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Get to know the Top 20 hopefuls in So You Think You Can Dance Season 10!

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Becoming America's Favorite Dancer on So You Think You Can Dance takes more than just dance skills, especially in the reality show's landmark 10th season. It takes personality, charisma and those oh-so-important viewer votes. But before you pick up the phone, you need to know the dancers. Who's a Justin Bieber lookalike? Who is obsessed with anime? Who cries while watching King Kong? And whose sister is a Disney princess? Click though to meet the Top 20 dancers
2 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Aaron Turner

Age: 25 Hometown: Las Vegas Profession: Dance teacher Dance Style: Tap Rejection Comeback: "Initially I wasn't even supposed to be in the Top 20. I was cut at the Green Mile... The best piece of advice that I've been given is 'Stay positive and never, never give up.' Because I could have been very, very negative... But I stayed positive, and I went back and told my students about ... what a great experience it was. And sure enough, like a day after that, I got a call to be here. So that type of energy led to this. I firmly believe that." Son of an Alien: "Everybody at home, all of my close friends, family call me A.T. It's my first and last initial. It's the name that I've gone by when I'm writing my music. My father, [as] an entertainer used to go by E.T. because his name is Earl Turner. And then the movie came out and then he [had to] cool [it] with that because he didn't want everybody to [say], 'Phone home!' and think he was an alien."
3 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Alan Bersten

Age: 19 Hometown: Minnetonka, Minn. Profession: Student/dance teacher Dance Style: Ballroom Oh, Brother!: Alan's older brother Gene also made it to Vegas but was cut during the Green Mile. "He told me to dance for the both of us," Alan says. Famous Lookalike: "I've heard that I look like Alexey Shved, the Russian basketball player for the Timberwolves, when I had my hair slicked back. I'm also Russian." Guilty Pleasure Food: "I'll take a deep dish pizza with pepperoni and sausage, stuffed crust."
4 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Alexis Juliano

Age: 18 Hometown: Coral Springs, Fla. Profession: Dance teacher Dance Style: Tap What's On Tap: "I love making noise. I love the rhythms. I love how you can have a simple step and keep adding in new things and make this big trick step that started out from just a simple shuffle. My favorite dance movies are Stormy Weather with the Nicholas Brothers. And I love Tap with Gregory Hines and all the amazing hoofers. Savion Glover was in that too when he was like 15. I love the documentary No Maps on my Taps with Chuck Green and Jimmy Slyde. Famous Lookalike: "During Vegas Week, Adam Shankman said, 'You look like Eva Mendes today.'"
5 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Amy Yakima

Age: 19 Hometown: Northville, Mich. Dance Style: Jazz Say Cheese: "I'm a huge smiler. I've always been a happy kid. But since I'm such a happy person, I love being someone else during a dance routine, someone not so happy... It's like acting; you get to be someone else for two minutes." Her Hips Don't Die: "I actually inflamed a ligament in my hip. I had to get a cortizone shot there. It hasn't acted up yet, but my hip flexors will get inflamed if I overuse them. And I have such short legs, so I'll try to overuse them to show that extension. I like to pretend that I have longer legs."
6 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Brittany Cherry

Age: 19 Hometown: Toluca Lake, Calif. Profession: Dance teacher Dance Style: Latin Ballroom "Trained" Early: "I did ballet and tap when I was like 2 1/2. I was like, 'Mom, I have to dance.' She was like, 'Well, they don't take kids who aren't potty trained.' And so you better believe I was out of those diapers!" Hot Tamale Train Boarding Strategy: "I'm scared that I'm too cute. Maybe I'll have to mature a little bit and tap into my inner woman." Guilty Pleasure Food: "Just plain Nutella, by the spoonful. My roommate always gets it, and I end up eating the whole thing.
7 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Carlos Garland

Age: 24 Hometown: Jacksonville, Fla. Profession: Dancer Dance Style: Contemporary Welcome to the Gun Show: "I was on tour with a company called the Bad Boys of Dance. During a performance, I tore a tendon in my knee, and I wasn't able to dance for two months... You definitely have to keep strong mentally and stay strong physically and work out other parts of your body. ... I did a lot of push-ups." iPod Surprises: "There's a lot of Justin Bieber on there. I like the whole acoustic album." Favorite Dance Flick: "It's definitely going to be Breakin'. Turbo and Ozone! I was born in the '80s."
8 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Curtis Holland

