alan Brady, The Dick Van Dyke Show It's one thing to have a boss bark orders at you all day. But it's a whole different kind of annoying to slave away for an egocentric man you rarely even see. Mr. Brady deserved every single one of those toupee jokes.
3 of 11 ABC Archive/Retna


Louie de Palma, TaxiHe may have been the smallest guy in the room, but his crude presence was always felt at Sunshine Cab Company. Completely devoid of a moral conscience, Louie had no problem stepping on his drivers for his own benefit.
4 of 11 CBS/Courtesy Everett Collection


J.D. "Boss" Hogg, The Dukes of HazzardThough he didn't really have employees, some people (like dim-witted Sherriff Roscoe P. Coltrane) had trouble saying no to Hazzard County's wealthiest (and greediest) man. Thankfully, the Dukes did not.
5 of 11 ABC Archive/Retna


Leon Carp, Roseanne Sure, Roseanne wasn't exactly a great employee, but Leon always had a way of butting heads with her. And just when Roseanne thought she had escaped her frenemy, he bought her mom's share of the Lanford Lunchbox, becoming her partner.
6 of 11 The Simpsons and (c) 2001TCFFC All Rights Reserved/Fox Broadcasting


Montgomery Burns, The Simpsons Be thankful you don't work for an eccentric billionaire who's constantly plotting a money-making scheme while ignoring the safety of his workers. Burns makes even the worst boss look "excellent" by comparison.
7 of 11 Castle Rock Entertainment/Courtesy Everett Collection


J. Peterman, SeinfeldElaine may have appeared to have a cushy job, but having to take the reins while your boss disappears in Burma is pretty heavy stuff. Plus, can you imagine being fired for eating poppy seeds or hating The English Patient
8 of 11 Spelling Television/Courtesy Everett Collection


Amanda Woodward, Melrose Place Poor Allison slaved away with Billy, but they still couldn't catch a break with cutthroat boss Amanda Woodward. For such a workaholic, Amanda found plenty of time to hook up with the men in her apartment building!
9 of 11 ABC Archive/Retna


Nigel Wick, The Drew Carey Show Mr. Wick had plenty of inventive methods for firing employees (especially those named Johnson). But nothing says "nightmare boss" like being forced into a same-sex civil union to reclaim your job. Poor Drew.
10 of 11 courtesy ABC


Nina Fletcher, Desperate Housewives Career woman Nina had no sympathy for Lynette's "other" job at home, constantly giving her a hard time. But when Lynette caught Nina putting in extra (marital) hours at the office, she had her revenge.
11 of 11 Chris Haston/NBC


Michael Scott, The Office Could there really be a boss (besides ours) that makes life more awkward or uncomfortable on a day-to-day basis Michael crosses every line and then some. Excuse us now. We've been told to pack our desks.