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See the little ones who are still adorable after all these years

lisa vecchione
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1. Leah, Amber’s daughter (Teen Mom)

Then: Young couple Amber and Gary's relationship fundamentally changed when their daughter Leah was born in 2008.

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2. Leah, Amber’s daughter (Teen Mom)

Now: Despite her parents' torrid relationship and her mother's prison stint, Leah currently has both Amber and Gary in her life.

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3. Carly, Catelynn’s daughter (Teen Mom)

Then: Birth parents Catelynn and Tyler decided open adoption was the best option for their daughter, Carly, as they were both 16 at the time of her birth.

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4. Carly, Catelynn’s daughter (Teen Mom)

Now:Currently six years old (this photo was taken a few years back), Carly still receives visits from her birth parents, who are now engaged. She's also getting an extra visitor: a baby sister, courtesy of a much more stable Catelynn and Tyler.

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5. Sophia, Farrah’s daughter (Teen Mom)

Then: Born two months after her father tragically died in a car accident, Sophia lived with her mom and grandparents.

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6. Sophia, Farrah’s daughter (Teen Mom)

Now: At five, Sophia now lives with just her mom (after a rollicking conflict between Farrah and her parents) and she's front and center stage on Farrah's Instagram.

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7. Bentley, Maci’s son (Teen Mom)

Then: Maci was forced to shift gears and reprioritize her busy life when Bentley arrived in 2008.

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8. Bentley, Maci’s son (Teen Mom)

Now: With Maci finding success in utilizing her platform to speak on teen pregnancy, Bentley has grown into one active, and adorable, little kid.

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9. Aubree, Chelsea’s daughter (Teen Mom 2)

Then: Chelsea and on-and-off boyfriend Adam welcomed Aubree into the world in 2009.

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10. Aubree, Chelsea’s daughter (Teen Mom 2)

Now: After finally cutting romantic ties with Adam, Chelsea continues to co-parent Aubree, who is a proud older sister to Adam's daughter Paislee.

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11. Jace, Jenelle’s son (Teen Mom 2)

Then: Jace spent a lot of his early years with his grandmother, Barbara, as mom Jenelle struggled through her hard-partying ways.

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12. Jace, Jenelle’s son (Teen Mom 2)

Now: With mom Jenelle back in his life, Jace can also spend time with baby brother Kaiser.

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13. Isaac, Kailyn’s son (Teen Mom 2)

Then: Kailyn gave birth to Isaac amid tension between Kailyn and her family as well as with Isaac's father, Jo.

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14. Isaac, Kailyn’s son (Teen Mom 2)

Now: No longer the baby of his family, Isaac is older brother to Lincoln, Kailyn's son with husband Javi.

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15. Aliannah and Aleeah, Leah’s daughters (Teen Mom 2)

Then: The 2009 birth of twins Aliannah and Aleeah marked the start of a whole new life for 17-year-old Leah.

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16. Aliannah and Aleeah, Leah’s daughters (Teen Mom 2)

Now: Despite Ali's diagnosis with a rare form of muscular dystrophy, both girls thrive as big sisters to Adalynn, Leah's daughter with second husband Jeremy.