Age: 19 Hometown: Miami Profession: Student Dance Style: Tap Tap Misconceptions: "People ask, 'Does it hurt?' especially when you go on your toe stands. But the shoes are made so that they're comfortable. But maybe I'm just immune to it. My feet have calluses." iPod Surprises: "They would see a classical song and it would go right to hip-hop and then to reggae... And they'll probably find some kid songs on there too, songs from Mulan. My favorite song from there is 'Someday I'll Make a Man Out of You.'" Anti-Talent: "I can't cook. My worst disaster was one time I made noodles without putting water in the noodles ... before I put it in the microwave. Also sometimes my chicken scares me, just because I'm not sure if the chicken is cooked all the way through."
9 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Dorian "Bluprint" Hector

Age: 19 Hometown: Atlanta Profession: Dancer Dance Style: Animation What's in a Name? "Bluprint came from my auntie. She called me that since I was like 12 years old. She said that since I was little, I taught myself how to do everything — from tying my shoes to learning how to dance — so she came up with the whole, 'You come up with a blueprint for everything. You learn and map it out.'" Famous Lookalike: "Before I did this to my hair, everybody said that I looked like Usher." Plan B: "If I weren't a dancer, I would be a gamer. I play first-person shooters and fighting games: Gears of War, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Call of Duty."
10 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Du-Shaunt "Fik-Shun" Stegall

Age: 18 Hometown: Las Vegas Profession: Street performer Dance Style: Hip-hop What's in a Name? Fik-Shun always wanted a dance name, so when he met a friend in ninth grade who's also a dancer, they sat down to brainstorm. "He said, 'Think about it. Every time people see you dance, they say you look unreal... so how about Fiction?' I did a couple YouTube videos under the normal name, but noticed I wasn't getting too many views because 'Fiction' is such a broad word. How can you spell Fiction and have it sound the same?'" Otaku Overdose: "I'm a big anime nerd. A lot of people don't know that. I'm so mad that I'm missing some of the shows right now. I love One Piece, Dragonball Z, Bleach. Soul Eater, Full Metal Alchemist, Brotherhood, Naruto. Gundam, Gundam SEED."
11 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Hayley Erbert

Age: 18 Hometown: Topeka, Kan. Dance Style: Contemporary Famous Lookalike: "Do you know Rebecca Black? The singer of 'Friday'? Everyone tells me I look like her! It is so annoying. But everyone at least says that I'm the prettier version of her." Furry Friend: "I volunteer at the Humane Society because I love animals. If I could, I'd have at least 500 animals. I watch Animal Planet a lot, and my favorite one is when the Super Bowl is going on, I watch Puppy Bowl with the Kitten Half-Time Show."
12 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Jade Zuberi

Age: 21 Hometown: Dearborn Heights, Mich. Profession: Dance teacher Dance Style: Animation Famous Lookalike: "I can't stress how many times I've heard that I look like Ne-Yo. Every single time. Not like face, but the style of what we wear. I do wear a lot of fedoras." Guilty Pleasure Food: "I would have to say it was the [Hostess] lemon cupcakes that got discontinued. That was a sad day. But right now my go-to is the white chocoloate Hershey's bar. I put them in the freezer. It's on point." Dance Personality: "My nickname is 'Soul.' That's what I'm known for. The reason why is I put a lot of heart into what I do."
13 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Jasmine Harper

Age: 20 Hometown: Lawrenceville, Ga. Profession: Dancer Dance Style: Contemporary When Jasmine Met Cyrus: During the auditions, we learned that Jasmine once dated Season 9 runner-up and fan favorite Cyrus. And although that didn't work out, it was dance that brought them together in the first place. "We met at an audition for Creflo Dollar event, just a random dance audition because we were both signed by the same agency. We started talking for a while and then we went out." Favorite Dance Flick: "I like Tap because I love Gregory Hines and tap is one of my favorite styles of dance, actually. I love tap. That was my first favorite style. iPod Surprises: "I mostly listen to Lil Wayne. I don't know if I look like that type of person, but people are normally surprised when they find out that's literally all I listen to. I know every word to every song probably."
14 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Jasmine Mason

Age: 19 Hometown: Placentia, Calif. Profession: Dance teacher Dance Style: Jazz Famous Lookalike: "In high school I got Halle Berry, but I don't think that I look like her at all. I just think we just have the same skin color." Guilty Pleasure Food: "I'm obsessed with Nutella. I love Nutella on anything. I love Goldfish. I'm going to have to try [dipping Goldfish in Nutella] tonight. Oh, and Skittles. A girl here had Skittles, and I swear I ate the whole bag."
15 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Jenna Johnson

