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Sneak a peek at what youll get in the first season finale

1 of 8 Frank Ockenfels 3 for TV Guide


Someone's fate hangs in the balance in Chronicles' season finale, but that wasn't how it was planned. The strike halted filming with only nine of 13 episodes shot. Luckily, the cliff-hanger ending ties storylines together.
2 of 8 Richard Foreman/Fox


The Connors continue their quest to find the Turk, the chess-playing machine destined to spark the creation of the evil Skynet. But they discover there might be more parts to the future computer system than they realized.
3 of 8 Adam Taylor/Fox


Sarah (Lena Headey) and Derek (Brian Austin Green) break into an area where they can access the city's computer system. "There's a solid wall," Green says. "And from the future, I know we (should) blow a hole through it."
4 of 8 Adam Taylor/Fox


Sarah takes down an LAPD cop who's trying to stop her from making a clean getaway. "The law has never been on her side," exec producer Josh Friedman says. Somebody needs to call Governor Schwarzenegger!
5 of 8 Adam Taylor/Fox


John (Thomas Dekker) teams with Cameron (Summer Glau) in what Derek calls a risky plan to learn about Skynet. "He doesn't have faith that a Terminator can be reprogrammed and be faithful to that reprogramming," Green says.
6 of 8 Michael Desmond/Fox


Sarah and Cam exchange online messages with a mysterious figure who claims to have the Turk. "[They] are an odd couple," Friedman says. "There's always going to be a power struggle. And a struggle for influence over John."
7 of 8 Richard Foreman/Fox


Cameron breaks through a wall to corner the man believed to be hiding the Turk. Does this seemingly indestructible machine have an Achilles' heel "What makes her predictable is her devotion to John," Friedman says.
8 of 8 Adam Taylor/Fox


As the freedom fighters get closer to Skynet, Cam will step up her efforts to preserve the life of the future savior of mankind. But with the show's fate in the air, will she be back - Kate Hahn