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In (dis)honor of Valentine's Day, see some of TV's all-time worst pairings

1 of 16 Randy Holmes/ABC

Justin and Rebecca, Brothers & Sisters

Frankly, these two have precious little in common — save for the fact that, at least for a while there, they thought they were half-siblings! We haven't seen kinship blossom into full-on awkward romance like that since Greg and Marcia Brady — and at least that went down off screen.
2 of 16 John P. Johnson/HBO

Nate and Brenda, Six Feet Under

From their first meeting — an anonymous tryst in an airport storage closet — this couple grated on our nerves like nails on a chalkboard. Brenda was a crazy ball-buster, and Nate couldn't keep his bad-boy ways in check. They seemed to fight about everything and made us hope that one of them would just jump off a cliff. Oh wait, Nate's baby mama Lisa met that fate instead. Darn it!
3 of 16 Bill Matlock/Fox

Lincoln and Sofia, Prison Break

In theory, these two have potential, and ostensibly should be having hot, crazy sex. (Lord knows, Dominic Purcell's fans have waited long enough for their boy to get it on on-screen.) But here's the problem: No sooner did Linc and Sofia hook up at the end of Season 3, than the next story arc left her in the dust. Hopefully, we'll get a reunion before the show goes bye-bye this spring.
4 of 16 Michael Courtney/The CW

Chloe and Jimmy, Smallville

It's pretty sad when the most exciting thing to ever happen with Jimmy involved him getting wailed on by Doomsday and sent into the Star City ICU. Chloe is fun, feisty and clever, so we were always super-stumped as to why she got paired with this undeveloped photographer. Clark's spoken for, says lore, so hopefully EMT Davis Bloome can get Ms. Sullivan's heart racing.
5 of 16 Danny Feld/ABC

Meredith and Derek, Grey's Anatomy

Ok, hear us out. We know this couple is the heart and soul of Grey's, but the constant back-and-forth is killing us. And even though they're currently on-again, their bickering — and often little screen-time together — is far from the chemistry we fell in love with in earlier seasons. Shonda, we think it's time to "call it" on this one.
6 of 16 Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

Sam and Ruby, Supernatural

As much as we want to see our Winchester boys take the occasional break from the hunt and cater to their libidos, "hot sex" should not involve a hellhound. For starters, bedding a demon calls into question stalwart Sam's allegiance.
7 of 16 courtesy Warner Bros.

Ryan and Marissa, The O.C.

This one's simple: The couple never talked to each other. Their heart-to-hearts were riddled with awkward pauses and eye-rolling before giving up. Only to do the same thing the next episode.
8 of 16 Danny Feld/ABC

Susan Mayer and anyone, Desperate Housewives

Why can't Susan keep a man? Some would say she chooses poorly: Her first ex-husband, Carl, was a big, fat cheater and her second ex, Mike, had a shady criminal past. But as Edie pointed out to Susan — while the two were trapped in a basement — maybe the problem is Susan. After seeing Edie's hilarious chart of Susan's failed relationships, we hope Susan will take a little time away from men and work on herself.
9 of 16 Justin Lubin/NBC

Jim and Pam, The Office

What's a surefire way to make a show jump the shark? Have the couple with the most sexual tension get together too early. Of course "Jam" 'shippers were thrilled that our favorite office practical jokers declared their love, but others think the spark they once shared has been extinguished for good.
10 of 16 Tiffany Rose/WireImage.com

Speidi, The Hills

He's arrogant, immature and selfish. She's clueless, inexperienced and slightly brainwashed. But hey, they're a great couple if you look beyond the fact that Spencer cost Heidi her best friend, her job and her relationship with her family.
11 of 16 courtesy Vh1

Bret Michaels and anyone, Rock of Love

No matter how much he denies it, Bret's looking to keep his music career afloat rather than find true love. So it's no shock that his couplings never seem to work out. We can't wait for Rock of Love 18: Rock of (Old) Ages.
12 of 16 Fred Norris/Warner Bros./The Kobal Collection

Dawson and Joey , Dawson's Creek

Dawson and Joey drove us mad with their never-ending, SAT-word-heavy debates on all things way beyond their years. Do you know anyone who speaks like that to their significant other?
13 of 16 courtesy The Kobal Collection

Rachel and Joey, Friends

Joey fell for Rachel, who he knew he couldn't have. We didn't like it, but we made it through. Then Rachel fell for Joey, and we got stuck with several weeks of pure ickiness, as the two tried to make something happen. On the other hand, if this relationship had worked out, maybe we wouldn't have had to suffer through the Joey spin-off.
14 of 16 Giovanni Rufino/THE CW

Vanessa and Nate, Gossip Girl

Nate's a rich Upper East Sider and Vanessa is an artsy girl from Brooklyn who tried to keep Nate from his rocking-the-cradle crush Jenny. So how is it that these two are now Gossip Girl's new couple? Sooner or later the show had to exhaust all of its possible pairings.
15 of 16 Mario Perez/ABC

Jack and Kate, Lost

We actually love Jack and Kate. But here's the thing: The writers had their chance to give the couple a go, but they played the Jack-Kate-Sawyer triangle just a little too long. Now, their future relationship — or what's left of it — is just boring. We wonder if the writers wish they could "go baaaaaaaack" and try again.
16 of 16 Randy Holmes/ABC

George and Izzie, Grey's Anatomy

George and Izzie were great when they fought about buying tampons, drank tequila, danced around at parties together and counseled each other through love-life crises. They were not great when they had their tongues down each other's throats. These awesome best friends were just unnatural and forced as a couple, and luckily, the writers ultimately figured that out.