Age: 19 Hometown: Salt Lake City Profession: Unemployed dancer Dance Style: Ballroom Tearjerker Triggers: "I am the biggest crybaby. For instance, King Kong. I mean the gorilla... I can't even. I bawled through it. My brothers were just watching it and laughed hysterically at me because I was bawling at this huge gorilla on the Empire State Building." Favorite Dance Flick: "Probably Step Up. It was the first modern dance movie I feel that came out and was amazing for the dance world to see." Plan B: "I would be a baker. My sister and I have a little business back home called J & J Cakes. We love to do baked goods. Cupcakes are our specialty."
16 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Makenzie Dustman

Age: 18 Hometown: Temecula, Calif. Profession: Dance teacher Dance Style: Contemporary Tearjerker Triggers: "What gets me emotional is probably thinking about my sister. She has been living in different countries for the past three years now. She's been in Paris, went to Tokyo and is now back in Paris. She works as a Disney princess. She's friends with Belle, Cinderella. She's been the Blue Fairy and is now Ariel. She's living the life, but it's been hard growing up, especially through my high school years, without a big sister." Hot Tamale Train Boarding Strategy: "I'm going to watch a lot of Chelsie Hightower videos. She's my inspiration."
17 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Malece Miller

Age: 19 Hometown: Los Angeles Profession: Dancer Dance Style: Contemporary Worst Habit: "When I'm texting, I can't multitask. If someone's talking to me when I'm texting, I can't hear them." Tearjerker Trigger: "Get me a romantic movie with some heartbreak, yeah. The Notebook makes me cry every time, easily." Dance Personality: "I would say it's kind of mysterious. I like to keep it interesting."
18 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Mariah Spears

Age: 19 Hometown: Phoenix Profession: Student Dance Style: Hip-hop Famous Lookalike: "Weirdly enough, I get Miley Cyrus a lot. I've also gotten Shakira. The only one I understand, though, is Sabrina Bryan." Worst Habit: "Sticking my tongue out when I dance." Plan B: "I'd be an engineer. I wanted to do biomedical originally before I went to school for dance. Actually, what I've been looking into now is theater engineering. I attend a university and you can design your own major there. So I've been taking math and science courses along with theater tech, courses like that to combine the two elements."
19 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Nico Greetham

Age: 18 Hometown: Woodbridge, Va. Dance Style: Contemporary All-Star Ideal Pairing: "Ade Obayomi because he's been my mentor in everything this past year. He's taught me so much. Being on the same stage with him would be an honor." Worst Habit: "Biting my nails. But I haven't done it since I've been on the show. I bite my nails when I'm just doing nothing — in school or while watching a movie." Famous Lookalike: "I get Justin Bieber all the time. I also get Jason Dolley from Disney Channel (Cory in the House)."
20 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Paul Karmiryan

Age: 21 Hometown: Glendale, Calif. Profession: Lating Ballroom teacher/art instructor Dance Style: Latin Ballroom Famous Lookalike: "I get this so much — whenever my hair is not gelled and it's really messy, I guess I have the James Franco look." Art Out the Wazoo: Not only did Paul already win the Armenian version of So You Think You Can Dance, but he has has other skills too. "I used to play piano when I was younger, but I'm really rusty. I'm also big on art... drawing and painting. My mom owns an art studio, and she's a big artist, so it's just inspirational."
21 of 21 Mathieu Young/Fox

Tucker Knox

Age: 23 Hometown: Nashville, Tenn. Profession: Dance teacher Dance Style: Contemporary Tenacious Message: After getting accepted into Julliard for dance, Tucker was involved in a major car accident that broke his spine. Although doctors never thought he might walk again, he made a full recovery and is stronger than ever. "Don't ever let yourself give up... If you always listen to other people and never listen to yourself… and what you truly feel, you're never going to be able to aspire to what you feel like you can accomplish. The one thing that I would tell myself is that you're alive for a reason. Because the accident could very easily have taken my life." Famous Lookalike: "When I was younger, I got Justin Timberlake a lot, probably because of my hair [which is now cut.] I've heard Adam Levine as well." Tearjerker Trigger: "That beginning scene in Up makes me cry."